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Monday, January 5, 2009

J.C. Got Screwed...

...at least from what I can tell. This is a pretty confusing story written by Peter Gammons of Espn.com.

Apparently, J.C. Romero tested positive for substances banned by Major League Baseball and thus, do to not admitting he was guilty, Romero has been suspended the first 50 games of the 2009 season and fined $1.25 million.

The substance that Romero bought over-the-counter at a GNC store in Cherry Hill, N.J. last July is the cause of the positive testing. However, Romero says that he double-checked a bunch of times to make sure the substance was legal. He checked with nutritionists, Phillies staff and the Players Association.

He felt that he did nothing wrong and was supposedly misinformed about the situation he was in.

To me, Romero seems like a good guy and someone who would not take the game's integrity away. 

Like I said, this story is very confusing and Romero is clearly just as baffled as we are. Obviously, more from this will come later and hopefully easier to understand. Here is the story. You interpret it for yourself.

-Romero questions suspension[Espn.com]

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