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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lots of Stuff To Catch Up On...

...other than the ALL-PHILLY TEAM Info Sessions. They will come. Stay tuned.

But, in the lime light of this Dawkins fiasco, a lot of things happened in our wonderful town over the past day or two.

First, Phillies news.

After losing to Toronto Thursday and the Reds yesterday to start Spring Training 0-3, the Phils routed the Rays today at Brighthouse Networks Field in a rematch of the World Series 12-5 after scoring five runs in the first inning.

Now, the 76ers.

Now, the Flyers.

They lost to the Canadiens at home last night in overtime 4-3. My boy Scottie Upshall got a very questionable goalie interference penalty called on him, allowing the Habs to go on the power play.

Wow, that was a lot.

Vintage Dawkins

In light of recent events, this sight will look at the Brian Dawkins situation objectively.

Yes, the Eagles front office didn't offer him much.

Yes, he did make it about money in the end with the contract he signed.

But, he is a Philadelphia legend deserving of respect and here's why.

More on this warrior to come. Stay tuned and keep reading.

Znoel may be right...

...but unless Brian Dawkins took acting lessens at Clemson, I think that he is still pretty upset over leaving the Eagles

This link does not directly lead you to the video. You have to go to the second top story on Comcast Sportsnet's page. It is an exclusive phone interview Dawkins had with Derrick Gunn.

He became so emotional that he had to apologize to Gunner and end the conversation pre-maturely. 

Znoel, I see why you're upset. I'm disappointed that it was more about the money too. 

But, that doesn't mean that Dawkins is a liar and didn't care about this city. He can't even talk about it. I think that speaks volumes.

Be mad at him that it was about money, but don't let that take away from where he stands in Eagles history.

Let's take note, the Broncos make a trip to the Linc sometime in this upcoming season. I hope the fans, while they can be upset at B-Dawk, give him the Iversonian Ovation and then some.

Disgusted By Dawkins

"Everything you did and everything you said is bullshit." - This is a not so memorable quote from Rudy, as stated by the scrub, Jim, that Rudy eventually replaces on the roster. Unfortunately I am applying this not so memorable quote to quite possibly the most memorable Eagle in recent memory - Brian Dawkins.

Dawk was a man who left his heart and soul out there on the field, and one of the few that brought it with him into the locker room too. He cried when he signed contract extensions, cried when he thought about retiring, and seemed to be the opposite of a prototypical professional football player. He made the Philadelphia Eagles synonymous with his name and vice versa. While not unheard of, there aren't many players who have the loyalty and passion that Dawkins showed year in and year out.

Personally, I have given Dawkins a hard time for being old and losing a step. I went off on him in our first loss of the year to Dallas and his inability to cover TO or Jason Witten. I forgave him and apologized (as I do to the TV pretty often) and learned to appreciate his "big game" tendencies. He forced fumbles, intercepted passes, and flung through the air like his alter ego Wolverine to tackle the opposing team time after time.

But that is over now. The man that we thought bled green actually did end up bleeding green - it’s all about the Benjamin’s. Dawkins, an emotional, spiritual, and Philly-type-of-a-character signed his legacy away when the Denver Broncos signed him. I can understand a veteran signing with a perennial champion to chase that elusive Super Bowl ring, but this does B-Dawk no good. The Broncos finished 8-8 and should have been 7-9 if not for a bad call against the Chargers. Brian Dawkins will find himself in a crappy division with a brand new head coach and a hot and cold quarterback. Don't let anyone tell you this is about winning - it's about money.

Many blame the Eagles for not showering him with the dough, but remember - Dawkins is almost 36, well past the normal expiration date for any football player. With regards to his recent Pro-Bowl season, he deserved it based on merit. Quinten Mikell had better numbers and was more reliable that Dawkins, but I'm sure Mikell would be the first to tell you that Dawkins deserved the pro-bowl because of his heart and passion. No arguments there.

While this may be a sad day for Eagles fans, try to look at it as a step forward. Dawkins instilled his wisdom to the rest of the secondary and they have become a feared group for it. Look for Mikell to take over part of Dawkins' prior role of motivator. Dawkins resurrected himself at the end of last year. Let's not forget the beginning of the year where we thought it might be 2 years too much for Wolverine. He has not been consistent, has missed training camp over and over, and is not an investment. 1 year, yes of course. 5 years from the Broncos? Gimme a break.

2/3 of the world is covered by water; the other third is covered by Brian Dawkins. What a statement. Perhaps in 10 years we can look back on a statement like that and appreciate him for what he was. For right now, and for the rest of his career, Brian Dawkins is a liar and a name that will draw deep sighs and head shakes from the always-disgruntled Philadelphia fans - you know the ones that actually bleed green.

It's Official

Now everybody can start to rant, as will I.

Friday, February 27, 2009

To All Those Who Soiled Themselves Today...

...breathe easy. Brian Dawkins is an Eagle for at least another day.

That idiot David White at The San Francisco Chronicle re-affirmed he made a mistake with his early ejaculation this evening and said that he recently heard from Dawkins' agent and that the Broncos and B-Dawk are still negotiating. 

Is this a good thing? For now, yes and the reason is there is a chance Dawkins won't sign with Denver. It is also a good thing because IT TOTALLY COMPLETELY DENIES WHITE'S COMMENTS EARLIER AND THAT STUPID ESPN BLOG THAT THE MORON JOHN CLAYTON WAS IN EARLIER

Notice, that blog isn't even up anymore. ESPN.com made assumptions also.

