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Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poll Results For Week of 2/1/09

The question was which almost championship season of recent history is most memorable to you. Out of 17 votes, here are the results:

1993 Phillies: 1 vote

1997 Flyers: 3 votes

2001 76ers: 2 votes

2004 Eagles: 11 votes

I am not surprised with the results. The 2004 Eagles are the most recent and the Eagles alone are probably the most beloved team overall in this city. 

Also, I can assume that most of the people who follow this blog are about my age, so most of us were still in elementary school when the Sixers played the Lakers, were in second grade when the Flyers were in the Cup, and were merely 5 or 6 years old when the Phils gave off that improbable run.

I would like to know though who voted for the Phils. Is it someone who as a matter of fact is older or someone, who like me, loves the '93 Phils and is a Philly sports history buff? 

Personally, even though I didn't vote, my most memorable season is the 2001 Sixers.

I was too young for 1993 so I didn't really live through it.

The 1997 Flyers, while their run was great, leave an awful taste in my mouth because they got swept in the Cup Finals and never really competed.

And the 2004 Eagles should of won that game versus New England. Take away some of those turnovers we had and we're holding up the Lombardi Trophy at the end.

But, the 2001 76ers overcame all of the nay-sayers, won the East and went to the Finals. No one expected them to beat the Lakers, but still, they came out with that great Game 1 victory. 

In the end, the true team we really love and devour is the 2008 Phillies.

World Champs!



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