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Monday, April 6, 2009

Phillies Bats and Myers Fastball Is Still In Clearwater

Somebody ship that crap up north because last night was brutal.

The Phils dropped their season opener to the Braves at the Bank 4-1. Now, I don't know if the lack of hitting was because the team faced Derek Lowe, who has had great success against this team (minus the fifth inning of Game 1 and the first inning of Game 4 of last year's NLCS against the Dodgers). Maybe that was the case because in the ninth inning last night against Gonzalez, the Phils bats came to life. It could've been because of a sense of urgency and the never-say-die attitude this team has. Then again, as previously mentioned, it could've been because Lowe just gives this team fits.

If that is the case, then I hope they figure him out. He is a not a Dodger anymore. He is a Brave and we're going to see him and that freaking sinker ball a lot this year. And on that ninth inning, where's Pat Burrell, a.k.a. Mr. April, when you need him? He wouldn't have whiffed like Raul Ibanez did last night.

As far as Brett "Crazy" Myers goes, he looked solid for the first two batters and then had Chipper Jones on a 3-2 count. But, he let up a hit and then let off a homer to Brian McCann the very next at bat. In the second inning, he gave up long balls to Jeff Francoeur on the first pitch and rookie Jordan Schafer in the first at bat of his major league career.

Cmon Brett! You can't pull the crap you did last year. The Iron Pigs are not an option mid-season. You have to be the pitcher you were in the second half last year all year this year. I'll give him credit though. After that almost homerun he gave up to Yunel Escobar in the third, he settled down until he was taken out after six innings.

But seriously, wouldn't it have been nice to see Cole Hamels, maybe even Jamie Moyer, pitch last night. I know Hamels is still getting his step back, but if that is the case, Moyer would've been ten times better than Myers. He would've get those Braves batters off-balance and frustrated. That is what he does.

Anyway, I know that it's only the first game of many. And if there is one positive thing to take from last night, it's that once Lowe left, the Phils bats came to life. At least I know this team is not totally still in Clearwater. So, right now we're 0-1. What else is new after the first game of the season? We've won like one Opening Day/Night game out of the last nine seasons. Finally, let me close this post out with this. Please, I hope that we never have to play in this stupid Sunday night Opening Night game on ESPN EVER AGAIN!

I want to be the World Champions (Knock On Wood) forever. But, just because we're the reigning Champs doesn't mean we have to play in that awful game. Opening Day is supposed to be during the day under hopefully a beautiful sun. Also, we're supposed to have OUR OWN BROADCASTERS, such as the legendary Harry Kalas, broadcast the game. Jon Miller is a flipping idiot and Steve Phillips in his broadcast booth debut last night on Sunday Night Baseball is no winner either. Not to mention, he is the former GM of the Mets. Joe Morgan was good. But, when you're paired with the awful over-intellectualness of Jon Miller, you sound terrible. Fortunately, Harry the K and Wheels (I can't believe I'm saying this) are going to be the voices we hear Tuesday night and most of the games after that.


znoel117 said...

dave, relax. its only the first game of the year. these things happen. we will lose at least 50 games this year. its a shame it was the opener, but we NEVER win our openers. never, ever, ever.

Tim Hindin said...

also we have lost the first 2 games of the season the past 4 seasons...and i like how you called pat mr april i wasn't sure if that was a compliment or an insult...really dave mr april... and all you ass holes who couldn't keep it in your pants and couldn't wait for opening day to get here stop bitchin' (this is directed at no one in-particular) its what you asked for.