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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Saturday, January 31, 2009


They had a 17 point lead. 

They only scored 8 points in the fourth quarter! They missed their last 18 shots!

What the heck happened?

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. 

I was getting prepared in my head to write a post about how this is where we start to widen the gap between wins and losses.


You know, the Sixers wonder why they can't put people in the stands.

It is because of this crap. At 23-23 and after a loss like this, the Sixers are pathetic. 


Devin Harris took over in the fourth quarter and the Sixers did nothing about it. Vince Carter left the game early. Bobby Simmons only played 10 1/2 minutes.

The final moments when the Sixers tried to regain the lead were putrid.

No offense what so ever. There was very little offensive strategy. It was just get the ball in and throw up a shot. 

Lou Williams came up short and Andre Miller got his back door layup (which was a nice play...I'll give them that) blocked.

Ugh! This sucked! 

This was not a Philadelphian effort. Was not! Hopefully the Flyers can win so sleeping this off will be a little easier.



Two Eagles Notes

1. Donovan McNabb wants to retire as a member of the Eagles. 

" 'I talk to Deion. Deion is a great guy, but Deion's not speaking for me. I want to retire as an Eagle,' " McNabb said. " 'I remember my rookie year, or I believe my second year, with Mayor Street, I said I wanted to bring a Super Bowl back to Philadelphia, go down Broad Street with the parade. The Phillies did it first, and I'm happy for them that they did, but myself and [free safety] Brian Dawkins, it's something we've talked about for years, being able to do that. We look forward to hopefully bringing it back next year, down Broad Street, I believe [the game's] in Miami, be able to hold that trophy up and say, 'We did it.' ' "

Now what I wonder is whether or not this is a "to get the media away from me" tool or if he is truly being sincere. 

Personally, with what he says about Dawk, I believe he is telling the truth. Whether or not it holds true is another matter.

Listen, I know Westbrook is very popular. I know he is one of the most dynamic backs in team history. I know he is one of the best kick off returners in team history.

However, that does not change my opinion that he is a bum. I used to not think that, but after all of the contract disputes during the off-season and training camp and all of the injuries he has gotten, I can't help but cringe when I think about Westbrook. 

Sure, the Eagles use him too much. That probably contributes to his injuries. 

However, I have a feeling he knew he was going to get hurt and that is why he was so adamant about getting a new contract. 

Most likely, I'm incorrect. Yet, that is something that you can't help but think in the back of your mind. 

Backstage with Cadillac Corrigan in Wing Bowl 17

On Thursday January 29th the Wing Bowl Madness begun. I left school around 12:15pm to pick up the Wing Bowl contestant, Brian "Cadillac" Corrigan. After picking him up we headed down to Chickies and Pete's for his official weigh in. All 27 contestants came out to be weighed in. Cadillac weighed in a few cents under 300 lbs.

After Chickies and Pete's all fans of Cadillac Corrigan and Below Me (The other eater sponsored by Paddy Whacks) were invited back to the Paddy Whacks on Roosevelt Boulevard and Welsh Rd. to hang out have some wings and drinks and get ready for the next day’s event.

Early Friday morning is when we were told to be at the Wachovia Center. Cadillac had to be there at 3am while the rest of the entourage had to be there by 4am. As we waited we dressed up our golf cart to somewhat make it look like a Cadillac. We also got beads ready to throw into the stands.

While waiting backstage I had a chance to meet with Rick the Manager's entourage which was made up of professional eaters including Eric "Bandlands" Booker and Joey Chestnut. Unfortunately while talking to Badlands Booker I found out Chestnut was still passed out in the Hotel. It was cool talking to Badlands and learning how they train for competitions and things like that. Hopefully he can win the Nathans Hot Dog Eating contest on the 4th of July this year.

When it was our turn to head out onto the floor I started going nuts. 20,000 + people screaming their heads off; Women flashing their boobs left and right; Great Atmosphere. We took our lap around the floor then Brian headed for the stage.

When the first round began Cadillac was devouring his wings. At one point he was tied for 1st. I, along with the rest of the entourage was down in the middle of the floor watching him go at it. The 14 minute session felt like forever, how he kept that pace up I have no idea. At the end of the 1st round Cadillac came in with a very impressive 86 wings. Good for 6th place and a spot in the 2nd round. The top 10 eaters made it into the 2nd round. Another 14 minute session began after about a 10 minute break. Cadillac started off good but looked to struggle at points during the second 14 minute round.

Photo curtosity of philly.com

After 2 rounds Cadillac Corrigan Came in with an impressive 129 wings. Good for 5th place. If you ask Cadillac how he feels on 5th place he'll tell you a little disappointed. I know that the followers of Cadillac are not disappointed. 5th place in his 1st year in Wing Bowl is impressive. Look for Cadillac next year as he tries to rise to the top of Wing Bowl.

Heres a picture of Cadillac Corrigan and his entourage with WIp's Al Morganti:

From Left to Right: Pat, Myself, Kevin, Brian, Jon, Mike, Al, Trevor, Drew
Missing from photo: Brians Uncle, Dad and Grandpop

For more photos click here.

Saturday Morning Laughs

I attended Game 2 of the NLCS back in October so I never got to see this on television.

Man...when I watched this video this morning I was laughing to no end, probably waking up my next door neighbors. 

Anyway, here is a video of the Phanatic giving television viewers the Phillies lineup for Game 2 of the NLCS against the Dodgers.


Friday, January 30, 2009


OK...well...maybe not because it was the Lightning. Never the less, these guys always give the Orange and Black problems. But tonight, that was far from the case.

The Flyers won 6-1 over the Lightning in Tampa, with both Jeff Carter and Mike Richards scoring two goals. Richie had an assist as well. Carter once again has the lead in goals scored in the NHL.

After coming out of the break with a bad loss, this ass whooping is something to smile about.

Over .500

FINALLY!!! Our boys in black and white/blue, red and white/whatever are over .500 at 23-22.

They defeated the Wizards tonight at the Wachovia Center 104-94 behind 20 points from Willie Green (roughly 24 minutes) and Andre Iguodala. 

For the second game in a row, Elton Brand gave some productive work off of the bench and it seems as though he is ever so slowly getting back in to the swing of things. 

As far as him being traded at the deadline, that is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. This guy has a multi-year, $80 million deal and people want to trade him?!

What are you smoking?!

This guy was brought in so the Sixers could solve a major deficiency of last year–half court offense. 

