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Picture Of The Day
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Poll Results For Week of 1/25/09

This week's poll question was: If you could spend the day with one Philadelphia sports head coach, who would it be?

Tony DiLeo: 1 vote
Charlie Manuel: 11 votes
Andy Reid: 2 votes
John Stevens: 3 votes

Uncle Chuck won by a long slide. He dominated the field, which is not surprising. He is by far the most interesting of all four guys and would without question be fun to hang around. Charlie is just a real human being. He is not caught up in all of the glamor and glee of professional sports. He speaks his mind and everything he says he sincerely means. 

He is not like John Stevens who mumbles his words. He is not like Andy Reid who doesn't say a damn thing. I don't know Tony DiLeo well enough. He is too new.

I am surprised Stevens came in second though, but then again, not really. 

Even though Stevens seems quiet and uninteresting, nobody can be as boring as Reid and, like I said, we quite frankly do not know enough about DiLeo to want to spend the day with him. I am sure if Maurice Cheeks was still coaching he would get more votes than DiLeo.

For the guy who did vote for DiLeo, I would like to know your reasoning behind it, if you don't mind leaving that on the message board.

As far as all the Charlie-ites go, here is some footage on our favorite skipper.
And then, this is a giveaway the Phillies are going to have at one of their games.
No...not the trophy...haha. It is the bobblehead. Isn't that coolest bobblehead you have ever seen?!!!

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