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Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Thoughts: My Favorite And Least Favorite Players

What were the people who scheduled the Sixers thinking? They knew the Flyers had the All-Star break this week. Why would they not schedule any games from Tuesday to Friday?

Anyway, I figure then I'd hit our readers up with a "Random Thoughts" post. The topic for this particular one is "My Favorite And Least Favorite Players."

When I say least favorite, that does not mean that you are just one of the guys I do not care for. When I say least favorite, I mean I flat out do not like you and despise the fact you wear or wore a Philadelphia uniform. OK...not that harsh. Basically, you're on my "bum" list right now.

There are categories for current and former. Furthermore, there are consolation numbers going up to five. Some of the categories for the current players do not go all the way up to five.

Also, for former players, I did not have to be alive while they played (August 1988 and on). I watch so many videos on these guys and read so many books that it was like I was there.
So, here we go.

1. L.J. Smith : He is a money grubbing, waste of time bum. Andy, begin to start Brent Celek on a permanent basis.

2. Reggie Brown
3. Quintin Demps
4. Lito Sheppard 
5. Kevin Kolb

1. Danny Briere: He is a good guy, but he can't stay on the ice. He has been a huge bust so far. 
That's it for them. These guys are way too likable...except for Briere. 

1. Adam Eaton: Who does not dislike this guy?

That's it for them too. They just won a World Series. It is kind of hard to hate them.

1. Samuel Dalembert: He complains too much. He is very awkward on the court in terms of coordination. He is soft. He does not have a lot of big man skills. He is basically a waste of money and time for seven years.
2. Kareem Rush 

I do not really have a grudge against any other current Sixers. They have not done anything to piss me off yet, except lose. In my opinion, especially in this town, with all of the losing we've had, you don't hate players because they are on a losing team.

1. Terrell Owens: Isn't this obvious?

2. Jerome McDougle
3. Dhani Jones
4. Mike Mamula 
5. Chris Boniol

1. Eric Lindros: There was too much controversy, bad blood and concussions.
2. Joni Pitkanen 
3. Steve Downie
4. Robert Esche 
5. Jaroslav Modry

1. Billy Wagner: One word to describe this guy—Jackass.
2. Travis Lee
3. Kenny Lofton
4. Bobby Abreu
5. Von Hayes

1. Glen Robinson: He was a Class A bum.
2. Chris Webber
3. Scott Williams
4. Vernon Maxwell
5. Shawn Bradley

1. Donovan McNabb: He goes out and plays hard every game. He takes so much undeserving crap in this town and he keeps playing through it. Putting championships aside, he is by far the best quarterback in franchise history.
2. Brian Dawkins
3. Sheldon Brown
4. Stewart Bradley
5. Jason Avant

1. Scottie Upshall: He wreaks havoc on the ice all of the time. He is that hard-nosed, "go get 'em" type of dude. While he may not be the star of the team and may not collect a lot of points, he is so important to the Orange and Black.

2. Jeff Carter
3. Mike Richards
4. Simon Gagne
5. Marty Biron

1. Shane Victorino: "The Flyin' Hawaiin" is in the middle everything. He hits, runs, makes unbelievable defensive catches and plays his heart out.

2. Cole Hamels
3. Brad Lidge
4. Jamie Moyer
5. Chris Coste

1. Andre Miller: He is by far the MVP of the 76ers. He is an incredible floor general and leads this team when they are succeeding and not suceeding.

2. Reggie Evans
3. Thaddeus Young
4. Louis Williams
5. Theo Ratliff

1. Hugh Douglas: I was a big "HUUUUUGGHHH"  fan when he was a Bird. In his prime, no offensive lineman could stop him and his sound bytes in the locker room are classic. I still have his jersey from when I was around 13-14. It barely fits me anymore because it is a kids jersey, but I still wear it to sleep on occasion.
2. The Entire Eagles Gang Green Defense
3. Jeremiah Trotter
4. Chuck Bednarik
5. Wilbert Montgomery 

1. Keith Primeau: He was a blue-collar guy who was the perfect captain for this team. He played his heart out on the ice every night and his 2004 playoff performance is absolutely legendary. It is a shame Primeau got hurt because I think he had a couple more good years left in him.
2. Bobby Clarke
3. Bill Barber
4. Bernie Parent 
5. Ron Hextall 

1. Lenny Dykstra: Forget the fact that he is a snobbish, wealthy businessman these days. Forget the fact he was on steroids. The fact of the matter is, when "Nails" wore red and white pinstripes, he busted his rear end on the field every play. Not to mention, his performance in the 1993 World Series was unbelievable. He is the quintessential Philadelphia athlete by the way he played.

2. Richie Ashburn
3. Larry Bowa
4. Pete Rose
5. Bob Boone

1. Allen Iverson: I grew up watching A.I. He was the first Philadelphia athlete I really began to embrace. While there is the practice incident and the immaturity along the way, there were so many great memories–his rookie season, Game 3 of the 1999 quarterfinals against Orlando, the 2001 NBA All-Star Game, the 2001 season and much more. He is definitely in my "Top 5 Favorite Philadelphia Athletes Of All Time" list.
2. Julius Erving
3. Moses Malone
4. Maurice Cheeks
5. Charles Barkley 

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collier said...

wow. i must say i disagree with list. how can you hate Kolb?