Teams that go far in the playoffs have a good half court offense. The Sixers and Brand need to work out. They just have to. No excuses, no exceptions.

5th Place and 153 Wings

According to Fran Doyle, our boy Brian "Cadillac" Corrigan finished in 5th place with a total of 153 wings, which was exactly 50 off of Super Squibb. 

Hey, 5th place is better than nothing. Good job Cadillac!

Will The Cheering Toddler

I was browsing through YouTube this morning just for kicks and came across these videos from the Phillies parade. 

They are of a toddler named Will who was taken out in the middle of Broad Street for a picture. However, instead of just a picture transpiring, it was much more. Take a look for yourself. It leaves nothing but smiles and laughs on your face.


Super Squibb Wins Wing Bowl 17

Cadillac Corrigan came up a little short in Wing Bowl 17 as Super Squibb came up victorious. 

Still, give props to our boy Cadillac for competing like he did at such a young age.

"Eat Fast–Eat Angry"

Wing Bowl Update

After the first round, Cadillac Corrigan advanced to the second round, finishing 6th out of 10th. Get em Cadillac! 


Thursday, January 29, 2009

In A Sad Circumstance, Jim Johnson Has Cancer

I found earlier on the700level.com that it was reported today from Bob Brookover of The Philadelphia Inquirer that Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson has melanoma skin cancer in his spine.

This is a recurrence from the skin cancer Johnson had in 2001. 

Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder explained that there were other areas in his body where there is cancer, but the spine is the main concern. There is a tumor in his lower back and that is the reason they are going after that first. He says the other areas " 'will all be treated together.' " 

It is clear now why he was sitting up in the boxes for the Divisional and Conference Championship rounds rather than standing on the sideline where he usually is. The reason then was back pain and this piece of news now is obviously the cause for that. 

We here at "South Broad Street" and I am sure every Eagles fan all over the world wishes Jim the best for a speedy, complete and healthy recovery.

It's not about football anymore. It's about making sure he can live life.

Get well Jim! We're all pulling for you!

Sammy (Yes, that's not an error) carries Sixers to win

Samuel Dalembert powered the Sixers to their eighth win in ten games. His line: 6 points, 13 rebounds, 3 steals, and 4 blocks. Ok, it's not Dwight Howard, but the numbers do not tell the whole story. Dalembert challenged Houston center Yao Ming the entire game, frustrating him to no end. He blocked Tracy McGrady's last second shot that would have sent the game into overtime.

I have never been a big Dalembert supporter, to say the least. I have said he is weak, inconsistent, and lacking in sufficient court vision. But this win was big, and Sammy sure came through in the clutch. The Sixers' second victory over the 28-19 Rockets brings the team's record to 22-22.

Other notable performances:

Iggy: 20 points on 8/17 shooting
Miller: 16 points, 7 assists
Lou Williams: 17 points, 6 assists
Brand: 14 points, 7 rebounds

On a down note: 1/12 from beyond the arc...This has got to improve

Update- Sixers under Cheeks: 9-14, Sixers under DeLio: 13-8

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where were you when the Phillies won the World Series?

I bet it wasn't where this fan was. 

I found the link to this article on the700level.com and couldn't believe what I was reading. 

This article is about a Phillies fan named Mike "Lionel" Rodia who snuck into Game 5 of the World Series for free and then somehow managed to find his way onto the field and into the clubhouse for the post-game celebration.

Sounds crazy right? BELIEVE IT! 

This story is by Rick Reilly of espn.com. It is called "Don't recognize this man? He's the luckiest fan in America."

The photo is from the article as well. 

Read it for yourself and take notes because this guy is impressive. 

Time To Gear Up The Cadillac: "Eat Fast—Eat Angry"

For those who don't know, "South Broad Street" has somewhat of a connection to one of the Wing Bowl 17 contestants. 

As Fran mentioned a couple of weeks ago or so, Brian "Cadillac" Corrigan is taking part in Friday's Wing Bowl. 
Fran, Michael, Drew, Tim, znoell117, JGola, Nick and myself all went to high school with Cadillac at Abington Senior High School.

Most of us were in the grade above him. JGola was the only one who was not, as he graduated with Cadillac in the 2008. 

Anyway, in Wing Off number two, Cadillac faced off against over 30 contestants at Paddy Whack's Irish Sports Bar and left field victorious by eating 56 wings in 10 minutes.
And from what I hear, at 18 years old, Cadillac is the youngest Wing Bowl contestant in the contest's history.

I personally will not be able to make the big event Friday morning, but all of us here at "South Broad Street" are definitely on the Cadillac Band Wagon. 

Our Birds couldn't get it done, but hopefully we can have something to smile about going into this weekend's Super Bowl. 

Like I said, time to gear up the Cadillac.
"Eat Fast—Eat Angry"

These photos, except for the last one, can be found on the photo section of 610wip.com. The other one can be found on Cadillac's facebook event group.

Something is Right Around the Corner...

So the Eagles season is over. The Flyers or Sixers or Number 4 ranked Pitt basketball seem to be next in line for my sports concentration. So what will I write about? The Phillies of course!

I am one of the rare youths that still read the paper. When I am home I read the sports page every morning. When one of our beloved teams had a bad loss the night before, I usually don't do as much reading as harshly turning pages, shaking my head, and trying to bite on my oatmeal as hard as humanly possible before giving up the paper as a bad habit for the day. While in Pittsburgh, I go to a sleezy little news store about 4 blocks from me where they get the Inquirer. Since today was Sunday and I was bored I figured I'd walk in the 16 degree weather and quickly accumulating snow to pick up the Sunday paper. Why? Because my mom told me that there was going to be a section on Spring Training in the travel section! Ahhh Spring Training. Days of players with numbers higher than Madson's 63 taking the field and playing the positions of our beloved Utley, Rollins, and Howard. What great timing for a section on Spring Training because me and my dad recently purchased our plane tickets and made our hotel accommodations for year 3 of our annual Clearwater trip to visit the Phils.

Here are some of my favorite things about Spring Training...

-The weather. In Philly and Pittsburgh it's usually a little above freezing in mid-March. In Florida? High 60's, low 70's. I get to whip out my checkered shorts, turned-pink Phillies shirt with a Madson autograph across the front, and floppy pale blue 1977 Phillies hat, and a tube of sunscreen (or as my dad calls it "sun cream"). What's better than getting that first sweat in your old disgusting hat and way-too-worn-in shirt? I'll tell ya what...