Let me tell everyone something. As a journalism student, I have learned that the word "allege" and the idea of "assumptions" are bad in this business. They prove nothing. There is no fact. 

Whether B-Dawk ends up signing with Denver or not, let's all learn a lesson from today that we should never jump to conclusions unless it's official. That means that a mainstream story (not a blog or a video blog) has been written.

It would have saved people a lot of stress today, whether this stress is pre-meditated for the future or not.

I'll close this post out with this. For all of those who shit themselves this evening, I suggest throwing your ruined pants out. Wastes tend to have toxic and bio-hazardous bacteria. No one wants to harm others or the environment.

More Proof That David White of the San Francisco Chronicle is the Worst Journalist Ever

Adam Schefter of NFL.com reports this in his blog.

If One More Person Craps Themselves On Dawkins News I'm Going To Scream

I'll admit, I was one of them.

But, after looking around and seeing what EVERYONE ELSE BUT THE STUPID SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE IDIOT REPORTER HAD SAID, it seems as though nothing is definite.

Listen up!

Brian Dakwins has agreed to terms with the Broncos...not finalized a deal.

As Sheil Kapadia at philly.com says, nothing is finalized yet. 

I Am Speechless and Very Sad

Brian Dawkins, the leader of the Philadelphia Eagles, is gone.

I can't believe it.

To Joe Banner and Jeff Lurie...you are both heartless.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

***ALL-PHILLY TEAM*** Info Session Part 3

Tonight, we learn about some of the Phillies for the ALL-PHILLY TEAM balloting.

To start, I expect most of you to know Larry Bowa, Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt, Garry Maddox, Greg Luzinski, Pete Rose, Bob Boone and Tug McGraw. They won the Phillies a World Series in 1980.

I expect you guys to knw Darren Daulton, John Kruk, Lenny Dykstra and Curt Schilling. They went to the World Series in 1993.

I expect you guys to know Bobby Abreu. He played for the Phillies as recently as three seasons ago.

And of course, I expct you guys to know all of the current players (just consider Pat Burrell a current player). If you don't, then what the heck do you come to this site for?
Anyway, here we go.

-This was the infield of the Philadelphia Athletics (with some pitchers) in the early 1910s
-They won the World Series in 1910, 1911 and 1913
-Also won the AL Pennant in 1914
-The 1914 version of the "$100,000 Infield" is considered by some to be one of the best infields of all time

-Led in a ton of categories throughout the league as a member of the Phillies
-On the Phillies Wall of Fame
-In the National Baseball Hall of Fame

-NL Batting Champ as a Phillie
-2-time NL Home Run Champ as a Phillie
-2-time NL RBI Champ as a Phillie
-3 time NL hits leader
-2 time NL doubles leader
-On the Phillies Wall of Fame
-In the National Baseball Hall of Fame

-Career batting average of .346 is 5th all time
-Hit .410 in 1899 with the Phils (tops in the league)
-Led the league in homers and RBIs twice as a Phillie
-Led league in stolen bases once as a Phillie
-On the Phillies Wall of Fame
-Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame

-Member of Phillies 1915 Pennant winning team
-373 career wins (third all time)
-2.56 career ERA (48th all time)
-1.211 career WHIP (32nd all time)
-20 plus game winner nine times and 30 plus game winner three times
-Threw 90 shutouts (second all time)
-Won NL Pitcher's Triple Crown three times as a Phillie
-Jersey is retired by Phillies
-On the Phillies Wall of Fame
-In the National Baseball Hall of Fame

-Was a hitting machine for the Phillies in the 1910s
-Member of the Phillies 1915 Pennant winning team
-NL On base percentage leader in 1915 and 1916
-NL slugging percentage leader in 1913 and 1915
-NL OPS leader 1913 to 1915
-NL runs leader in 1915
-NL hits leader in 1913
-NL total bases leader in 1913 and 1915
-NL home run leader in 1913, 1915, 1917 and 1919
-NL RBI leader in 1913 and 1915
-NL walks leader in 1915
-NL runs created leader in 1913 and 1915
-NL extra bases leader in 1913, 1915, 1917 and 1918
-NL times on base leader in 1913 and 1915
-NL at bats per home run leader in 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1917 and 1918
-Set a major league record by hitting four doubles in one game in August of 1915
-On the Phillies Wall of Fame

-Member of the 1915 NL Pennant Phillies
-Played 16 seasons (his entire career) as a Phillie
-Career batting average is .320, with 300 home runs and 1,201 RBIs
-Two-time All-Star
-1932 NL MVP
-His jersey is retired by the Phillies
-On the Phillies Wall of Fame
-Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame

-Member of the 1950 Phillies "Whiz Kids" that won the NL Pennant 
-Made what is arguably the greatest defensive play in Phillies history as he threw out the potential winning run for the Brooklyn Dodgers at the plate in the bottom of the 9th inning on October 1, 1950. The Phillies later won that game in the 10th. 
-Considered to be one of the fastest Phillies in franchise history 
-Was a four time All-Star as a Phillie
-Led the league in a slew of categories throughout his playing career as a Phillie
-He had a career .308 batting average, with 2,574 hits and 586 RBIs
-One of the most beloved players in Phillies history 
-His No. 1 jersey is retired by the Phillies
-On the Phillies Wall of Fame
-In the National Baseball Hall of Fame

