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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Story of Philadelphia

Forget the World Series for a moment. Just forget it for one moment.

The fact remains, tonight's loss to the Nets in Jersey, 98-96 on a half court shot that Devin Harris just got up, sums up our town, Philadelphia.

The sports Gods like to kick us while we're down.

They like to spit on us, even when our goalie screws up a big game or when our team is on a three game losing streak.

They like to crap on us when we have to deal with stuff dealing with Donovan McNabb.

They have to make us suffer while we're down.

Call me dramatic. Call me crazy. 

What people think of this post can't be worse than how we get F***** almost everyday.

World Series...woo hoo! Great. I'm not satisfied.

Note: A post for the ALL-PHILLY BALLOTING will be on later tonight. Maybe remembering the good ole days will help us get through the crap we're stuck in right now.

1 comment:

Tim Hindin said...

its almost become common place that you you make a post like this... how long have you been a philly sports fan now?... you haven't learned to become...i dont wanna use numb cuz thats defiantly not the word...but used to getting fucked...and i want to make the distinction between getting fucked and losing because there is a difference.