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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Disgusted By Dawkins

"Everything you did and everything you said is bullshit." - This is a not so memorable quote from Rudy, as stated by the scrub, Jim, that Rudy eventually replaces on the roster. Unfortunately I am applying this not so memorable quote to quite possibly the most memorable Eagle in recent memory - Brian Dawkins.

Dawk was a man who left his heart and soul out there on the field, and one of the few that brought it with him into the locker room too. He cried when he signed contract extensions, cried when he thought about retiring, and seemed to be the opposite of a prototypical professional football player. He made the Philadelphia Eagles synonymous with his name and vice versa. While not unheard of, there aren't many players who have the loyalty and passion that Dawkins showed year in and year out.

Personally, I have given Dawkins a hard time for being old and losing a step. I went off on him in our first loss of the year to Dallas and his inability to cover TO or Jason Witten. I forgave him and apologized (as I do to the TV pretty often) and learned to appreciate his "big game" tendencies. He forced fumbles, intercepted passes, and flung through the air like his alter ego Wolverine to tackle the opposing team time after time.

But that is over now. The man that we thought bled green actually did end up bleeding green - it’s all about the Benjamin’s. Dawkins, an emotional, spiritual, and Philly-type-of-a-character signed his legacy away when the Denver Broncos signed him. I can understand a veteran signing with a perennial champion to chase that elusive Super Bowl ring, but this does B-Dawk no good. The Broncos finished 8-8 and should have been 7-9 if not for a bad call against the Chargers. Brian Dawkins will find himself in a crappy division with a brand new head coach and a hot and cold quarterback. Don't let anyone tell you this is about winning - it's about money.

Many blame the Eagles for not showering him with the dough, but remember - Dawkins is almost 36, well past the normal expiration date for any football player. With regards to his recent Pro-Bowl season, he deserved it based on merit. Quinten Mikell had better numbers and was more reliable that Dawkins, but I'm sure Mikell would be the first to tell you that Dawkins deserved the pro-bowl because of his heart and passion. No arguments there.

While this may be a sad day for Eagles fans, try to look at it as a step forward. Dawkins instilled his wisdom to the rest of the secondary and they have become a feared group for it. Look for Mikell to take over part of Dawkins' prior role of motivator. Dawkins resurrected himself at the end of last year. Let's not forget the beginning of the year where we thought it might be 2 years too much for Wolverine. He has not been consistent, has missed training camp over and over, and is not an investment. 1 year, yes of course. 5 years from the Broncos? Gimme a break.

2/3 of the world is covered by water; the other third is covered by Brian Dawkins. What a statement. Perhaps in 10 years we can look back on a statement like that and appreciate him for what he was. For right now, and for the rest of his career, Brian Dawkins is a liar and a name that will draw deep sighs and head shakes from the always-disgruntled Philadelphia fans - you know the ones that actually bleed green.

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