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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Backstage with Cadillac Corrigan in Wing Bowl 17

On Thursday January 29th the Wing Bowl Madness begun. I left school around 12:15pm to pick up the Wing Bowl contestant, Brian "Cadillac" Corrigan. After picking him up we headed down to Chickies and Pete's for his official weigh in. All 27 contestants came out to be weighed in. Cadillac weighed in a few cents under 300 lbs.

After Chickies and Pete's all fans of Cadillac Corrigan and Below Me (The other eater sponsored by Paddy Whacks) were invited back to the Paddy Whacks on Roosevelt Boulevard and Welsh Rd. to hang out have some wings and drinks and get ready for the next day’s event.

Early Friday morning is when we were told to be at the Wachovia Center. Cadillac had to be there at 3am while the rest of the entourage had to be there by 4am. As we waited we dressed up our golf cart to somewhat make it look like a Cadillac. We also got beads ready to throw into the stands.

While waiting backstage I had a chance to meet with Rick the Manager's entourage which was made up of professional eaters including Eric "Bandlands" Booker and Joey Chestnut. Unfortunately while talking to Badlands Booker I found out Chestnut was still passed out in the Hotel. It was cool talking to Badlands and learning how they train for competitions and things like that. Hopefully he can win the Nathans Hot Dog Eating contest on the 4th of July this year.

When it was our turn to head out onto the floor I started going nuts. 20,000 + people screaming their heads off; Women flashing their boobs left and right; Great Atmosphere. We took our lap around the floor then Brian headed for the stage.

When the first round began Cadillac was devouring his wings. At one point he was tied for 1st. I, along with the rest of the entourage was down in the middle of the floor watching him go at it. The 14 minute session felt like forever, how he kept that pace up I have no idea. At the end of the 1st round Cadillac came in with a very impressive 86 wings. Good for 6th place and a spot in the 2nd round. The top 10 eaters made it into the 2nd round. Another 14 minute session began after about a 10 minute break. Cadillac started off good but looked to struggle at points during the second 14 minute round.

Photo curtosity of philly.com

After 2 rounds Cadillac Corrigan Came in with an impressive 129 wings. Good for 5th place. If you ask Cadillac how he feels on 5th place he'll tell you a little disappointed. I know that the followers of Cadillac are not disappointed. 5th place in his 1st year in Wing Bowl is impressive. Look for Cadillac next year as he tries to rise to the top of Wing Bowl.

Heres a picture of Cadillac Corrigan and his entourage with WIp's Al Morganti:

From Left to Right: Pat, Myself, Kevin, Brian, Jon, Mike, Al, Trevor, Drew
Missing from photo: Brians Uncle, Dad and Grandpop

For more photos click here.

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