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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Lot To Catch Up On With The World F*****' Champs

1. People Optioned To The AAA Iron Pigs:
    -Did not win the fifth starter job. There is no place for him in the bullpen and he is not a 
     bullpen pitcher.
    -Right handed pitcher in a righty dominated bullpen. Had a great spring training though.
    -Needs time to develop. He is not where he needs to be at yet for big league play.
    -Had a good spring, but will not play everyday in the bigs and at his developmental stage that
     he is in, he needs to play everyday. 

2. People released:
    -Good story. Bad spring training. Chase Utley is coming back at full strength. There was
     no place for him on the roster.
    -Left handed bat off the bench where there are plenty of those. Matt Stairs beat him out. 
     Thanks for the hit in Game 5 Part 2 of the World Series last season Geoff. You were a great
     team guy and it's a shame the Phils let you go. I hope the Phillies aren't becoming the Eagles
     who let go of character guys because they're "not up to snub."

3. Because of the Jenkins release, the Phils are looking at:
    -At first I was like "sweet." But now, not so much. I don't think he would fit in well in this 

4. The fifth starter spot goes to:
   -Both him and J.A. Happ had great springs, but the higher ups thought Park was a little 
    better. What happens to Happ now is unknown. Will he go to the Iron Pigs or pitch out of
    the bullpen.

5. Cole Hamels:

6. Who will start Sunday night:
    -I can dig this. Give Big H a little more time to be ready for the season and let Brett be Brett.
     Ooooh, I like the way that sounds. Basically, let Myers get his feet wet on Opening Night in 
     hopefully a thrashing of the Braves.

7. Players who are still on the bubble to make the team:
    -The Phils want more power in a right handed bat off the bench than Cairo provides. 

So, there is your basically two week recap of what's been happening with the boys in red pinstripes.

Hey, Opening Night is only four days away. Tim, I know you oppose this, but GET PUMPED! Three hour games that take place every night, along with the voices of Harry the K "LONG DRIVE...IT'S OUTTA HERE!" and Larry Andersen "YEAH! OH YEAH! AUUUUUUH! YEAH! OH AUHHH!" only five days away. Haha!

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