-Autographs. The players love to sign in Spring Training. Maybe it's because they forgot the taste of what it's like to stand on a baseball diamond while people scream their names repetitively. Maybe it's because they feel like they owe something to the fans who came all the way down to Florida to see their favorite team. Whatever the reason, they sign. And my friends, I will freely admit that I am an autograph hound. I don't care who is signing - I am getting their signature. The starters usually leave the game in the 4th or 5th inning and tend to leave the dugout. When they leave in the middle of an inning they will sign on the 3rd base line for a few minutes. It's pretty cool to see them do that in the middle of a game. After the game I will stand at their gated parking lot while the players come out. I get my program signed by players like T.J. Bohn, Brian Mazone, John Suomi and other hopefuls. Don't know who they are? Me either! But I have their autograph long before anyone else and long before they become remotely relevant. One of my favorite autographs was when bench coach Jimmy Williams signed and my dad decided that he is indeed drunk every game. He said that no one's nose can always be that red.

-The Berm. This is the outfield seating. For 11 bucks, bring a beach towell, or a lawn chair and sit on the grass where outfield seats usually are. It's like a picnic at a baseball game. Me and my dad's greatest experience on the berm was during the Yankees batting practice. A father seemingly from the Bronx decided to treat his entire family to a Yankees-Phillies game. Now when I say entire family, I mean that this guy had about 11 kids. And boy did he have a system of keeping them in line. It was pretty amazing to watch actually. He would shout, "Hey who wants some chickin fingas and who wants a haat dog?" When all the kids started screaming he would go "ok if ya want a haat dog get in a line ova hea, and if you want chickin fingas get in a line ova hea." And without hesitation the kids formed into their respective lines. This worked for every type of option at a baseball game. When some kids wanted to go to the fast pitch, that's how it worked. On a side note, one of his kids asked a Phillies relief pitcher for a baseball. When the pitcher threw one up, the father said "we don't want no Phillies baseball. What do we want?" And the kid replied "a Yankees baseball!" This man sure taught his kids.

- Time for a new Brett Myers tattoo. What do you do when as a starting pitcher, you only start one out of every 7 games or so and don't really go past the first 4 innings? In Brett Myers' case, you get a new tattoo. Check out this quick article about Brett's tattoo from last spring (scroll over "quick article). It's around the bottom of the short blurb. This is why I love Brett Myers - he brings a touch of everything to the team.

- Other stadiums. The great thing about catching these Spring Training games is that you can go to the road games with ease. All the stadiums are in Florida and the farthest you'd have to travel is two hours give or take. We drove a little over an hour to see the Phillies take on the Reds at Ed Smith Stadium. Completely worth it. You feel like you're watching baseball in the 60's. It's as close as you can get. Ed Smith isn't a new feel kind of ballpark like the Phillies home away from home Bright House Networks Field, it's a small old fashioned place to watch a game. Ed smith boasts 3 bathrooms, 3 concession stands, 2 ticket booths, and seats 7,500. If you are going this year try to get there - this is the Reds last year at Ed Smith before moving to Arizona for 2010. I also saw a Tigers-Twins game in '07 at the Tigers Joker Marchant Stadium. Another small beauty recently redone. Bottom line, go to some away games, even if the Phils aren't playing.
Ed Smith Stadium - Reds

-Old People. There is no greater truth in Florida than the fact that it is inhabited by 99% old people. Spring Training must be the only time they get people under the age of 60 to come to the state. Old People are everywhere. They are at every game sitting in front, next to, and behind you. And not only are they there - they know what they are doing. I sat next to a lady who must have been at least 75 keeping score of the entire game last year - much harder than keeping score at a Major League game. There are substitutions every inning with unheard of players and many more errors because of the lack of professionals playing every inning. The fact that this little old lady was able to sit through an entire three-hour-long ballgame and keep score made me think that she was a better person. Why? I really don't know. Experience it for yourself.
Old people love baseball

-More Old People. Not only do Old People attend every game. Theywork at every game too. The people who work the aisles are Old People. The ticket takers are Old People. The man who makes sure there are not too many people in the concessions store, you guessed it an Old People, er Person. If there is any place to move when you are older, it is Florida. At least for March. You can get a job at baseball games! Talk about a dream job for a retired Old Person.

-Once again, getting to watch obscure minor leaguers play the second half of the games. Last year at the away Phillies games versus the Reds, we listened to a group of 20 something-year-olds shout, "give 'em the Boner!" whenever T.J. Bohn came up. One of them even had a four-year-old son shouting it. When a mother behind them looked at her daughter (probably around 20 with a dark tan and a tongue ring) and hit one of the guys on the back, telling them to stop it. She was so fearful that her daughter had never heard such utterances! I can go so many places with this but I'll let you use your imagination. If you think of anything funny enough, put it in the comments!

-Where the Hell Am I? Clearwater? Sweet little town. Normal people. But when you are driving to these other ballparks and restaurants, you realize that Florida isn't just South Beach, its south. There are stores you have never heard of, trailer parks on the side of the road, random fishing shops, and lots of motorcycles. Florida is beautiful, but people don't seem to realize that it is a different lifestyle down there. It's not just partying in Miami and hanging out on the beach, they were part of the Confederacy. Blows my mind.

If you can get to Clearwater for Spring Training, DO IT. There are only so many more spring breaks college students have before you get a job and only have that extra day off for Easter. So book a flight and stay at a sleezy motel if need be.

18 days until pitchers and catchers report. And 47 days until I do.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flyers Lose In Florida

The Flyers got nicked tonight 3-2 by the Florida Panthers due to a stellar defensive effort by the Panthers; however thats not what this post is about.

Every once in a while Philadelphia fans get a little bit of recognition in national media, and as a Philadelphia fans its our job to exploit that.

Sixers Can't Smush Hornets

They had a seven point lead at halftime, but Peja Stojakvoic hit a slew of threes in the second half to easily propel the host Hornets past the Sixers last night 101-86.

Elton Brad played about 18 1/2 minutes off the bench in the game, but was a disappointing 0-3 for 0 points.

This is too disturbing to analyze. They are in Houston tomorrow. Hopefully they can pull out a win against at least one of these two good teams.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Fan Rant: Giants Fans

Courtesy of finding this video on the700level.com as we have to face the reality that the Eagles are not going to be playing this weekend.

