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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ruiz or Coste?

Obviously the initial answer would be Carlos Ruiz. 

"Chooch" stepped up big time in the playoffs, especially in the World Series and Chris Coste's production dimmed off towards the end of the regular season.

Not to mention, Ruiz is the better defensive player and that is more important for a catcher. Or is he?

If you were to ask me straight up, no stats, who I would want behind the plate, I would say Ruiz. But, this article does not stop me from thinking twice. Obviously, baseball is not all about numbers, but stats are a large part of it. 

These stats clearly show the similarities in numbers between the two catchers. 

Clearly, the Phillies go on a "feel" basis of who they want. They feel they want Ruiz and they feel they want to try other options at back up. That is why they brought some of those new catchers in. 

At the same time though, Coste is definitely getting slated. He is not a liability by any means. I guess he just sums in up best.

" 'Baseball people have always assumed that I was a weak defensive catcher, and once the label of poor defense was attached it became nearly impossible to shake. I could block a thousand dirt balls in a row, but the first one that gets by me is the one people will remember. Believe me, I don't claim to be a defensive wizard. I am Carlos Ruiz' biggest fan. He deserved to be the World Series catcher and deserves to be the starter in 2009. I do know that I'm far better than what people think.' "

What do you think? 

Before reading this story, who would you rather have had?

After reading this story, is that answer the same?

For me, it is. I still would rather have Chooch. But, I would rather have Coste as my back up than any of the guys they brought in to compete for that spot.

But enough of my opinion. You tell me what you think.


Tim Hindin said...

Don't front Dave you love Chris Coste. I'm not saying that you would rather have him start I'm just saying he's your man.

Dave said...

oh no doubt...I am a huge Costey fan. He is my 5th favorite current Phil. I hope they keep him this year even though they brought in paulino and some other dude to compete with him for the back up spot