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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Being The 6th Seed In The East Might Not Be That Bad

I know I've been stressing that it is crucial to finish at least fifth in the Eastern Conference seedings for the 76ers. However, with the Orlando Magic definitely being third, that might not be that bad of a match-up for the Sixers. 

How come?

Right now Rashard Lewis is dealing with an injury, along with Hedo Turkoglu and J.J. Reddick. The Magic are banged up for sure. Yet, the 76ers have lost four straight and the Bulls are crawling behind them for that sixth spot. They HAVE to beat the Raptors today. THEY HAVE TO. The reason is while it's OK to finish sixth, it's NOT OK to finish seventh. Then, they will have to play Boston and we do not want that in the first round.

Reiterating my opinion—ideally, we want the 76ers to finish fifth so they can avoid Boston or Orlando in the first round. But, finishing sixth is not extremely bad. It's manageable. Finishing seventh is a tough one and they cannot let that happen. If they finish seventh, it will most likely also mean they finished the season weak (even though they're finishing weak right now). But when I say that it means they would finish the season weak, I mean losing all of the final three

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