You know, friends of mine always tell me that I take these Philly sports teams way too seriously and that I let the losses get to me too much. Well, I certainly say that I don't go to these heights. 

Here is a Giants fan after the Eagles win over the Giants in the Divisional Round. Note, viewer discretion is advised due to extreme profanity.

I love when the guy comes in at the end and puts him in his place.

You want to feel bad for this kid, but when reality strikes that he is a Giants fan, you can't help but just walk away and not care. I can seriously say that we don't cry like that.

Still, that doesn't mean that we're bad fans. There is a difference between whiners and good fans. Whiners are spoiled. Good fans take the loss with a grain assault, brush it off their shoulder and get back up fighting.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poll Results For Week of 1/18/09

The question was with the Eagles being done, what do have to look forward to the most?

-The Flyers quest for a Stanley Cup: 7 votes
-The 76ers "quest" for an NBA Championship: 0 votes
-Pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training: 2 votes
-Other: 0 votes

So, it is pretty obvious that everyone is looking the most forward to the Flyers quest for a Stanley Cup Championship. 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Continuation of Owning New York

I can't speak for the Flyers, but the Phillies, Eagles and now 76ers are OWNING  New York teams in recent history.

The Sixers are now 3-0 against the Knicks this year after the 116-110 win at the Wach tonight in front of a pretty decent crowd, albeit it was "Phillies Night."

It is the 76ers eighth win in nine games, making them 12-7 under Tony DiLeo. They were up 15 points in the first quarter, gave the lead away in the second quarter, but fought the feisty Knicks in the second half to pull out the W. 

Also, it was Elton Brand's first game in about a month. He came off the bench and played approximately 13 minutes. He was 3-4 from the floor for six points. 

But the big stars for the Sixers were Andre Iguodala with 24 points, Andre Miller with 21 points and Thaddeus Young with 17 points. 

And believe it or not, Samuel Dalembert played very well, scoring 10 points but more importantly grabbing 17 rebounds in 35 minutes. He had the biggest plus/minus on the floor tonight with a plus 21. 

The Sixers return to the floor Monday in New Orleans at 8 p.m. The Hornets are a very good team in the West. It will be interesting to see how they play against this caliber of a team during their recent hot streak. 

Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Thoughts: My Favorite And Least Favorite Players

What were the people who scheduled the Sixers thinking? They knew the Flyers had the All-Star break this week. Why would they not schedule any games from Tuesday to Friday?

Anyway, I figure then I'd hit our readers up with a "Random Thoughts" post. The topic for this particular one is "My Favorite And Least Favorite Players."

When I say least favorite, that does not mean that you are just one of the guys I do not care for. When I say least favorite, I mean I flat out do not like you and despise the fact you wear or wore a Philadelphia uniform. OK...not that harsh. Basically, you're on my "bum" list right now.

There are categories for current and former. Furthermore, there are consolation numbers going up to five. Some of the categories for the current players do not go all the way up to five.

Also, for former players, I did not have to be alive while they played (August 1988 and on). I watch so many videos on these guys and read so many books that it was like I was there.
So, here we go.

1. L.J. Smith : He is a money grubbing, waste of time bum. Andy, begin to start Brent Celek on a permanent basis.

2. Reggie Brown
3. Quintin Demps
4. Lito Sheppard 
5. Kevin Kolb

1. Danny Briere: He is a good guy, but he can't stay on the ice. He has been a huge bust so far. 
That's it for them. These guys are way too likable...except for Briere. 

1. Adam Eaton: Who does not dislike this guy?

That's it for them too. They just won a World Series. It is kind of hard to hate them.

1. Samuel Dalembert: He complains too much. He is very awkward on the court in terms of coordination. He is soft. He does not have a lot of big man skills. He is basically a waste of money and time for seven years.
2. Kareem Rush 

I do not really have a grudge against any other current Sixers. They have not done anything to piss me off yet, except lose. In my opinion, especially in this town, with all of the losing we've had, you don't hate players because they are on a losing team.

1. Terrell Owens: Isn't this obvious?

2. Jerome McDougle
3. Dhani Jones
4. Mike Mamula 
5. Chris Boniol

1. Eric Lindros: There was too much controversy, bad blood and concussions.
2. Joni Pitkanen 
3. Steve Downie
4. Robert Esche 
5. Jaroslav Modry

1. Billy Wagner: One word to describe this guy—Jackass.
2. Travis Lee
3. Kenny Lofton
4. Bobby Abreu
5. Von Hayes

1. Glen Robinson: He was a Class A bum.
2. Chris Webber
3. Scott Williams
4. Vernon Maxwell
5. Shawn Bradley

1. Donovan McNabb: He goes out and plays hard every game. He takes so much undeserving crap in this town and he keeps playing through it. Putting championships aside, he is by far the best quarterback in franchise history.
2. Brian Dawkins
3. Sheldon Brown
4. Stewart Bradley
5. Jason Avant

1. Scottie Upshall: He wreaks havoc on the ice all of the time. He is that hard-nosed, "go get 'em" type of dude. While he may not be the star of the team and may not collect a lot of points, he is so important to the Orange and Black.

2. Jeff Carter
3. Mike Richards
4. Simon Gagne
5. Marty Biron

1. Shane Victorino: "The Flyin' Hawaiin" is in the middle everything. He hits, runs, makes unbelievable defensive catches and plays his heart out.

2. Cole Hamels
3. Brad Lidge
4. Jamie Moyer
5. Chris Coste

1. Andre Miller: He is by far the MVP of the 76ers. He is an incredible floor general and leads this team when they are succeeding and not suceeding.

2. Reggie Evans
3. Thaddeus Young
4. Louis Williams
5. Theo Ratliff

1. Hugh Douglas: I was a big "HUUUUUGGHHH"  fan when he was a Bird. In his prime, no offensive lineman could stop him and his sound bytes in the locker room are classic. I still have his jersey from when I was around 13-14. It barely fits me anymore because it is a kids jersey, but I still wear it to sleep on occasion.
2. The Entire Eagles Gang Green Defense
3. Jeremiah Trotter
4. Chuck Bednarik
5. Wilbert Montgomery 

1. Keith Primeau: He was a blue-collar guy who was the perfect captain for this team. He played his heart out on the ice every night and his 2004 playoff performance is absolutely legendary. It is a shame Primeau got hurt because I think he had a couple more good years left in him.
2. Bobby Clarke
3. Bill Barber
4. Bernie Parent 
5. Ron Hextall 

1. Lenny Dykstra: Forget the fact that he is a snobbish, wealthy businessman these days. Forget the fact he was on steroids. The fact of the matter is, when "Nails" wore red and white pinstripes, he busted his rear end on the field every play. Not to mention, his performance in the 1993 World Series was unbelievable. He is the quintessential Philadelphia athlete by the way he played.

