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Picture Of The Day
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Friday, February 27, 2009

To All Those Who Soiled Themselves Today...

...breathe easy. Brian Dawkins is an Eagle for at least another day.

That idiot David White at The San Francisco Chronicle re-affirmed he made a mistake with his early ejaculation this evening and said that he recently heard from Dawkins' agent and that the Broncos and B-Dawk are still negotiating. 

Is this a good thing? For now, yes and the reason is there is a chance Dawkins won't sign with Denver. It is also a good thing because IT TOTALLY COMPLETELY DENIES WHITE'S COMMENTS EARLIER AND THAT STUPID ESPN BLOG THAT THE MORON JOHN CLAYTON WAS IN EARLIER

Notice, that blog isn't even up anymore. ESPN.com made assumptions also.

Let me tell everyone something. As a journalism student, I have learned that the word "allege" and the idea of "assumptions" are bad in this business. They prove nothing. There is no fact. 

Whether B-Dawk ends up signing with Denver or not, let's all learn a lesson from today that we should never jump to conclusions unless it's official. That means that a mainstream story (not a blog or a video blog) has been written.

It would have saved people a lot of stress today, whether this stress is pre-meditated for the future or not.

I'll close this post out with this. For all of those who shit themselves this evening, I suggest throwing your ruined pants out. Wastes tend to have toxic and bio-hazardous bacteria. No one wants to harm others or the environment.

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