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Monday, December 8, 2008

Playoffs Are Within Reach

It was just 15 days ago (nearly to the minute), on a blustery day in Baltimore, that we saw a clipboard-holding Donovan McNabb look on in disgust as Kevin Kolb trotted out into the Eagles' huddle. It was at this moment that Donovan McNabb, as well as the rest of Eagle Nation believed that an era had come to an end.

At that time, who would have thought we would be where we are today? 

After two reinvigorating victories the last two weeks- as well as some major help from the Saints, Steelers, and Ravens- the Eagles are right back in the playoff hunt. 

Over Thanksgiving break, my Father and I analyzed the schedules of the remaining Wild Card contenders, and determined that in order to reach the Playoffs the Eagles would need a few things to happen: (items in bold represent things that have happened so far)

1. Eagles Win remaining 4 games (@Giants, Browns, @Redskins, Cowboys)

2. Cowboys Lose 1 of their next three games (assuming we win out and therefore beat Dallas) 
(@Steelers, Giants, Ravens, @Eagles)

3. Falcons Lose 2 of remaining 4 games (@Saints, Bucs, @Vikings, Rams)

This week, we went 3/3. So here is the updated list of things the Eagles need to happen:

1. Eagles Win remaining 3 games (Browns, @Redskins, Cowboys)

2. Falcons Lose 1 of their next 3 games (Bucs, @Vikings, Rams)

That's it! If the Eagles win next week and the Falcons lose, we will control our own Playoff destiny with just 2 games to go in the season. Pretty amazing, huh? There is also the possibility that the Panthers Lose 3 of their last 4 games, opening up another Wild Card Spot. This is less likely, but I will update this post based on the result of tonight's Bucs @ Panthers game.

According to SportsClubStats.com, the Eagles currently have a 96.4% chance of making the Playoffs if they win their last 3 games. (Eagles Playoff Chances)

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