2. Richie Ashburn
3. Larry Bowa
4. Pete Rose
5. Bob Boone

1. Allen Iverson: I grew up watching A.I. He was the first Philadelphia athlete I really began to embrace. While there is the practice incident and the immaturity along the way, there were so many great memories–his rookie season, Game 3 of the 1999 quarterfinals against Orlando, the 2001 NBA All-Star Game, the 2001 season and much more. He is definitely in my "Top 5 Favorite Philadelphia Athletes Of All Time" list.
2. Julius Erving
3. Moses Malone
4. Maurice Cheeks
5. Charles Barkley 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome Raul, Thank You Pat

Who remembers the Red Sox 2004 World Series team? Everyone does, of course. Remember the shortstop? No, it wasn’t Nomah Garciaparra the hook nosed, media bashing, OCD at the plate next coming of Ted Williams. It was Orlando Cabrera, a player who has since moved teams twice and is about to sign with a third. I remember me and my dad arguing for the next year and a half why on earth they would remove the infield captain to the team that brought Bean town its first World Series title in 84 years. “Idiots,” we proclaimed. “They just didn’t know what they had.” Well, five years later and I take that back. Back-to-back titles don’t happen all that often folks. There hasn’t been one since the Yankees won four out of five at the turn of the millennium (yes won, not bought. This was back when the Yankees developed from within the organization). There have been 8 World Series Trophies handed out since then, and 7 of them have gone to different teams. The one team who got seconds of the ice cream sunday with champion-chips on top? The Red Sox. They evaluated their talent and built a team that would be able to compete in the next few years. And their second World Series trophy in four years was due thanks in large part to an overhaul in the roster. A new closer, four out of five new starting pitchers, a nice Jewish first baseman with a bushy goatee, a part Indian centerfielder gone to the Yankees where he has not lived up to his mammoth contract and in replace another part Indian centerfielder who might steal the most bases ever in a Boston Red Sox uniform.

Speaking of the Red Sox, the one part of the team that needs replacement is the catcher. People are saying to give Tek the credit and respect that he deserves. But batting 220 is not reason enough to keep him and a certain bloated salary around for the foreseeable future when the Sox have such a great farm system and can seemingly trade for an established big league catcher or trade for a prospect. Jason Varitek deserves all the respect in the baseball world. He and Jeter are the only official team captains and Varitek has done enough to warrant a lifetime membership to Fenway and a free beer to any Boston bar he shmoozes at. Varitek will have his respect when he comes back to Fenway in a few years with 4o more pounds packed on, hosting pre and post game shows for all of Boston to enjoy. Think of a Greg Luzinski or Mitch Williams who actually accomplished something.

            Why am I talking about the Red Sox and their championships and rosters? It’s more than yesterday’s news, its years old news. The 2008 World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies (ahhh it never gets old seeing that in print) let go their longest tenure player. Number one pick of the Major League Baseball 1998 Amateur draft, Patrick Brian Burrell the Third. Replacing number five in left field is an older, yet more consistent lefty – Raul Ibanez. Was this the right move? Only time will tell, but to follow the Championship format, it is the acceptable move.

            Now let us get one thing straight – I love Pat Burrell. Just like the rest of Philadelphia, I have given him a hard time, but continue to cheer when he stepped up to the plate for his next at bat. I’ve always said that it’s a draw between who has the prettiest swing in the game – Pat Burrell or Manny Ramirez.



Burrell did what he came to do unlike many others. He ended the drought and brought happiness to people who thought they might never live to see the day. He and his wife along with dog Elvis lead the champs down Broad Street in a day that no one will ever forget. Burrell had the double off of the center field wall that lead to the winning run of the World Series. It’s hard to top that. What a tremendous way to go out.

On the other hand, it was Pat the Bat’s first hit of the entire World Series. If there is a definition of a hot-and-cold player, look no further than Pat. When he’s on, he will either mash a homerun, hit the longest double off the wall you have ever seen, or work the pitcher until he does his awkward jog to first base, where he usually gets replaced by a pinch runner. But when he’s cold…oh he’s cold. He doesn’t have much of a penchant for swinging the bat unless he puts the ball in play and watching called strike out after called strike out sure gets tiresome.

Burrell hit just over 250 and popped over 30 home runs and drove in close to 100 runs over the past few years. Ibanez has done basically the same power numbers and has batted just below 300, in one of the ultimate pitcher’s parks. Put him in the bandbox that is Citizens Bank Park and it should be an RBI cuddlefest for all Phillies fans to enjoy.

It's time to move on my friends. Pat Burrell will always hold a special place in our heart, and hopefully so will Raul Ibanez. Embrace Ibanez and don't give him the hard time that we have so often welcomed our newcomers with. Make him feel like he is at home as he stands on the worn out patch of grass in left field. Ibanez may be an old head, but let's not forget where he played ten out of his thirteen professional years - Seattle, the same team which Pat Gillick general managed for four years and led to back to back ALCS appearances. Gillick just led the Phils' to a World Series victory after only three years with the team. And remember, he is staying on as a consultant. Think signing a player from his old stomping grounds has anything to do with Gillick's involvement in the Phils?

And anyone who knows the politician of the Phillies, Greg Dobbs, has seen that he fully endorses the signing. He affirms that Ibanez will bring leadership and hungriness to a team that is already out to prove itself to be the first back-to-back champions since the Yankees. Using his graduate college professor vocabulary, his endorsement should bring joy to Philadelphia's ears.

So fare thee well Pat Burrell. You did what you came to do, what athletes of 25 years before you failed to do. You brought us a Championship.

*Oh and 23 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training

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Recap of 1/21 and Some News for 1/22

Excuse the fact there was no post yesterday. With the start of a new semester and such it is a real hectic time.

So, a lot of things happened yesterday. The Phillies locked up two more players.

They signed Jayson Werth to a two-year deal worth $10 million and Chad Durbin to a one-year $1.635 million deal. Werth's is not official until he passes a physical.

