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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time To Gear Up The Cadillac: "Eat Fast—Eat Angry"

For those who don't know, "South Broad Street" has somewhat of a connection to one of the Wing Bowl 17 contestants. 

As Fran mentioned a couple of weeks ago or so, Brian "Cadillac" Corrigan is taking part in Friday's Wing Bowl. 
Fran, Michael, Drew, Tim, znoell117, JGola, Nick and myself all went to high school with Cadillac at Abington Senior High School.

Most of us were in the grade above him. JGola was the only one who was not, as he graduated with Cadillac in the 2008. 

Anyway, in Wing Off number two, Cadillac faced off against over 30 contestants at Paddy Whack's Irish Sports Bar and left field victorious by eating 56 wings in 10 minutes.
And from what I hear, at 18 years old, Cadillac is the youngest Wing Bowl contestant in the contest's history.

I personally will not be able to make the big event Friday morning, but all of us here at "South Broad Street" are definitely on the Cadillac Band Wagon. 

Our Birds couldn't get it done, but hopefully we can have something to smile about going into this weekend's Super Bowl. 

Like I said, time to gear up the Cadillac.
"Eat Fast—Eat Angry"

These photos, except for the last one, can be found on the photo section of 610wip.com. The other one can be found on Cadillac's facebook event group.

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