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Picture Of The Day
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Znoel may be right...

...but unless Brian Dawkins took acting lessens at Clemson, I think that he is still pretty upset over leaving the Eagles

This link does not directly lead you to the video. You have to go to the second top story on Comcast Sportsnet's page. It is an exclusive phone interview Dawkins had with Derrick Gunn.

He became so emotional that he had to apologize to Gunner and end the conversation pre-maturely. 

Znoel, I see why you're upset. I'm disappointed that it was more about the money too. 

But, that doesn't mean that Dawkins is a liar and didn't care about this city. He can't even talk about it. I think that speaks volumes.

Be mad at him that it was about money, but don't let that take away from where he stands in Eagles history.

Let's take note, the Broncos make a trip to the Linc sometime in this upcoming season. I hope the fans, while they can be upset at B-Dawk, give him the Iversonian Ovation and then some.

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