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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Saturday, April 18, 2009


On Friday night the Phillies honored Harry Kalas, but not with their play. The Phils got off to a hot start platting 5 runs in the first inning; Which should be plenty of run support with Cole Hamles on the hill right? Wrong. At least for last night anyway. 

The Padres just hung around all night and steadily chipped away at the Phillies lead. The Phils took a 7-1 lead into the 5th before a Scott Hairston 2-run homerun cut the lead to 7-3. Then in the 6th a Nick Hundely homer cut the lead to 7-5.

In the 8th the bridge to Lidge totally collapsed as Ryan Madson allowed 3 runs and essentially sealing the fate of the Phils as they failed to to score again.

The final result of a really bad game for the Phillies was 8-7 come from way behind loss. Yes, San Diego is playing well right now and yes, it is only one game and yes, sometimes you do have games like this and yes, we just did a very similar game against the Braves where we came out on the other side. However a game like that should not happen if your a championship contender especially when your ace is pitching. 

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