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Picture Of The Day
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Night Of Gutless Efforts

First, the Flyers took on one of their division rivals, the New York Rangers, in a game that if the Rangers won they make the playoffs. Well, the Rangers won 2-1. Now, the Orange and Black have two games left, one against the Islanders Saturday in Long Island and the Rangers Sunday at the Wachovia Center. They are currently fourth in the conference with 97 points and the Hurricanes and Penguins have 97 points too, but with only one game left each.

If the Flyers do not take care of business this weekend, they could drop to as low as the sixth seed and have to face the Devils in the first round. Well, without question this weekend is the biggest of the year so far for the Orange and Black. Win and they are fourth. Lose and you have the chance of being in a hole. The Devils aren't last year's Capitols. They're not frauds. They're legit with one heck of a goalie. 

Now, onto the 76ers. What is with these ends to the seasons? Why do when the 76ers clinch a playoff spot they decide to stop playing hard for the remainder of the regular season? Like the Flyers, the Sixers lost tonight to a less superior team trying to make the playoffs just like the Rangers were. They lost Chicago (who didn't clinch with its win tonight but put themselves in better position to do so) on the road 113-99, putting their record at 40-38 with four games to play. Currently, they are sixth in the East and a game behind the Heat for that all important fifth spot. 

News Flash: the 76ers remaining regular season schedule is not easy. Three out of the four games are against two of the top three teams in the East (two against Cleveland and one against Boston) and the other one is at Toronto (a game they SHOULD win but will probably have problems in because it's on the road). 

So, all in all, our indoor teams are either saving their best stuff for the playoffs or really crapping their pants right now. You can call me negative all you want. Whether both teams played hard in a losing effort or not, there is nothing positive anyone can take from tonight. Both teams are struggling down the stretch and are in real trouble of putting themselves in bad positions for the post-season. 

Call me negative. Call me a downer. Well, it's time to wake-up and realize this is not like the Phillies who have 159 more games remaining on their regular season schedule. The Flyers have two and the 76ers (who if you're quitting on them you should be a shamed of yourself) have four. It's crunch time now and there is no room to screw around.

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