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Picture Of The Day
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

That's 1...Let's Get Another!

It was frustrating.

It left you cringing. 

But in the end, a 71 yard screen pass touchdown from Donovan McNabb to Brian Westbrook left this city seeing football in the 2008-09 season for at least one more week. 

The Eagles defeated the Vikings today out in Minnesota in the Wild Card round 26-14. The win gives them a date with their rivals up the New Jersey turnpike next week.

As far as analysis of this game goes, the defense held their own, relatively, against the league's top running back, McNabb was solid despite fumbling and throwing an interception and Andy Reid stuck to the run enough to win this game.

Thank goodness.

Now, stay to that somewhat balanced plan and go even more balanced against a defense that is not as good against the run as the Vikings. 

One last thing Eagles–the way you got to Tavaris Jackson today, do even more of that to Mr. Manning of the stinking Giants. We will greatly appreciate it.


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