Like I said before, this is great that a lot of the guys are willing to sign less lucrative deals. It just shows they want to stay here and repeat as World Champs.

Ryan Howard is still left though to sign. Although he already has a pretty hefty deal, he wants more–$18 million. The Phils were only willing to give $14 million. Does the slugger want to stay here and win? Absolutely. But, for some reason he is not happy about the Phils offer. 

In other sports, if you didn't here, Danny Briere is not making his return to the ice any time soon. He went back in for surgery today to deal with his groin/stomach and will be out another four weeks.

Although he said he is frustrated about this, that does not change the fact that the big free agent signing from two off-seasons ago has been a big disappointment. Minus the playoffs last season, he really has not done much, injured or not.

Continuing with the Flyers, they hosted Atlanta last night in the final game before the NHL All-Star Game break. They won 5-3, but also blew a 3-0 lead at the same time. 

Mike Knuble scored the game-winner and an empty netter at the end to put the score at 5-3.

Finishing it up with the Sixers.

Elton Brand should be back on Saturday when the Sixers host the Knicks. Key word: should. We will see if that holds true.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

News of the Day 1/20

-Ryan Howard wants $18 million and the Phils are only willing to offer him $14 million

I guess it is the same story all over again.

-Shane Victorino agreed on  a one-year $3.125 million contract.
-Joe Blanton agreed to a one-year $5.475 million contract.
-Jayson Werth, Chad Durbin and Howard are the only guys left that are still arbitration eligible. 

But, from what I can tell, the agreements with Victorino, Blanton and other guys accepting contracts so willingly shows that these guys want to stay here and repeat as World Champs. That is a good sign. Now, if Howard was not so money grubbing, it would be a great sign. 

Hey Ryan, the economy is in the dumps. You make a lot of money already. You don't even control your money. Your mother organizes it for you. Can you please stop being so greedy? What the Phillies offered you is plenty. 

Les Bowen Says It All–The Eagles Need WEAPONS

Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News said it all in his column today about needing top-notch wideouts. 
" 'And yes, the Eagles need a big, strong, talented wideout, somehow, someway. Larry Fitzgeralds don't grow on trees, but if you administered a polygraph to McNabb, he would say that if you gave him Fitzgerald for Sunday's game and gave Kurt Warner Hank Baskett, the Eagles would be Super Bowl-bound, and nobody would be questioning why Donovan can't win these sorts of games.' "

I know I am beating down a broken door with this topic, but if this Sunday's NFC Championship does not prove it to nay-sayers, than nothing will.

The Eagles have a decent receiving core right now. It is better than what they have had before, minus Terrell Owens. 

But, Kevin Curtis is a good number two. 

DeSean Jackson, right now at least, is a very good slot receiver, but not a stud number one. 

Jason Avant is a good "trash man." In other words, basically what he has been doing–getting those tough third downs. 

Hank Baskett is a decent slot receiver. 

Reggie Brown is a joke.

Greg Lewis is a joke.

Larry Fitzgerald, yes the man who caught 3 TOUCHDOWNS in the first half, is the REAL DEAL! 

If we had Fitzgerald, or a wide receiver close to his caliber, we would be in Super Bowl XLIII and not the stinking Arizona Cardinals. Point blank simple. 

Forget about Donovan McNabb firing passes low, too far or behind players. Remember all of the dropped passes this team endured–Curtis at the end, Lewis in the first quarter, Jackson in the first quarter, etc. 

Maybe I am over exaggerating on the drops. Maybe they were bad throws. But great (note the word great) wide receivers catch bad throws. 

And just so everyone can understand, every quarterback in the league, not just McNabb, every quarterback makes bad throws. 

Eagles management, do your job this summer and get No. 5 some "dog gon" weapons.

Not the Lorenzo Bookers. Not the L.J. Smiths. Not the other overpaid bums in this league.


Monday, January 19, 2009

What If Andy Was Like This?

Can you imagine? Oh my goodness, it would be fantastic if he was like this! Haha.

Locker Room Clean-Out Pictures

Let's analyze some of the players facial expressions. By the way, all photos are courtesy of finding them on philly.com. Photographer was Ed Hille.
Lito Sheppard's Thoughts: "Man I'm happy. I'm a free agent and this is the last bleepin' place I am going to be next year."

Shawn Andrews Thoughts: "So how do you guys like my new hair dew?"

Damn my man Kevin Curtis got some fur up there. Is that a smile he is hiding underneath it? 
Kevin Curtis thoughts:"Yeah I should of caught that ball, but Rod Hood was holding me."

Correll Buckhalter's Thoughts:"I want to start somewhere so I am not mad at myself that I chest bumped Edgerrin James after the loss yesterday."

This was the team we were rooting for victory. But, this is the team that has their head coach going to the Pro Browl for the FOURTH FREAKIN' TIME! 

Is it just me, or is anybody else tired of seeing Andy in a stinkin' Hawaiin shirt (no offense Victorino)?

News On MLK Day 09

No, we're not going to the Super Bowl. 

But, as the Eagles cleaned out their lockers, stuff happened in the city.

The Sixers stopped streaking as they lost the Mavericks at home on a buzzer beater by Dirk Nowitzski. The final score was 95-93. Their streak lasted at seven wins in a row and was not able to go to eight.

That's the news of the day post NFC Championship loss.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Story Of This Franchise: The Philadelphia Eagles

Don't blame it solely on 5, the defense, Quintin Demps, David Akers, Andy Reid or whoever. 

This was a TEAM loss and this TEAM/FRANCHISE has been doing this for 48 years and probably counting.

Nothing new. Same old stuff. Should we have expected more? Probably and we did. We thought maybe this year was different, times have changed.

Well, they have not.

Ron Jaworski still has no Super Bowl ring. 

Randall Cunningham still has no Super Bowl ring.

Buddy Ryan still has not won a playoff game.

Norman Braman is still being stingy and not signing his players when they are free agents.

Richie Kotite has not replaced his play sheet and is still trying to fiddle around with the rain-soaked ones. 

Ray Rhodes is still hollering at his underachieving players.

Mike Mamula is still a bum.

Bobby Hoying is still a bum.

Andy Reid still hasn't said anything during his press conferences.

Donovan McNabb still has not had that spectacular two-minute drive late in the fourth quarter to win the big game.

This team once again lost another NFC Championship Game and most importantly...

...the Eagles will once again not be crowned Super Bowl Champions.

