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Saturday, December 6, 2008

We're Not Cursed...I Overreacted

I have gotten a lot of flak for my post a couple of days ago about a new curse starting. To sum it up, I said with the new preliminary plans for the proposed American Commerce Center that our city was setting up the potential for another drought. This proposed building would be taller than the Comcast Center. In fact, it would be the second tallest building in the world.

Putting sports a side, I feel it would put Philadelphia on the map in terms of cities and places to visit. Supposedly, this place will have a hotel, retail stores, etc. But, back to the subject of sports, I made that post because I am really concerned that Billy Penn will not be the tallest figure in the city anymore if this thing goes up. Like I said, if they put a little statue on top of this building like they did the Comcast Center, I will be in full support of this construction.

I probably overreacted in my previous posts regarding this subject. The truth is, I read about these plans and felt it would be alright if they just put Billy Penn up there and then literally about an hour later, I saw that both Elton Brand and Danny Briere suffered injuries. That is why I went crazy and lost it a bit. My first post said, we are about to be cursed and then my second post said we are cursed.

But, I have had a couple of days to think about it. I have read all of the opposing posts and have taken a lot of crap for writing such a post. And after all of my thoughts and such have processed, here is my final conclusion.

Considering what recent events have shown, we are not cursed. The Phils just won a World Series. We’re definitely not cursed. The buildings have not been built yet. They have not even been fully approved yet. Billy Penn is still the tallest figure in the city. We’re all good.

Now, while at the current time we are not cursed, I do believe in curses. When Billy Penn was the tallest figure in the city in 1983, we won. When he was not the tallest figure in the city (from 1987 to 2008 and including 1983-1986 because the plans of Liberty I were already finalized), we did not win. When he moved back up to the tallest figure in the city in 2008, the first chance we had to win, we did–World Champs of Baseball.

If these buildings go up, which I will be cool with if they do, they better (for me, the rest of the superstitious people in the Philly sports world and our teams) put another statue of that man on top of that building.

That is all I am going to say. Case closed. Let’s hope we never have to talk about this again. 

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