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Picture Of The Day
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

76ers Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine Sunday Night


That's right. Hedo Turkoglu hit a three pointer with 1.1 seconds left to propel the Magic to an 84-81 Game 4 victory.

First off, what a tremendous series this has been so far. Oh my goodness. Three out of the four games have come down to a last shot. As far as Sunday night's game goes, the 76ers played good defense because they only gave up 84 points. But they shot terrible and that has been a big problem for them. If they want to win this series, they have to shoot better. They have to play their game and run a little more. They seemed hesitant in Game 4 and then when they did shoot, they weren't good shots some of the time.

Lastly, on Turkoglu's game winner, Thaddeus Young has to make him drive on that play. Turkoglu is a three point shooter and he wants to shoot threes. That was too easy of a shot for him. I would rather him drive and take a contested two or a layup. But not a three. Also, if he makes a two, than the 76ers can take an easier shot to try to tie it with minimal seconds remaining.

The 76ers need to win tonight. They need to stomp on the Magic's momentum. This will be great test for this young team.

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