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Monday, December 15, 2008

Park Thinks He Is Going To Start

According to the Korean Times, newest Phillies pitcher Chan-Ho Park thinks he is a going to be a member of this years starting rotation.

" 'I was a little worried about the Citizen Bank Park, the home of the Phillies, which is hitter-friendly, but as they considered me a starter, I signed with Phildelphia,' " he said during a press conference in Seoul on today.

So, according to Park, he is going to be a starter. I guess the Derek Lowe scenario is history and I guess Kyle Kendrick/Adam Eaton/J.A. Happ/Whoever Else are not going to be starters. Of course, this is according to Park.

So, here is...according to Park...what the potential 2009 Phillies starting rotation will look like:
1. Cole Hamels
2. Brett Myers
3. Jamie Moyer
4. Joe Blanton
5. Chan Ho Park

You make of this what you want. I still do not like the signing of Park. I would have rather have had Lowe or a new found Kendrick as a starter. Remember, Lowe and Kendrick are sinker ball pitchers. Citizens Bank Park, like our heavily informed Park mentioned, is a hitters ball park. A sinker ball pitcher, especially for this team, is always nice to have in the rotation. I will leave it at that though.

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