With the way we got into the playoffs and the way we beat the Giants, I thought this was going to be the year. I didn't look past this game because I knew it would be tough and I knew it is one game at a time, but I really believed that the Eagles fortunes have changed.

I was wrong.

Well, I won't be wrong about this statement and I will stay by this statement unless it actually happens.

The Philadelphia Eagles, a franchise of 76 years, who wear green and white, play in Lincoln Financial Field and have the most loyal fans in America...WILL NEVER WIN A SUPER BOWL.

The Phillies may repeat as World Champions.

The Flyers may win a Stanley Cup after over 30 years of not doing so.

The Sixers...yes the Sixers...may somehow win an NBA Championship.


...the Philadelphia Eagles WILL NEVER win a Super Bowl.

It's nobody's fault. There is nothing you can do about it. They fact is, it just won't happen.

Will I still watch every game and cheer my brains out? ABSOLUTELY! 

But, that does not change the fact that the Lombardi Trophy will never be in a parade down Broad Street.

I have expected that fact and you should too.

Was It A Beautiful Day?


Is It Going To Be A "Beautiful Day"?

You tell me.

Poll Results

You guys have spoken and done so decisively this week.

What is the biggest key to today's game?
Keep Arizona's high powered offense at bay: 1 vote
Pressure Kurt Warner to no end: 8 votes
Continue to have a balanced offensive attack: 1 vote
Protect Donovan McNabb from a resurgent Arinzona defense: 0 votes

Yo Jimmy...


Before Diving Into NFC Championship Game Madness...

The Sixers won their seventh in a row last night, defeating the Knicks at the Garden 107-97. 

Andre Iguodala was three assists away from a triple-double and Andre Miller led the team with his stellar play at point guard once again.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Breaking News: Hamels Signed for 3 Years!!

According to espn.com Cole Hamels has agreed to a 3 year 20.5 million dollar deal. This is great news for any Phillies fan out there. Hamels, the ace of the Phillies staff, had a great year in 2008 and was due to head into arbitration this offseason. Jayson Stark reports that the contract will pay Hamels 4.35 million this year followed by 6.65 million in 2010 and 9.5 million in 2011.

A Little Variety Please?

Sports analysts need to start taking a new view on the NFL Championship games this weekend. How many more times do I need to hear the “no team can beat another team three times in one season” theory? When will ESPN change the bottom line NFC headline from “first time in a non-lockout season two teams with less than 10 games meet in Championship game?” I enjoy listening to Skip Bayless because of his propensity to favor Philadelphia sports, but I don’t know how much more I can hear of his assertion that the Cardinals are better off without Anquan Boldin starting. And wait… Donovan McNabb got benched!? When was this? What has it done to him mentally? Did it turn his season around and resurrect his play? And what is this I hear about a tie against that team in Cincinnati? However, the one thing I will never get sick of is the clip of Andy Reid admitting that “that cheese whiz” is the stuff that gets stuck in his playoff beard the most. I wonder if he’s eating “that cheese whiz” with chopped up steak, or just slurping down cups of it by itself.

What would I like to see more of, you may be asking. How about some Correll Buckhalter? The man only gets a few plays every game, yet he always seems to have one drive where he picks up bundles of yardage.

Why not hear more about the young core of Eagles linebackers that have matured so much this season, most notably after Akeem Jordan took over the weak-side position from Omar Gaither, the heir to Jeremiah Trotter. Stewart Bradley seems to have about 11 tackles a game and lead the team with 108. This group has become professional run stoppers – not just professionals who get paid to stop the run.

How about something different from the players? I’m not asking for trash talk, but it seems like every player from all four remaining teams give the same interview: “It’s gonna’ be a dog fight. Both teams are playing so well right now. We’re really gonna’ have to buckle down. The name of the game is turnovers. I’m real excited to get this thing goin’.” It’s starting to sound like Conan O’Brien and every single show he does. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Conan, but shouldn’t his excitement level about a show with Jennifer Aniston be a whole lot more enlivened than say, a show with a rare Guatemalan lizard expert? Every night it’s, “We got a great show for you tonight folks. I’m very excited. Heh heh heh heh, no but seriously gonna’ be a good one tonight!” Changing it up a little wouldn’t hurt. Give me a little spice NFL players! (And the trash talk from the Steeler’s punter Mitch Berger doesn’t count)

And PLEASE stop talking about a potential all-PA Superbowl. It hasn’t happened yet, and I guarantee that’s not what the teams are talking about. The Eagles aren’t thinking about a prospective Cheesesteak vs. Primanti ultimate showdown (and based on living in Pittsburgh for the past two years, even the ‘burghians would grant the cheesesteak the victor). The Steelers are focused on the Ravens, and the Eagles on the Cardinals. Just give all potential Superbowl match up talk a rest until late Sunday night.

For those of you who missed my last post, or have just not gotten around to reading it yet, I predicted a 31-17 Eagles victory.

As for the AFC Championship game, with some snow showers and a temperature around 19 degrees at kickoff, I imagine this will be a game won on the ground or “in the trenches” as fancy football analysts tend to put it. I see little or no scoring in the first half, just as the last meeting went. I don’t think it will come down to a last minute Santonio Holmes-esque did-he-cross-or-didn’t-he game winning touchdown or field goal. I predict bad games by both quarterbacks, with the rookie playing like a rookie for the first time in a very long time. Steelers 17 Ravens 13

Championship Weekend Predictions

In the AFC a battle of bitter division rivals will square off to do battle under frigid conditions in Pittsburgh. The Steelers swept the Ravens in the regular season series in the most remarkable of fasions. The first game was an over time thriller that ended with a Jeff Reed field goal that just snuck in through the left upright to give the Steelers the 23-20 victory. The second game ended on a controversial call with Ben Roethisberger throwing the game winning touchdown to Santonio Holmes. The Steelers got the best of the Ravens in that game 13-9.

Nevermind the regular season, this is the playoffs. Both the Ravens and the Steelers come in to this game on fire. The Ravens are coming into the Championship game after dismantling the the feel good story Miami Dolphins and then escaping Tennessee with 3 more turnovers to their defences credit and a win. The Steelers got to sit out the first round by earning their selves the 2 seed and the bye. The Steelers took advantage of their bye and a San Diego Chargers team minus LaDainian Tomlinson. In the NFL health is pinnical for success in the playoffsLaDron McClain and Willis McGahee are banged up as well. The last factor in the game is the match up between rookie quarterback Joe Flacco and playoff savoy Ben Roethisberger. Joe Flacco has had one of the greatest seasons for a rookie quarterback ever, however going toe to toe with Roethisberger and the Steelers defense might prove to be too much for the rookie. I would like to think this is going to be a close game, but the facts are stating otherwise.