-Member of the 1950 "Whiz Kids" that won the NL Pennant 
-Seven time All-Star as a Phillie
-Two-time Sporting News Pitcher of the Year winner as a Phillie
-Won 20 or more games every year from 1950 to 1955
-Five times he finished in the Top 10 for MVP
-From 1952 to 1955 he lead the league in games won every season
-Led the league in strikeouts from in 1953 and 1954
-Led the league in shutouts in 1950
-Led the league in games started every season from 1950 to 1955
-Led the league in complete games every season from 1952 to 1956
-Led the league in innings pitched every season from 1951 to 1955
-Every season from 1950 to 1955 he pitched over 300 innings 
-His No. 36 is retired by the Phillies
-On the Phillies Wall of Fame
-In the National Baseball Hall of Fame

-Two-time All-Star as a Phillie
-Pitched a perfect game on June 21, 1964 against the hated Mets
-Career record is 224-184, ERA is 3.27 and strikeouts totaled to 2,855
-No. 14 is retired by Phillies
-On the Phillies Wall of Fame
-In the National Baseball Hall of Fame

-NL Rookie of the Year in 1964
-Three-time All-Star as a Phillie
-Career .292 average with 351 home runs and 1,119 RBIs
-On the Phillies Wall of Fame

-Three-time All-Star as a Phillie
-1964 All-Star game MVP by hitting a walk off home run to win it for the National League
-Would have been the 1964 NL MVP if the 1964 Phillies didn't blow it at the end of the season
-Career batting average is .264 with 226 home runs and 840 RBI's
-On the Phillies Wall of Fame

Wow, that took a while. I finally got it done. Sorry it took so long. I know I promised it like two nights ago and then promised it again last night. So, I'll stop promising...haha.

As far as the rest of the Info Sessions go, I'll get them done as soon as I can. There is still a little more than a week left for initial voting (there will most likely be tie breaker ballots and possibly a Wild Card ballot).

Anyway, as you can tell, a lot of these guys have extremely impressive resumes. Votes already casted should definitely be re-considered. You know you can do that, right?

Keep staying tuned for more Info Sessions and tell your friends to visit the site and vote. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doubling It Up Tomorrow

I'm sorry. I know I said ALL-PHILLY TEAM Info Session for the Phillies would be tonight, but I'm really backed up in school work.

Tomorrow, there will be two posts—one for the Phillies and the other for the 76ers.

Sorry again.

Both 76ers and Flyers Prevail Tonight

It was a good night for Philadelphia sports, as both of our indoor teams came out victorious. Sure, both games were against one of the worst teams in each league, but we'll take what we can get right now.

The 76ers won in D.C. over the Wizards 106-98. It was a good night for Andre Iguodala, Andre Miller, Lou Williams and my boy Reggie Evans.

Evans had 11 points off the bench on 3-4 shooting and 5-7 from the line. He had the highest plus/minus on the team with +14.

The Flyers were at home and they shut out the Kings 2-0. Marty Biron made 34 saves and Jeff Carter scored his 36th goal of the season. J.C. is definitely the man. 

Phils Drop First Spring Training Game of 09

Hey, they dropped the first one in 2008 and to the same team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

We will not talk omens though. Not on this site. Not in February.

Anyway, the score was 8-2 this afternoon. Jamie Moyer pitched two scoreless innings. Joe Blanton gave up two hits and a run in one inning. The rest of the pitching sucked, most notably Joe Bisenius. South Philly native Mike Koplov was stellar with two strikeouts in one inning. Raul Ibanez drove in a run and John Mayberry Jr. drove in the other one. 

Remember, it's a spring training game. No need to get upset over this one (and you're hearing that from me...can you believe that?)

Jeff Carter Brings It Home for the Boys In Orange and Black

They were down to the Capitols early and for most of the game last night.

Jeff Carter, who was on a five game scoreless streak, scored the go ahead goal, his 35th of the season. Also, Antero Nittymaki made 33 saves out of 35 shots.

Overall, it was a good win for the Flyers, one that was desperately needed after a heartbreaker to the Pens.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Do not hold me 100 percent to this, but I believe that if you want, you can change your votes at any time before the polls close.

If that is true, this might benefit some of our voters because if they see something on the Info Sessions that change their minds, they can. 

I haven't voted, so please let me know if you are allowed to change.


"The Cole War"

Really New York? Really????

I'm fed up with the Mets.

For those of you who haven't heard The New York Post published an article about Cole Hamels calling the Mets choke artist. Not only did they write and article about it, they had a nice big banner across the top of the page entitled, THE COLE WAR. Isn't Jose Reyes who said, "I don't know why they always focus on us."

The Mets are looking for a fight.

Cole further explained his words last week while talking with Howard Eskin. Eskin asked him why it was such a big deal to use the word choke.

Hamels replied by saying, "The word choke means you weren't able to fully come through when you were supposed to. I think the Mets had the top teams, they pretty much had the championships in the bag and they weren't able to come through. A lot of guys will perceive them as choking in the end and not fulfilling their end of the bargain because they should have taken it. You know what? It really does show the strength and hard work and I guess the deep down guts that we have to take it away from them."

That is the perfect definition of the word choke. Hamels did no wrong. If the New York media wants to blow simple words up to create a giants controversy then let them. When late September rolls around and the Mets are looking up at the Phillies in the standings, that's when Cole, along with all the other members of the Phillies, can look at all the New Yorkers with their middle fingers held high and continue to call them choke artists.                                   

