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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Saturday, February 21, 2009

***All-Philly Team Selection Process***

The next couple weeks are big here at "South Broad Street." We're going to hold polling for the ALL-PHILLY TEAM. The polling will go on for two whole weeks.

Basically, the ALL-PHILLY TEAM will work like this:

1. We'll have First Team All Philly, Second Team All Philly and so on until 10. Each team will consist of one member from the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, 76ers, coaches from these teams, executives from these teams (owners and GM's) and broadcasters throughout history. Take note, Eagles, Phillies and 76ers ballots will include Yellow Jacket, Athletic and Warrior players respectively. Even though these franchises are not related, they did play in Philadelphia and some of the members of these teams hold significance in the city. They will also consist venues and specific teams.

2. The players eligible for these lists range throughout history. They can include someone from 100 years ago (and beyond) to someone one year ago. If there is somebody not on the list who you think is worthy, let me know. Email me at duram1@ithaca.edu. If necessary, we will have a Wild Card ballot that will include a mixture of players from each franchise. 

3. And, as mentioned, instead of any of the posters just coming up with a list, you guys, our wonderful readers will do the voting. 

4. The number of players on each ballot will determine the number of players you can vote for on each one. 

5. There will most likely be ties to decide how each team (whether its First, Second and so on) fills out, so in the week following the closing of the polls, there might possibly be tiebreaker polls. Therefore, the final results might not be released after the initial voting. It might take a few weeks to have the final results.

6. Since some of the players on the ballots you might not recognize, throughout the week we will provide posts on some of these guys, to get you more educated on them. Therefore, it is probably best to wait until Week 2 to vote so you know about all of the guys.

All in all, have fun with this. This is for you to decide and revel in. Championships might be bleak in this town, but legends and heroes are not. 

Note: Our weekly "Poll Of The Week" will continue.

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