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Picture Of The Day
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring Training is in the Air #5

With only 9 days left until Pitchers and Catchers report I have decided to do a 9 part series in which each day I will take a look at one of the 9 starting positions and evaluate it. Think of this as a way to make these last 9 days go by faster. I will also list the positions in the order in which I think the 2009 Lineup should be set.

# 5 Left Field
For the first time in a longgggg time we will not hear the name Pat Burrell called out on Opening Night. Instead we'll hear Raul Ibanez. Not many people know much about Ibanez other than he's from Seattle and he produces a lot of RBI's. These are his averages the past 3 seasons: .291 average, 26 home runs, 113 RBI's. Not bad for a guy who played a on Seattle team that won and average of 75 games in those 3 years. He will fit in perfectly with this Phillies lineup. I expect him to hit about 28 home runs and 120 RBI's while keeping his average around .300. If he can do that the Phillies chances of winning 112 games increase. This is going to be a real good year for Ibanez, he will surprise a lot of people as soon as we get used to the fact that Pat the Bat is gone.

Overall Grade: B+

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