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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Sunday, December 28, 2008

They're In!

I'm not going to take a shot at this underachieving team (except for right there). 

Forget about the "shouldas." Forget about the "couldas." Forget about the "wouldas."

They're in and it is beautiful. The Eagles are in the playoffs after trouncing the Dallas Cowboys 44-6 at the Linc tonight and it is absolutely B-E-A-utiful.

Tonight, everything clicked on all cylinders.

The play calling was balanced. Donovan McNabb was hitting his receivers. The special teams were good enough. And lastly, the defense was the dominating Eagles defense we revel about in our dreams.

What happened in the past is history. The first Dallas meeting–history. The Bears debacle–history. Both Redskin embarrassments–history. The first Giants meeting–history. The annihilation by the Ravens–history. And the tie to the Bengals–history. 

The new season starts now. Each team (while some have a shorter road to get to the promise land) are 0-0.

I do not care about the McNabb benching. I do not care about the dropped passes. I do not care about the awful play calling. I do not care about the cornerback controversies. I do not care about all of the drama that went on in the past.

All I care about is the Minnesota Vikings. That is it.

Fellas, tonight was great and there is definitely more to come later this week. However, let's get another and kick the mess out of those freaky yellow haired, goldy locks, stupid hats, funny accent and ugly mustaches Vikings.


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