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Picture Of The Day
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

And...WE GOT A GAME 6!


Way to show some adversity tonight and shut out those stinking Penguins 3-0. Marty Biron was stellar. It's like him and Marc-Andre Fleury switched positions from Games 4 to 5. Fleury was great in Game 4, while Marty was great tonight.

And even though the Flyers still did not score on the power play (UGH!), Mike Knuble did get one past Fleury tonight, which is a good thing to see. Another great thing about tonight was the continued emergence of Claude Giroux. Every game I'm liking this kid more and more, especially after the way he screwed up in Game 2. It's always great to see a guy rebound.

Now, what the Flyers need to do is play the same way they did tonight Saturday. Let's make something clear though: THEY HAVE NO MOMENTUM! Let's review what has happened in the Flyers/Penguins recent playoff history when the Flyers have "momentum."

After the Game 4 victory last year in the Eastern Conference Finals to cut the series lead to 3-1, the Flyers had "momentum." What happened? They got romped 6-0 in Game 5 to be eliminated.

After the Game 3 victory this year, the Flyers had "momentum." What happened? They got shelled at home 3-1 in a game where the physicality was done.

So, even though the Flyers had an impressive win tonight, they have NO MOMENTUM. They're still down in the series and still playing catchup. Win Game 6 and we can talk about "momentum." But let's be honest with ourselves and look at Game 6 like this:

-Our backs are still against the wall because these Penguins are very capable of winning on the road. Let's take advantage of having our home crowd behind us because our fans are THE BEST in the NHL. Let's play physical. Let's knock these guys around and let's get a win and get on a plane ride back to the other side of this state.


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