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Picture Of The Day
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Should We Shut The Doors On The 76ers?

No. We don't do that. We're Philadelphians. We bleed, sweat and cry with our teams. If they're undefeated, defeated, .500 or mysterious in terms of identity, we root for them and delve our hearts and souls for them no matter what.

And we continue to root for them even if Thaddeus Young is out two to three weeks with a sprained ankle and a bone bruise.

So, who will fill in Thad's spot? Expect Marreese Speights to get more minutes. For those of you who know me real well personally or by reading these posts, you know that I have been hoping Tony DiLeo gives Mo more minutes anyway. But now, he has to.

Ed Stefanski is thinking about bringing somebody in from the developmental league of the NBA. But, can we really expect who has played at that level of ball all season to step in a get significant minutes? I don't think so.

Speights has to see more time and Theo Ratliff, since he is the only big man off the bench other than Speights and Reggie Evans, has to see more time. We all know what Ratliff can do. He will not be the scoring threat Thad was, but he can block shots and play defense. Who knows? Maybe a little old man medicine is what the Sixers need—veteran, savvy leadership to hopefully at least a fifth spot and a successful playoff run.

We'll just have to see what happens. The Sixers have to take everything one day, one game and one play at a time. They need to get these wins to seal up a playoff spot and hopefully play good basketball in the playoffs if they get there.

But, as I said, don't stop rooting for this team. Their first name is Philadelphia and we are Philadelphians. They are our brothers and when family is in need, you back them up. I will. Hopefully you will as well.

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