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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'M CALLING IT: We're About To Be Cursed Again

Here we go again. I guess to the city one title is good enough and more seems to be greedy. I assume the city has been satisfied for life with the Phillies latest title grasping. It seems as though they have some sort of odd fetish for building taller and taller skyscrapers to piss off our friend William Penn. That's right, they're at it again. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the City Council Committee voted the morning preliminary approval on the construction of what would be the tallest skyscraper this city would sport.
The Council's Committee on Rules approved a zoning change that would let the American Commerce Center be built right next to the Comcast Center and become the city's newest giant. If built, it will be the second largest building in the world.
There are still final approvals needed to be made because a lot of neighboring residents do not want the building to go up. I wonder why? Seriously though, putting sports aside, apparently it would make that neighborhood "a much more intense development." You can read about it in the article I linked. It is pretty confusing stuff that I might botch while trying to explain.
Anyway, I do not mind the construction of new buildings. Obviously, building the Comcast Center and sticking a little statue of Billy Penn at the top was genius.

The previous status Billy Penn had with the city for the past 25 years did not work for him or us very well.

Back in 1983 just after the Sixers won the title, construction plans for Liberty Place were formulated. Thus, the 25 year drought started. You watch, this preliminary vote is the start of another curse. It is the start of another long stretch of agony and frustration. It is the start of more Fog Bowls, Joe Carters, Scott Stevens type phony hits and big guys like Shaq dominating the Sixers. It is the start of more pain; that is unless the city will get smart once again and stick another two foot statue of our friend William Penn a top of this new pointy building to be.

Like I said, it would be the second tallest building in the world. Think about it–if Billy would stand a top of that thing, he would feel like the almighty king. Titles would reign faster than those drops that suspended Game 5 of the World Series. 

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