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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Thursday, April 16, 2009

76ers Ease/Back/Who Knows There Way Into The Sixth Seed

I say back/lucked into that spot. Either way, after an 111-104 loss to the Raptors on Sunday, an 100-98 loss to the Celtics on Tuesday and an 111-110 overtime win against Cleveland yesterday, the 76ers have clinched the sixth seed in the East and will play the third seeded Orlando Magic.

Avery Johnson of ESPN thinks the 76ers have the best chance of any underdog to upset a team in the first round of the East or West. While I'm surprised that he thinks the Sixers have the best chance to do that (especially after being 40-35 and finishing 41-41), I do think they can win this series.

The Magic are banged up a little right now. Rashard Lewis has been dealing with injury, Jameer Nelson has been out since the middle of the season, Hedo Turkoglu just got hurt a little, as well as J.J. Reddick. This series is not 100 percent losable. The key of course is, as in any series where you don't have home court/field/ice advantage, to take at least one of the first two games on the road. The series starts Sunday evening. Let's see if the 76ers take care of business.

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