Prediction: Steelers 24-Ravens 10

The NFC Championship game is the game of "house money." Not even Philadelphia and Arizona fans would have drafted a playoff bracket like this. The Eagles got into the playoffs by... well you know the story. The Cardinals got in to the playoffs...well simply because somebody had to win that division. The Eagles are in the NFC championship for the 5th time in 8 years, however the same can not be said for the Cardinals, they are playing in their first championship game ever. The Eagles played the Cardinals on Thanksgiving and gave them a severe beat down 48-20. The popular thing to say lately is to throw that game away. The reason why you throw that game away is because both teams (not just the Cardinals as many national media members are saying) are different, and like I said in the AFC preview, this is the playoffs. Another sexy observation by the national media is that the Cardinals now have a vaunted rushing attack, lets just wait and see what Jim Johnson has to say about that. Like the AFC game, the last factor in the NFC game could come down to quarterbacks. Kurt Warner has played in NFC championships and SuperBowls, but so has Super 5, D-Mac, Donovan McNabb who has some unfinished business and something to prove. While Warner has been there before, most of his Cardinal teammates have not, and they are not ready for a hot and hungry Eagle team.

Prediction: Eagles 27- Cardinals 17

Conference Championship Weekend

Volume 5.

Take care of business boys!

Friday, January 16, 2009


During the past couple of days, the mid-day show on Sports Radio 610 WIP with Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow has excessively been playing a clip of former Eagles linebacker of the Gang Green Defense Byron Evans saying "How 'Bout That!"
Well B & E...

REVENGE IS SWEET BOYS! The Sixers demolish, beat, defeat, annihilate...whatever you want to call it...basically kicked ass tonight with a 109-87 thrashing of the visiting Spurs. That makes it six in a row for them. "HOW 'BOUT THAT!"

Also, the Phillies signed Greg Dobbs to a two-year $2.25 million deal, thus staying away from his first two years of salary arbitration. "HOW 'BOUT THAT!"

However, the Eagles after being 5-5-1 finished 9-6-1, miraculously made the playoffs, defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the Wild Card Round, the New York Giants in the Divisional Round and are playing in the NFC Championship against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.


2 In A Row...

In the L column. This has to be a quick post because I am pretty busy right now with my online sports journalism class, but the Flyers lost at the Tampa Bay Lightning last night 4-1.

Kimmo Timonen had to leave the game with a bad facial injury, but fortunately he will play tonight as the Flyers travel to the Florida Panthers.

Hopefully, they will end the two-game skid.

Is this the early 2000's or 2009?

I am in a state of disbelief. My prediction for the Eagles game, as many other Philadelphians, was that the Eagles would topple the Giants. I felt better about that game than the Vikings game believe it or not. Did I actually believe that the resurgent Eagles could take down the defending Super bowl champions? Yes. I actually did. You may be asking yourself how on earth I could possibly be predicting an Eagles victory with Donovan McNabb at the helm and Andy Reid calling plays, after writing a piece called "End of an Era and Week 13 Picks Part 1." Well every other NFL journalist is asking themselves precisely the same question. If you have watched an ounce of ESPN this week or read anything on football you will have read something like "everyone counted the Eagles out" or "who woulda thunkit after McNabb was benched in week 12?" So I will no reiterate the point. You get it. McNabb was benched, people called for Reid's head, the season was over, yadda yadda yadda.

That is all over and done with. It's in the past. Know what else is in the past? The Eagles 48-20 demolishing of the very same Cardinals they are playing in the NFC Championship game this Sunday at 3 pm. Except one thing. These aren't the very same Cardinals. They beat the coach of the year and the rookie of the year two weeks ago and won their game versus the Panthers in the first quarter. And what is the big revelation that Ken Whisenhunt had about the offense? To run the ball (sound familiar Eagles fans?)

Well I am here to tell you to put your fears aside. The Arizona Cardinals may have started to run the ball, but not terribly effectively. All this talk of Edgerrin James and his "fresh legs" is nothing to fret about. I drafted this loser three years ago in the first round of my fantasy draft and he had a majorly disappointing season. So while I may hold a grudg-errin against Edgerrin it has nothing to do with my feelings on his 2009 playoff performance. The man couldn't win the big one for the Colts during his tenure in Indy and he sure as hell won't do it in Arizona.

Another big point. For those analysts and Cardinals believers who continue to point to the run game as the reason for their success, look no further than the Eagles playoff success versus the run. The best back the league has to offer, Adrian Peterson was nonexistent in the second half. Brandon Jacobs may have gained 92 yards on the ground, but he (and the rest of the Giants) were kept out of the end zone. The Iggs also stuffed him twice on 4th and short situations. Stopping Edge shouldn't be a problem after the running backs we experienced the first two rounds.

For all the talk of the Cardinals newfound running game, it's nothing special. Bear with me for some stats here. During the season the Cardinals ranked last in rushing yards per game and second last in yards-per-carry with 3.5. Their playoff rushing numbers yield an underwhelming 3.2 yards-per-carry which would drop them down to the only spot below them in that category - last.

The truth about the Cardinals is that they are a good team. Good but not great. They beat a rookie Quarterback and rookie Coach with their experienced old man Warner leading the pack. They beat a team coming off a bye week (one of three bye teams to lose this weekend), a Panthers team with the 18th ranked defense. Impressive win? Of course. Match this dynamic offense against the 3rd ranked defense and a different old man wins this matchup - Jim Johnson. Asante Samuel and Sheldon Brown are better than Chris Gamble and Ken Lucas. Brian Dawkins over Chris Harris any day, not that either of those comparisons needed to be made. Fitzgerald and Boldin will get their catches, but not the ones that matter most.

Some things that need a-fixin' from the Giants game...
-Brent Celek needs to make wide open catches
-Kevin Curtis needs to make wide open catches
-McNabb needs more consistent protection
-The offensive line needs to open up some holes for Westbrook
-More Buckhalter!
-8 penalties for 61 yards is too much. Cut it in half.
-David Akers cannot be counted on to make midfield tackles

My crystal ball shows me an Eagles victory. 31-17

Go Eagles!