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Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Monday, April 13, 2009


Whether or not we will list the scores or talk about the games in still to be decided. Because quite frankly, they don't matter.

Today, we lost an icon. Today, we lost a legend. Today, we lost a voice. Today, we lost a wonderful man. Harry Kalas, the voice of the Philadelphia Phillies since 1971, sadly passed away unexpectedly at the age of 73. Reasons for his sudden death are unknown.

While in the broadcast booth at Nationals Park preparing for today's game, Harry out of no where collapsed to ground and was rushed to the hospital around 12:30. He was announced dead at 1:20.

Personally, Harry was my favorite broadcaster in Philly as he probably was to most people. That is not a knock to Marc Zumoff, Merrill Reese, Jim Jackson, etc, but Harry was the man. And even though I was too young to really hear them first hand, Harry and Richie Ashburn were a gem together and arguably the best broadcasting duo of all time.

As far as Harry as an individual is concerned, he brought Phillies baseball into our homes every night, whether it was on the television or radio. He introduced us to "LONG DRIVE WATCH THAT BABY WAYYY OUTTA HERE!" and "SWING AND MISS STRUCK HIM OUTTTTT!."

Last here he credited Chase Utley by saying "Chase Utley YOU ARE THE MAN!" No H, you are the man and you will be greatly missed. While there are no "at leasts" during situations like these, I'm glad you got to call your World Series clincher last year in October. I know how much 1980 hurt for you not to call it, but you paid your dues and got your calling. Thank You for bringing Phillies baseball into our homes since 1971. Thank You for being dedicated and sticking with it for all of these years. There will never be another broadcaster like you and there will never be another Harry The K.

Rest in peace my friend.

We will have more on Harry Kalas, this Philadelphia icon, throughout the coming days. But for now, I would like to hear your fondest Harry moment. And it doesn't have to be the World Series. For me there are so many that I can't pick just one to choose. That just shows what a wonderful man we lost today.

I still can't believe it.

Harry with his sons in the booth.

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