***ALL-PHILLY TEAM*** Info Session Part 2

Note: This post was supposed to be up last night. I got caught up in things. Excuse me for the mishap. Whether or not a Phillies ALL-PHILLY TEAM post will be up tonight is yet to be seen. We just might push all the Info Sessions back one night each.

Tonight, we learn about some of the Flyers players you might not know as much about.

Starting off though, I expect you guys to know Bobby Clarke, Bill Barber and Bernie Parent. They are arguably the best players the franchise has ever seen.

I expect you guys to know Ron Hextall because he played so many years here and in two different decades.

I expect you guys to know Eric Lindros, John LeClair, Eric Desjardin, Simone Gagne, Jeremy Roenick, Keith Primeau, Mike Richards, Jeff Carter and Kimmo Timonen because they are all pretty recent.

And lastly, some might argue that Mark Recchi should have been on the ballot. That is a valid point, but realize that Recchi's best years were when the team went through its worst stretch, the early '90s. When he came back and the team was better, he contributed less. If there is a Wild Card Ballot though, without question he will be on it.

So...let's learn about some of the other Flyers on this list.

-Great defensive player for the Flyers on the 1974 and 1975 Stanley Cup Championship teams
-At one point a Captain of the team
-Famous for his awesome check against the Russians in 1976
-In the Flyers Hall of Fame

-Right winger on the Flyers 1974 and 1975 Championship teams
-Famous for his overtime goal against the Minnesota North Stars in the 1973 playoffs (there is a statue of that goal outside the Spectrum)
-In the Flyers Hall of Fame

-Defensive player on the 1974 Stanley Cup Championship team
-He had a +52 plus/minus that season
-Died in 1977 due to leukemia
-In the Flyers Hall of Fame
-His No. 4 is retired by the Flyers (one of four to have it---other three are Bobby Clarke, Bernie Parent and Bill Barber)
-The annual award for the team's best defensive player is named after him

-Member of the Flyers 1975 Stanley Cup Championship team
-Member of the famous "LCB Line" of Clarke, Barber and himself
-Although the Flyers lost in the 1976 Stanley Cup Finals, he won the Conn Smythe award that year for the playoff's Most Valuable Player
-Scored 5 goals in one game during the '76 Playoffs
-In the Flyers Hall of Fame

-Member of the Flyers two Stanley Cup Championship teams
-Scored 50 goals and collected 100 points in 1973
-Scored 13 goals in the '74 playoffs and 11 goals in the '75 playoffs
-In the Flyers Hall of Fame

-Member of the Flyers two Stanley Cup Championship teams as a defensive player
-In the Flyers Hall of Fame

-Goalie for the 1985 Prince of Wales Conference Championship team
-First ever winner of the Bobby Clarke Trophy for the team's Most Valuable Player in 1985
-Won the Vezina Trophy in 1985 for the NHL's best goalie (first European to do so in NHL history)
-Died in a fatal car crash in the beginning of the 1985-86 season
-The Flyers Most Improved player award is named after him

-Member of the Flyers two Stanley Cup Championships
-Scored 20 goals in 1974
-Known for being one of the most brutal guys on the "Broad Street Bullies" 

-Member of the Flyers 1980 Clarence Campbell Conference Championship team and 1985 and 1987 Prince of Wales Conference Championship teams
-In 1980, his rookie season, he was on the same line as Reggie Leach and Bobby Clarke
-Scored over 40 goals and collected over 90 points four times each as a Flyer
-Holds two Flyers team records—most shorthanded goals (seven...Mike Richards might break that this season) and most points in a playoff year (28 points in the 1987 playoffs)
-In the Flyers Hall of Fame

-Captain of the Flyers 1985 and 1987 Prince of Wales Conference Championship teams
-Scored the memorable 5 on 3 shorthanded breakaway goal against the Quebec Nordiques at the Spectrum in the 1985 Conference Championship to help propel the Orange and Black to the Stanley Cup Finals (as seen in his picture above holding the Prince of Wales Trophy)

-Won the Frank J. Selke Trophy in 1987 for defensive skills (even though he was a center)
-In the Flyers Hall of Fame

-Member of the Flyers 1985 and 1987 Conference Championship teams
-Scored four goals in a row during one game
-He scored over 50 goals every season from the 1983 to 1987 seasons (three out of those four seasons he had over 90 points)
-After dealing with severe injury problems in the 1988 season, he made a triumphant comeback in the 1989 season, scoring 48 goals and collecting 88 points
-Won the Bill Masterton Trophy in 1989 for showing the most perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication in the league
-In the Flyers Hall of Fame

-Defensive player on the 1985 and 1987 Conference Championship teams
-Was an All-Star three times as a Flyer
-In 1986 he scored 24 goals, with 58 assists for a combined total of 82 points. His plus/minus was a +85 and he had seven shorthanded goals. He was the plus/minus leader in the league that year. He won the Bobby Clarke Award in '86 and was a finalist for the Norris Trophy (league's best defensive player) three times as a member of the Orange and Black.
-In the Flyers Hall of Fame

-Member of the 1985 and 1987 Conference Championship teams
-Was a Captain in the early '90s
-Won the Bobby Clarke Trophy in 1990
-Scored 40 or more goals in 1989 and 1991 and reached over 70 points three times as a Flyer
-Made a return trip to the team earlier this decade

Here is a video that sums up the Flyers at their 40th Anniversary season two years ago.

Alright, I guess after watching this video, Recchi probably should have been on the list. Also, Rod Brind'amour should have been on it as well. I guess a Wild Card ballot is looking ever more immanent. More details to come on this later if it happens.

