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Thursday, April 30, 2009

76ers Drop Game 5, But Gain Something At The Same

I didn't get to watch. I was so mad. I had to do a group project and the game was on NBA TV in out of market towns. So I was not able to go to a sports restaurant as I did for Game 2.

But, I did follow the score through written play-by-play on the Internet and the Sixers lost 91-78 and are on the brink of elimination. Once again, the 76ers shot just as well as the Magic as they have been doing most of this series. Yet, the thing that hurt this team was the lack of defensive rebounding and ability to score. When you hold a team to 91 points, you should win. Also, there is no reason why a team should get 15 offensive rebounds and one of their players gets 10 of them. That would be Dwight Howard. He had 24 total on the game.

While the 76ers did lose this game, they are still a live and have some extra incentives to get hyped up for Game 6. Both Dwight Howard and Courtney Lee will not be playing.  Howard elbowed Samuel Dalembert in Game 5, received a technical foul and thus the league decided to suspend him one game. The elbow game after Dalembert was basically holding him down while he was trying to go for a rebound. But the refs didn't see that. They saw Howard's elbow shot and penalized him for it. Oddly enough, Howard accidently elbowed his teammate Lee in the game as well. Lee fractured his sinus because he got hit in the face. He is expected to be out longer than one game.

If the Sixers lose tonight, it will be a very embarrassing loss. With Howard out, the 76ers should be able to get to the basket better and that is 20 something points the Magic will have to make up with either Marcin Gortat or Tony Battie. These two guys are no "Superman." 

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