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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Super 5 along with Route 36 Equals W In North Jersey

Alright, we're pretend like the last drive never happened. Absolutely brutal. The defense still had a great game, but I hate end of game stuff like that. Albeit, the Eagles defeated the Giants out in the Meadowlands 20-14 to go to 7-5-1 on the season.

Brian Westbrook lived up to his reputation as a "Giants Killer" by rushing for 131 yards on 33 attempts, receiving 72 yards on six receptions, with one rushing touchdown and one receiving touchdown.

Donovan McNabb went 19 for 30 for 191 yards and a touchdown. He also rushed for 20 yards on five rushes. Now I know those are not glaring stats, but I will stand by my point that I am fully behind. The Eagles cannot...I repeat...CANNOT get rid of McNabb at the end of the season. Just look at what he did today. Look at what he is capable of doing. He may be off some days, but still, he has the weapons and tools that you cannot replace. Kevin Kolb is not even in the same league as Donovan McNabb. I do not care if we have not seen much of Kolb. I have seen pre-season performances and sparingly regular season performances. When he is out there he does not have the threat of running, of eluding the defense, of launching the ball down field and of being a play maker like Super 5 is and has been.

Everybody says 10 years is too long and that it has not worked out. Everybody says that McNabb and Reid have run their course. Let me tell you something. These past two weeks have shown that this team had and has the potential to be something great. When they are clicking and the play calling is appropriate like it has been the past two weeks, they are tough to beat. 

I am going to leave it at that. I know people disagree with me. Regardless of how this season ends, if the Eagles get rid of McNabb and go to Kolb, it will be a long stretch of bad Eagles offensive football. To win in this league most of the time, you need a good quarterback. McNabb is an exceptional quarterback and when healthy and when everything is clicking, he is the best quarterback in the National Football League.

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