Oh yeah, and I don't care what anybody says. Peter Forsberg is NOT going on any ballot. He falls under that stiffs post I had about Elton Brand when he got hurt again a couple of weeks ago.

And as far as the Phillies post goes, it will go up tomorrow. Everything will be pushed back a day.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Story of Philadelphia

Forget the World Series for a moment. Just forget it for one moment.

The fact remains, tonight's loss to the Nets in Jersey, 98-96 on a half court shot that Devin Harris just got up, sums up our town, Philadelphia.

The sports Gods like to kick us while we're down.

They like to spit on us, even when our goalie screws up a big game or when our team is on a three game losing streak.

They like to crap on us when we have to deal with stuff dealing with Donovan McNabb.

They have to make us suffer while we're down.

Call me dramatic. Call me crazy. 

What people think of this post can't be worse than how we get F***** almost everyday.

World Series...woo hoo! Great. I'm not satisfied.

Note: A post for the ALL-PHILLY BALLOTING will be on later tonight. Maybe remembering the good ole days will help us get through the crap we're stuck in right now.

South Broad St. is Expanding

If you have viewed this site lately you can tell Dave has been doing a great job of trying to offer the readers a new look to the website. He has added new features such as the picture of the day and the All Philly Teams. In order to get this site noticed by more people I have branched off and created my own Phillies blog on the MLB Blogs site. It is also entitled South Broad St. I have done this in hope to get the name out so it becomes familiar with more and more people. The page has a link for readers to click so they will be re-directed to here. I will only post about the Phillies on that site. I will also post a copy of my entries on this site for everyone to read.

As I said earlier, my plan is for the name, South Broad St., to become familiar with more and more readers online. Feel free to check it out at here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Very important note for the Executives Ballot. 

I saw that Ed Snider and Keith Allen were not in the list. I accidentally didn't put them in. Therefore, I had to remove the original ballot and create a new one.

There were two people who voted previously.


Thanks and very sorry for the mishap.

***ALL-PHILLY TEAM*** Info Session

In this post you are going to learn about some of the Eagles players who you might not know about:

-First real star the Eagles ever had
-Won the Heisman Trophy in college
-The award for best collegiate quarterback is named after him
-Made the Pro Bowl in 1939

-Member of the Eagles 1948 and 1949 Championship Teams
-Member of the Eagles 75th Anniversary Team
-Six Time Pro Bowler as an Eagle
-Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

-Quarterback of the Eagles 1948 and 1949 Championship Teams
-Was blind in one eye

-Running back of the 1948 and 1949 Championship Teams
-Scored the lone touchdown in the 1948 game
-Seven Time Pro Bowler as an Eagle
-Member of the Eagles 75th Anniversary Team
-Member of the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team
-Eagles Retired No. 15 of his
-Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

-Member of the 1949 and 1960 Championship Teams
-Eight Time Pro Bowler as an Eagle
-10 Time All-Pro Selection as an Eagle
-Member of Eagles 75th Anniversary Team
-Member of the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team 
-Eagles Retired No. 60 of his
-Made final tackle in the 1960 Championship Game (Played 59 Minutes of That Game
-Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

-Member of the 1960 Championship Team
-Five Time Pro Bowler as an Eagle
-Member of the Eagles 75th Anniversary Team
-Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

-Quarterback of the 1960 Championship Team
-Three Time Pro Bowl Selection as an Eagle (nine in his career)
-1960 Co-NFL MVP
-Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

-Member of the 1960 Championship Team
-Five Time Pro-Bowl Selection as an Eagle
-His No. 44 is retired by the Eagles

-Member of the 1960 Championship Team
-His No. 40 is retired by the Eagles

-He was the Player Coach of the 1926 NFL Championship Frankford Yellow Jackets team
-Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

I assume people know who Ron Jaworski, Harold Carmichael, Wilbert Montgomery and Bill Bergey are. They took the team to a Super Bowl appearance. 

I assume people know who Clyde Simmons, Wes Hopkins, Andre Waters, Seth Joyner and Eric Allen are. They were members, along with Reggie White and Jerome Brown, of the tremendous "Gang Green" defense.

I assume people know who Randall Cunningham and Fred Barnett are. They were key offensive players on those teams with the "Gang Green" defense.

Lastly, if you don't know who Donovan McNabb, Brian Dawkins and Brian Westbrook are, where in the world have you been?

Keep reading throughout the week on more posts like this one for the other categories.


I forgot to mention this before. The reason you get to select up to a certain amount of guys/teams/venues in each ballot is so that there can be a variety of results in the end and not just really one sided and indecisive. 

So basically, when I say pick up to six guys in a certain ballot, pick who you think is the Top 6. Please don't pick more than what is asked. It would be greatly appreciated. If you feel you can only pick less, be my guest. This is all for you guys, our loyal readers.

If you have no idea what the ALL-PHILLY TEAM BALLOTING is, please revert to this post

Poll Results For Week of 2/15/09

The question was who people think the overall best quarterback in Eagles franchise history is.

I'm not even going to list the options.

Donovan McNabb won in a landslide, collecting 11 out of 11 votes.

If that is the case, someone please explain to me why a lot of people want to run him out of town?

Like and said and obviously by the way this poll shows, Donny is the best quarterback in franchise history and any replacement is a step down.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

***All-Philly Team Selection Process***

The next couple weeks are big here at "South Broad Street." We're going to hold polling for the ALL-PHILLY TEAM. The polling will go on for two whole weeks.

