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Picture Of The Day
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

"The Comeback Kids"

This is what the Phillies should dub themselves for this first part of 2009. This is getting to be unbelievable.

Last night, the Phillies were down 3-0 in the top of the ninth inning down in Florida. Well, they get two runners on base for Matt Stairs, who singles in a run. Then, they get in a bases loaded situation and the Florida closer walks in a run. Next, Shane Victorino hits a grand slam to put the Phillies up 6-3 (he's making a habit of these [Knock On Wood]). Chase Utley caps it off with a homer of his own following The Flyin' Hawaiin's heroics. The Phils ended up winning 7-3.

Then, tonight the Phillies took an early 2-0 lead (including a Chan Ho Park home run), but then Park gave up four runs in the fourth to put the Marlins up 4-2. That was the score until the top of the ninth inning once again. The Phillies tied it in that inning and forced extras for the first time this season. In the top of the 10th, the Fightins' put two runs on the board to go up 6-4. Subsequently came "Scary" a.k.a. Brad Lidge a.k.a. Mitch Williams Jr. in the bottom of the tenth. Well, after two strikeouts to start the bottom of the ninth off, Lidge allows the Marlins to load the bases with a double by Jorge Cantu and two walks. As all Phillies fans hearts were poudning, up stepped Cody Ross to the plate. Lidge had Ross on a 2-2 count, but left a pitch way up in the zone. After it made contact with Ross's bat, it looked like it was going to be a walk off salami. Fortunately, it went foul left. Following, Lidge struck out Ross and thus the game was over. Phillies won 6-4 in comeback fashion AGAIN!

Every single one of the Phillies eight wins this year have been come from behind wins. I'm not joking. The team is currently 8-8 and those eight W's had the Phillies down at one point. Unbelievable. But hey, it doesn't matter how they win. As long as they win, it's all good.

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