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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Game We Somehow Skipped Posting About

Oddly enough, it was the game Brad Lidge's save streak ended this past Saturday night. Yeah, the man is not invincible (unfortunately).

Everybody, including himself, kept saying it's bound to happen sometime. I just don't think any of us knew it was come in April for his fourth save opportunity of the season. With a 5-4 lead in the ninth, he gave up four runs and the Phils loss 8-5 to the Padres.

To start off the top of the ninth inning, Lidge gave up a lead-off double on a hit that in my opinion should have stayed a single. Shane Victorino somehow kicked the ball or he did something to the ball and allowed the runner to reach second. Oddly, I think Victorino was not charge with an error. Then, Lidge got his first out of the inning, but the runner advanced to third.

That is when the team decided to play the defense back and concede a run, especially with contact hitter Brian Giles at the plate. Lidge almost struck Giles out, but the veteran outfielder hit one down the first base line to Ryan Howard and was out as Howard tossed it to Lidge who covered the bag. The game was tied and there's Lidge's first blown save since September 2007. Then, the crowd gave him a nice little ovation.

At this point you would figure Lidge would get out of the inning and the Phils would win it in the ninth (hopefully), but two more runners got on base and then he gave up a three run home run. Charlie Manuel came out to get Lidge and then he got any even bigger standing ovation. Usually in moments like that, the reliever gets booed. But, it was nice to see the fans commenmorate Lidge for his impressive streak.

Hopefully, this won't get to his head and he will be able to be the Lidge he was last season.

Hey Brad, everybody is human and messes up once and a while. It's OK buddy.

More to come on the incredible streak later on.

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