Basically, the ALL-PHILLY TEAM will work like this:

1. We'll have First Team All Philly, Second Team All Philly and so on until 10. Each team will consist of one member from the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, 76ers, coaches from these teams, executives from these teams (owners and GM's) and broadcasters throughout history. Take note, Eagles, Phillies and 76ers ballots will include Yellow Jacket, Athletic and Warrior players respectively. Even though these franchises are not related, they did play in Philadelphia and some of the members of these teams hold significance in the city. They will also consist venues and specific teams.

2. The players eligible for these lists range throughout history. They can include someone from 100 years ago (and beyond) to someone one year ago. If there is somebody not on the list who you think is worthy, let me know. Email me at duram1@ithaca.edu. If necessary, we will have a Wild Card ballot that will include a mixture of players from each franchise. 

3. And, as mentioned, instead of any of the posters just coming up with a list, you guys, our wonderful readers will do the voting. 

4. The number of players on each ballot will determine the number of players you can vote for on each one. 

5. There will most likely be ties to decide how each team (whether its First, Second and so on) fills out, so in the week following the closing of the polls, there might possibly be tiebreaker polls. Therefore, the final results might not be released after the initial voting. It might take a few weeks to have the final results.

6. Since some of the players on the ballots you might not recognize, throughout the week we will provide posts on some of these guys, to get you more educated on them. Therefore, it is probably best to wait until Week 2 to vote so you know about all of the guys.

All in all, have fun with this. This is for you to decide and revel in. Championships might be bleak in this town, but legends and heroes are not. 

Note: Our weekly "Poll Of The Week" will continue.

76ers Continue To Struggle and the Flyers Lost To The Pens


It's that post All-Star break hangover. No deals were made at the trading deadline, but with the way these guys are playing now, maybe some should have been made.

The Sixers lost today in Miami 97-91, falling to .500 on the year and dropping three straight.

Andre Miller went off with 30 points, Lou Williams had 22 off the bench and Marreese Speights had 12 off the bench.

Still, the Sixers once again shot poorly from the field and thus, another one in the L column.


They lost to Sidney Crosby and the Penguins. That's a big No-No as far as I'm concerned. 

The Orange and Black lost 5-4 at home in IN FRONT OF THE LARGEST CROWD IN FLYERS HISTORY (19,992).


But no. Marty Biron got completely out of net, allowing Crosby to score his second goal of the game and give the Pens their first road win in SIX FREAKING WEEKS.

Not a good day in Philly sports.

These guys look good

Photo courtesy of The Fightins.

The Phillies took their tuxedo photo with the World Series Trophy earlier this week. You can't tell me these guys don't look good here.

When I first saw this I instantly thought of the movie Major League.
"American Express Gold Card......Don't steal home without it"

Are the Flyers For Real?

I don't enjoy writing this any more than you will enjoy reading it. But it is something that needs to be said. The Flyers are not that good. Sure they are 4th in the conference and have a shot at overtaking the Devils for the Atlantic Division title. Sure they have 6 players with 17 or more goals. Sure they have far and away the most shorthanded goals in the NHL. Sure Daniel Briere has not even played this season.

Here are my main gripes with the Orange and Black thus far.

My problem with the Flyers is that they are a "points" team, not a "win" team. 31 wins is just alright. It is the 9 overtime losses that kill me. Take away those 9 overtime loss points, and we are tied with Pittsburgh for 10th in the Eastern Conference. And folks come playoff time, points don't win you playoff series. An overtime loss in the playoffs means that you are one game closer to elimination. This team needs to start solidifying their dominance from start to finish and stop with the uninspired fluky play. The past two games the Flyers and "hot handed" Martin Biron have given up 3 goals in the second period alone. This is after taking leads and being given opportunities to score. Good teams just don't allow slides like this to happen. I will give the Flyers credit however, for coming back to dominate the third period against the Sabres. But why put yourself in that position?

Goaltending. Now I am not in any way, shape, or form for trading our number 2 overall draft pick James vanRiemsdyk for inconsistent Kari Lehtonen of the Hotlanta Thrashers. That would be one of the worst moves in Flyers history. But one of our two underachieving goalies needs to step up. I vote for Antero Nittymaki. This is the MVP of the '06 Winter Olympics and a Calder Cup winner for the Phantoms. I think that he needs to be shown the confidence to be the number 1 starter for the team, without having to look behind his back. As for Biron, there isn't a nicer guy on the team. His personality and kindness really speaks a lot about this man as a person. But as a goalie he flat out sucks. He doesn't have a strength and in my eyes he has never proven himself. Two good playoff rounds last year isn't enough for me to have full trust in a career backup. Biron doesn't control rebounds, makes saves that not even he realizes he's making, and as soon as he lets one goal in the rest of the cards that hold up the house crumble. I am nervous with him in net because he is flat out not dominant. He gets hot, but you never know when he'll start to cool off. Sorry Marty.

Defense. Kimo Timonen may get the points, but I haven't seen the premiere defenseman that we saw from him last year. His shot isn't there and he hasn't been shut-down for long stretches of time this year. Randy Jones is probably the most frustrating blue-liner this team "boasts." This man makes too many bone-headed passes in our own zone and has trouble controlling the puck in the offensive zone. He just doesn't seem all there at times.

Just some notables and desires from a passionate fan...

