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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bling Bling

After getting shutout 4-0 on Tuesday night to the Braves, yesterday was very sweet. First off, the Phils got their World Championship Rings.

Picture found on David Murphy's blog High Cheese
Man, those rings are nice. Really nice. What was also nice was the appearance by Pat Burrell. He without question got the loudest ovation during the ceremony.

Picture above found on the700level.com

Here is the shortened version of the World Series Ring Ceremony. I found this on the700level.com and obviously it is on YouTube.

One thing this video does not show is the incredible boo of Adam Eaton. It was so funny. And like a man, he took it well, waving sarcastically back at the crowd.

To watch the full ceremony go to this Web Page.

Another part of the ceremony I want to touch on is the emotion of Pat Gillick. He was crying pretty much the whole time. I thought it was very cool to see how much this team really did mean to him. I have a lot more respect for Gillick as a person now, rather than just a general manager, after seeing the emotion he showed yesterday.

Now, rings aside. On to the game. After being down 10-3 after a poor pitching performance by Joe Blanton and some of the relievers, the Phils proved why they have one of the best "never quit" attitudes in the league. They scored eight runs in the bottom of the seventh to go up 11-10 and scored in the eighth to go up 12-10.

The Braves relief pitchers were brutal and walked batter after batter. It was sweet. In the ninth, Brad Lidge came in and gave up a solo home run. But other than that, he was nasty with his slider and saved another game (Knock On Wood). The Phils won 12-11 and got their first W of the year.

Yeah boys! Just like last year the Phils dropped the first two, but one the third in large part to a comeback and walks. Is this is good omen (Knock On Wood). I hope so.

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