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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Saturday, January 3, 2009

When Are The Sixers Going To Defeat A Good Team?


They lost tonight in Dallas 96-86. At one point, they had a double-digit lead and let it flounder. They had another lead during the fourth quarter and let that go too. Even though Andre Iguodala filled the stat sheet again, the result remains a loss. What else is new? 

It would be one thing if we did not expect anything from this team. But, the thing is, before the season started, we expected this team to be one of the "Beasts of the East." 

People want to blame everything on Elton Brand, but Brand has not even played in a couple of weeks. Obviously, the problem is not Brand. The problem is not coaching. The problem is not Ed Stefanski. He had to sign Brand because the team desperately needed some sort of half court game. 

The problem is the players–if that makes any sense. They do not mesh well together. They cannot pull out a win together. There is no chemistry. Ah, chemistry is a funny word. 

The Phillies had chemistry and they won a World Series. The Flyers have chemistry and they are a team on the rise. The Eagles have chemistry, sometimes, and are in the playoffs.

What do the Sixers have? Nothing but losses.

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