Not to get too nit-picky but... where has Jeff Carter gone? 0 goals in his last 5, and just 2 goals in his last 9. Those wristers just don't seem to be finding the lanes that they were earlier in the year. I love you Jeff, and I've always supported you. But please don't fall into your streaky play that has defined you over the past 3 years. Personal goals can be unhelpful to teams, but putting this team on your shoulders can help elevate you to 50 goals. Give yourself a bar to meet and work towards it.

Let's get Braydon Coburn some more shots on goal. I see a powerful slapshot with some accuracy on days when he's feeling it. Some better designed power play shots for him might help break the slump that the 3rd ranked power play has been experiencing.

I'm not denouncing my support and belief of this team by any means. I am simply stating that they are not playing up to their potential. More goals, more power play goals, and Nittymaki stepping up.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Sad Sight

Via The Fightins:

A Great, Great Man

Phillies Legend Robin Roberts In "What's My Line"

This aired back in January 1957. For those who don't know (which would be an absolute no-no if you are a Phillies fan), Robin Roberts is a Hall of Fame Pitcher from the Phillies from about 60 years ago. He was on the 1950 Whiz Kid Pennant winning team.
This is Roberts throwing out the first ball before Game 4 of the World Series this past season.

This is Roberts being mobbed by his teammates after defeating the Brooklyn Dodgers 4-1 in 10 innings at Ebbets Field on October 1, 1950 to win the National League Pennant. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Orange and Black Roll Over Visiting Sabres Behind Richie

The Flyers continue to play good hockey of late, defeating Buffalo at the Wach tonight 6-3.

Captain Mike Richards had two goals, one of which was shorthanded. It is his sixth shorthanded goal of the season, which is tops in the NHL. He also had three assists, making him collect a career high five points.

Marty Biron saved 39 of 42 shots. It seems as though he is starting to pick it up, which is ironic because about a week or two ago, everyone was saying Antero Nittymaki is taking over the No. 1 spot. He goes down with the flu, Biron steps in and shines.

So, who do you go with? I guess only time will tell. But, whoever it is, they have to stick with. They can't go back and forth, back and forth. In my opinion, if they want to go far in the playoffs, they have to stick with a solid No. 1 and not flip flop.

Tonight's two points puts the Flyers three points ahead of the Rangers for fourth place in the East. They are currently six points behind the third place Devils for first place in the Atlantic Division. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The End Of Andre Miller?

I hope not. But, after what happened tonight and the trade deadline tomorrow at 3 p.m., you can't help but think it could happen.

Andre Miller left tonight's game early with a calf strain, Kate Fagan, Sixers beat writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer, reports

Without question, Miller is what makes this team run (literally and figuratively) and is the most valuable player on the 76ers.

I hope Ed Stefanski wakes up tomorrow with Andre Miller in his future game plan. If not, like I said, I am going to be an even angrier Sixers fan.

The Sixers Can't Shoot

They couldn't shoot last night in a horrible loss to the last place Pacers and they couldn't shoot tonight in a 101-89 loss to the Nuggets at home.

The 76ers shot an unimpressive 28-86 from the field. That is a dismal 32.6 percent. 

Andre Iguodala was 1-6. Why in the hell is the guy who is supposed to be your best player, or at worse, one of your best only getting six shots?

The Sixers are now 27-26 and heading down a path they do not want to after going into the break smoking hot. 

Their next game is Saturday at Miami in a 3:30 p.m. matinee.

Oh yeah, and one more note. Marreese Speights played like three minutes last night against Indiana. 

Tonight, in 22 minutes off the bench, Speights was 5-11 from the field, with 11 points and 10 rebounds. 


What does he do Tony? Why don't you play him? He can obviously contribute, especially with Elton Brand out. 

I don't know. They better beat the Heat, with newly acquired Jermaine O'Neal, on Saturday otherwise I'm going to be one upset Sixers fan, more so than I am now.

Notes On the 09 Phillies: Big H Adopting Kids and Costey Signs A Split Contract

I found this post on the7000level.com this afternoon about how Cole and Heidi Hamels plan on adopting AIDS children from Africa. 

Here is the link to the Sports Illustrated story that released that information. 

I think that is pretty cool what Big H and his wife are doing. It is pretty clear the Phillies are a team of generous individuals. While the Hamels do this, the Ulteys, Chase and Jennifer, are big advocates of the SPCA. 

My other Phillies note is something that Phillies MLB.com beat writer Todd Zolecki reported in his blog. He said Chris Coste and the Phils have agreed to a split contract, $464,000 in the majors and $249,000 in the minors. 

Let me tell you something, if Costey is not on the big club this season, I am going to be pissed off. He is a right handed power bat and not that bad of  a defensive catcher, even though everyone claims him to be.

Costey is the quintessential Philadelphian athlete. He can connect to the Philly fans—always getting slapped in the face, but still fighting and pulling through.

I wish him the best of luck and hope he makes the big club.

Holy S*** This Looks Weird

Do you agree?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

76ers Off To A Bad Start

Going into the All-Star break winning 14 out of 18 games, the Sixers were red hot. However, a week's break can be detrimental and at least tonight, that proved true.

I guess it just wasn't our night. Hopefully, this is not going to be a post All-Star game trend and the Sixers can string up more wins. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Is it Spring Training Yet?

The Eagles season ended on Jan. 18th, and apparently so did the Flyers and Sixers. Since the Eagles got bounced from the playoffs everyone around the city has been saying "when does spring training start?" and/or "when do pitchers and catchers report?"

