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Picture Of The Day
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Let's Review My Day With The Phils

After I was done what I was doing this Friday, I rushed back to my dorm room to watch the Phillies and Cole Hamels play the Rockies on MLB.TV. I got back in the top of the third inning with the Phils up 1-0. I ran into Josh, one of the contributers here, on the way  back to my dorm, and he told me that Hamels looked good so far. 

Well, thus start the bottom of the third and Big H gets rocked. The Phils go down 5-1. In the top of the fourth, they get one of those runs back in large part to Jayson Werth, who had three out of the five Phillies hits on the day. I thought, OK, the Phils are going to chop away at this thing being down 5-2. 

I was wrong. The bottom of the fourth came around and Hamels let up two more runs and only lasted two outs. As much as I am a fan of the guy, I kept pleading to Charlie through my computer screen to take him out. Eventually he did. Once J.A. Happ came in and ended the inning, this long week started to kick in and I dropped to the floor (yes, the floor) to take a nap. I guess the hard realization of getting smoked 7-2 made me choose the floor rather than my bed or futon. Anyway, I take a nap at 7-2. I wake up and it's 10-2 after eight innings.


Well, J-Werth hit a homer in the top of the ninth, but then the inning quickly came to an end after that. Jason Marquis dominated the Phils, and the Rockies bullpen did so as well. The bats have not been shipped out of Philly yet. Why? The reason is a 10-3 loss to the Rockies.

You want to know how much of a loser I am? Once this game turns into an archive on MLB.TV in a few hours, I'm most likely going to spend my Friday night watching some of the scoreless innings I missed. 


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