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Picture Of The Day
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Richards and Carter Prevail...Sixers...Not So Much

As I posted last night, Jeff Carter scored an overtime goal to give the Flyers a 2-1 win out in Carolina. Antero Nittymaki was in goal and picked up his fourth win of the season (4-1-3), while collecting 35 saves. Mike Richards also scored for the Flyers, his coming in the first period while the Orange and Black were shorthanded. They seem to score their fair share of those type of goals this year. 

The Orange and Black's next game is Tuesday at home against the Islanders at 7 p.m. Keep it up boys.

As far as our other indoor team goes, one night after a spirited win in Detroit, they cannot keep the ball rolling. The Sixers lost to the visiting Nets 95-84. Why? They shot poorly while the Nets shot well. Everyone who played for Jersey put up some sort of scoring on the night, while Sixers starting center Samuel Dalambert received doughnuts. I guess the notion that the Sixers play better without Elton Brand was a one time thing. The new Sixers power forward sat out for the second night in a row with a right hamstring injury and the boys in white and black could have used him, considering he has one of the better shooting percentages on the team.

It is funny because last night I had to watch the game on the Nets station, YES, because I am in Ithaca, NY. The Nets broadcasters, Marv Albert and Mike Fratello, kept saying how Brand has had problems adapting to the Sixers fast styled pace from last year. According to them, that is why they were able to beat the Pistons. But, in my opinion, weren't the Sixers looking to become a better half court team while still maintaining that fast paced nature? They brought Brand in to improve the half court offense. Aren't they supposed to adapt to the way Brand plays? I did not know that it was the Sixers plan to just stay a running team. 

Honestly, I feel that it is the rest of the team that has had a problem playing with Brand. Why? The reason is they cannot shoot well. Andre Iguodala does not shoot well. Andre Miller shoots OK, but he is either hot or cold. Thaddeus Young has a good field goal percentage, but the bulk of his shots do not come from the perimeter. I feel the Sixers should keep their fast paced nature, but improve themselves in the half court department. I know it is early to be talking playoffs, especially with this team that is now 9-12. But, you cannot go far in the NBA playoffs unless you have a good half court set. In the playoffs, the game slows down. You need to have a good half court game. 

Really though, I do not know why I am getting so upset over what Nets broadcasters said. They are supposed to be bias I guess. Regardless, two in a row from the Sixers would have been nice. They're next game is hosting LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers Wednesday night at 8 p.m. It is the front end of a home and home with this team.

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