Maybe it's just the excitement of the Phillies coming off of their first championship since the 1980 season and the first for the city since '83, or maybe baseball really is this town's second sport but it hard to see why our other teams who are currently playing get basically neglected. Why do people care more about a team thats not playing than 2 teams that are currently playing, and currently playing above average.

Granted since Jan. 18th the Flyers have gone 6-4 and the Sixers only 7-4, however the Sixers are amidst a 4 game winning streak, and the Flyers have won 4 out of their last 5. Both the Sixers and the Flyers are in the thick of their respective playoff races as well. The Sixers currently sit with the 6th seed only a .5 game behind the Miami Heat for the 5th. The Flyers currently have the 4 seed although its too hard to tell what the the fate of either team is yet.

I hope baseball fans are happy because, yes, spring training is finally here, and hopefully the Fightin' Phils can deliver the same magic this year as they did last summer/fall. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big H Living Large

Check out Cole Hamels' new apartment in Center City within the Two Liberty Place building.

I found this video first on the700level.com, but the main source is The Philadelphia Inquirer online.

Is it 2009 or 1996?

Iverson shreds the braids!

I still want the man to retire a Sixer...

What A Beautiful Sight

New York, New York

Philadelphia continued to establish their dominance over New York this weekend, with the Flyers dismantling the Islanders and the Rangers in a Saturday, Sunday matinee.

On Saturday, the Flyers took a 2-0 in the first period, a score that would stand until the 3rd. In the 3rd period the Flyers hit the Islanders with a scoring blitz. The flyers got 3 goals form Matt Carle, Arron Asham, and Simon Gagne all with in 1:07 of each other. All the goals where unassited and Gange scored on a sweet move on a penalty shot. The Flyers would go on to finish off the Islanders 5-1.

The Flyers have games in hand on most teams in the Eastern Conference, however they did enter the weekend trailing by a few points to several teams so it was important that the Flyers beat up on a bad team in the Islanders to gain some momentum to face a better Rangers teams.

The Flyers entered Madison Square Garden on Sunday facing a 1 point deficit in the standings to the Rangers. The Flyers would take the lead by force.

Claude Giroux scored the loan goal in the first period to get the scoring started. In the second period the Flyers were hit with a 5 on 3 shorthanded penalty. The Flyers took advantage of the Rangers sloppy play. Chris Drury took a bad shot in the slot that was blocked, Braydon Coburn hopped on the lose puck and hit Mike Richards with a perfect outlet pass. Richards finished the play with a fluttering shot that found its way to the back of the net. The goal made Mike Richards the only player in NHL history to score 3 5 on 3 shorthanded goals.

The Flyers would take a page from Saturday's playbook and they would score on their next 2 shots, resulting in 3 goals on 3 shots. This would lead to the Rangers pulling their starting goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, however this would not save them as the Flyers would put in another goal before the end of the period.

The Rangers played much better in the 3rd period, and as expected when the Flyers and Rangers do battle, the game got very physical in the latter parts. The Flyers would go on to defeat their division foe 5-2.

A very nice bright spot for the Flyers this weekend has been the play of Claude Giroux. Giroux registered 2 goals and 2 assists in the 2 games but also demonstrated great ice vision, and good skating abilities as well. The Flyers might have found a long term answer for Danny Briere, if Giroux can keep his level of play where it is right now.

From here the Flyers will come back for some home cookin' to the Wachovia Center for 8 out of their next 12 games.  After getting absolutely embarrassed by the Senators at home on Thursday, the Flyers recovered nicely by putting together two very solid games this weekend. 

Poll Results For Week of 2/8/09

With the Phillies season nearing upon us, the question was which 2009 giveaway would you like to have the most. Here are the results:

Phillies World Championship Pennant Flag: 3 votes
Charlie Manuel Bobblehead: 3 votes
Jayson Werth Blanket (even though only for women 15 and up): 2 votes
Brad Lidge Bobblehead: 0 votes

I am actually very surprised by these results.

A. I'm surprised only eight people voted in what should be a fun poll that team history intelligence doesn't matter.

B. I'm surprised the Brad Lidge Bobblehead got no votes. Hello...this guy did just help us win a World Series.

But hey, sometimes things take you by surprise. So, the people have spoken and these are the two items you want the most.

Photos can be found on the Phillies Web Site.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Apparently Ryan Howard isn't the only one who lost some weight this off season. Brett Myers dropped 30lbs. That's a great sign from Brett that he doesn't want a repeat of last seasons horrible start.

He told Jim Salisbury, ""I wanted to feel like I was in better shape and show my dedication to this team so I can go out and pitch better. I need to start stronger. I lost nine games in the first half. It would have made a big difference if I had pitched better."

I'm really looking forward to what Myers can do this season. If he can pitch like the Myers in the 2nd half of the season the Phillies will have a solid 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation.

Photo courtesy of philly.com

Pitchers and Catchers Have Reported!

One of the best days of the year!

Friday, February 13, 2009

"The Big Man" Ain't As Big As He Used To Be

The Philadelphia Daily News' David Murphy reports in his blog that Ryan Howard has trimmed down a bit, losing 20 pounds in the off-season.

"The Big Man" has been working hard and wants to improve himself, especially his defense. He looks slimmer too. There is a video on Phillies.com. I don't know how much longer it will be up, but check it out as soon as you can.

It is pretty clear he lost weight. Maybe that is why the front office was willing to give him a contract.

All I can say is, keep hitting those homers, keep driving in the runs, strike out less, hit for higher average, and commit less errors. 

Spring Training is 12 hours and seven minutes away.