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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Response to Dave

This is a reality check - Baseball teams lose games. I was not happy to see our offense stifled and shut down by Derek Lowe, but it happens. It was the first game off of a very short and tiring offseason. The Phillies have never come out firing on all cylinders and to expect them to do so is somewhat unfair. Sure, they are the defending World Champions, but even the World Champs lost 73 games last year! 73! That means that I, like every one of you, was very upset 73 days during the baseball season last year where I criticized and demoralized players. Hell, I even stood up and yelled at Ryan Howard from 20 feet away.

But to say that Jamie Moyer would have shut down the Braves and been better than Brett Myers, Dave, that is just unfair. We all love Jamie, and we should all love Brett. But do you remember during the playoffs when in 2 of Moyer's postseason starts he lasted 4 innings and 1.1 innings versus the Brewers and Dodgers respectively? What about Myers 2-1 record in the postseason not to mention his heroic at-bats versus CC Sabathia and his legendary 3-3 performance against Chad Billingsley?

I was not happy with Brett Myers performance on Sunday night. But to bring up sending him down to the Iron Pigs one start in? That's not fair. Brian McCann hits homeruns, so does Jeff Franoeur. There is no basis in saying that Jamie Moyer would have been "10 times better than Myers" when last year Moyer's ERA versus the Hotlanta Braves approached 7.

And PLEASE take back that comment on not wanting to open up the season as a night game on ESPN. It is a privilege of being the World Series Champions. You get a prime-time game where everyone can see you. To pray that we never play that game again Dave, you are asking for another 25 years of disappointment and frustration and I know that is not what you want. So please, apologize to our beloved World Champs.

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