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Picture Of The Day
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Man That Was Frustrating

Not to mention, when the Flyers scored there only goal in their 3-1 loss to the Pens last night, someone who lives down my hall decided to come over to my room and start banging on my door, shouting at me to be quiet while I was cheering loudly. That really pissed me off.

Back to the game though, I have been hearing and seeing a lot of different things about this game.

A) Some people think the Flyers played better.
-I can see that with them having 46 shots on net compared to Pittsburgh's 26, but the Flyers were 0-8 on the power play. They were freaking stopped EIGHT times on the man advantage. That's inexcusable no matter how good Marc-Andre Fleury was.

B) On that note, Marc-Andre Fleury was the factor in this game.
-Duh. The guy only made 45 saves and a lot of them were rather impressive.

C) The first goal scored by Pittsburgh and Sidney Crosby should not have been allowed.

Video was found on the700level.com and of course YouTube.
Wrong! I know everyone hates Crosby. I hate him too. He's definitely overrated and a pansie, but still, the contact was incidental and the puck crossed the goal line legally. He didn't bat it in. It just bounced off of his shoulder. Also, the posts came out of the ice after the goal was scored. Besides, he barely made any contact with Marty Biron anyway. He didn't prevent or deny Biron from making any type of save.

Is the goal annoying? Yes, and that is not just because it's against the Flyers. It was pretty annoying, but legit as well.

The fact of the matter is "B," Fleury, was the key in this game. Also, another point I haven't really heard and something that I personally feel, the physicality the Flyers showed in Game 3 was pretty much non-existent in this game. There weren't a lot of scurmishes and the only real physical action was the two hits Mike Richards put on the Pens. They were sweet. But the rest of the team failed to show that tough nature.

If you want to blame the refs, go ahead, but that's not the right way to look at this game. The truth is, the Flyers really put themsevles in a hole and this started before the playoffs.

They backed in, gettin ghte fifth spot when they had no business relinquishing the fourth (I know we see how important home ice is in this series). Furthermore, they didn't show up in Game 1 and they choked in Game 2.

I'm not giving up on this team. If they win Game 5, they can surely build up some hype around Game 6, but the key is winning Game 5 first. Last night in a pre-game interview with Chris Simpson of the Versus Network, Simon Gagne was already bringing up Game 5 and the Penguin fans. Think about Game 4 first Simon. That comes before Game 5 and you guys NEEDED that last night.


Tim Hindin said...

1) Crosby is not overrated, thats why he has like an 8 or 9 consecutive points streak in the playoffs, its not by accident.

2) He clearly impeded Biron from making that save, c'mon he did a baseball slide into the net with the puck on him.

3) We were not watching the same game if you say the Flyers were not physical i thought they were very physical especially in the 1st period, a period in which they clearly dominated and if it weren't for Fluery the game game might have been over right there.

4) 0-8 on the power-play is inexcusable but nothing and I mean nothing was getting past Fluery this night, he was terrific. Only shot he didn't save was impossible to save.

Dave said...

i'm comparing Game 4 to 3. i thought the Flyers were much more physical in 3.

and even so, tonight the broadcasters from Versus were saying how Tuesday felt like a glorified regular season game and not really playoff like hitting.

now, i know the versus guys are probably idiots but i really felt like the hitting (except for Richie) and the physical nature of 60 min playoff hockey wasn't there