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Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Steelers Parade

I have an hour-and-a-half break in between classes and I was not intending to write a post. I was intending to prepare for a presentation for my Business Communications class. But turning on the television while I had some Special K, I flipped to the Steelers Super Bowl victory parade. I did not attend, because I am not a Steelers fan. I do not want to feel worse about my football team. That is the same reason I did not even look at the riot just two blocks from my apartment, I want my first football riot to be for the Eagles, not for jealousy.

First and foremost, congratulations to the Steelers. I am more than jealous, despite the Phillies high that I am still coming down from. Being in Pittsburgh for (another) Steelers Super Bowl victory really made me realize that we need a championship. More on that in another post. What I want to comment on, is how the Phillies parade dwarfed this one.

Pittsburgh is a tiny city in comparison to the millions that inhabit Philly, so it stands to reason that the 250,000 that showed up for the '06 parade wasn't anywhere close to the 2 million plus that swarmed Broad Street.

Having said all of that, Pittsburgh did create an intimate feeling with their fans at the parade. Rather than using giant vehicles and buses, they used small cars and SUVs. Not to belabor the point, but it was sorta cute. The street that the steelers paraded down was much smaller than Broad Street and the fans were much closer to the players. The players did get to talk into microphones so everyone could hear at the parade, but I haven't heard anything inspired. It has basically been the same phrases over and over...
"One for the other thumb!"
"Here we go Steelers, Here we go!" (which was said so many times that the crowd stopped chanting along)
"We have six Super Bowls!"
"This one is for the fans!"

Personally, I excuse them, because the truth of it is that the Steelers are used to winning. It's hard to say anything noteworthy or memorable when everything has already been said. These players are basically adding to their legends, building on their foundation. Most of this team has already won the Vince Lombardi Trophy. This championship did not get any monkeys off the city's back, nor did it end a combined drought longer than any other city's sports put together. One more Super Bowl with this core and it will become known as a dynasty.It is a luxury that I would very much like to have - who wouldn't love to have championship parades become old hat? I know I would never get sick of championship after championship. Good for Pittsburgh, I am officially jealous of your football success. Without the Steelers, the city's identity is largely taken away, and that is no slight to the city. They have a tremendous fan base and they care just as deeply about their football team as Philadelphians do. In my opinion the top football "nations" of America are Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Green Bay. The teams Sunday performance every week dictate these city's moods for the rest of the week. It's a fact. Without the Eagles, Steelers, and Packers, the characteristics of the city changes.

Maybe if the Phillies win it all again, we won't have anything memorable than "just another ring." Maybe Brett Myers won't cry at the podium, Chase Utley won't swear on live TV, Pat Burrell (obviously) won't feel the tension of the city taken off of his shoulders. Who knows? Hopefully we get to find out. I do know that if the Eagles become World Champs, that the parade would be just as dramatic and emotional as the Phillies. There would be moments hard to duplicate, tears cried that can never fall down the cheek the same way again. An Eagles Super Bowl parade would be like no other NFL franchise. We have never won it all, we have never experienced the Super Bowl elation.

We need a Super Bowl.