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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Les Bowen Says It All–The Eagles Need WEAPONS

Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News said it all in his column today about needing top-notch wideouts. 
" 'And yes, the Eagles need a big, strong, talented wideout, somehow, someway. Larry Fitzgeralds don't grow on trees, but if you administered a polygraph to McNabb, he would say that if you gave him Fitzgerald for Sunday's game and gave Kurt Warner Hank Baskett, the Eagles would be Super Bowl-bound, and nobody would be questioning why Donovan can't win these sorts of games.' "

I know I am beating down a broken door with this topic, but if this Sunday's NFC Championship does not prove it to nay-sayers, than nothing will.

The Eagles have a decent receiving core right now. It is better than what they have had before, minus Terrell Owens. 

But, Kevin Curtis is a good number two. 

DeSean Jackson, right now at least, is a very good slot receiver, but not a stud number one. 

Jason Avant is a good "trash man." In other words, basically what he has been doing–getting those tough third downs. 

Hank Baskett is a decent slot receiver. 

Reggie Brown is a joke.

Greg Lewis is a joke.

Larry Fitzgerald, yes the man who caught 3 TOUCHDOWNS in the first half, is the REAL DEAL! 

If we had Fitzgerald, or a wide receiver close to his caliber, we would be in Super Bowl XLIII and not the stinking Arizona Cardinals. Point blank simple. 

Forget about Donovan McNabb firing passes low, too far or behind players. Remember all of the dropped passes this team endured–Curtis at the end, Lewis in the first quarter, Jackson in the first quarter, etc. 

Maybe I am over exaggerating on the drops. Maybe they were bad throws. But great (note the word great) wide receivers catch bad throws. 

And just so everyone can understand, every quarterback in the league, not just McNabb, every quarterback makes bad throws. 

Eagles management, do your job this summer and get No. 5 some "dog gon" weapons.

Not the Lorenzo Bookers. Not the L.J. Smiths. Not the other overpaid bums in this league.


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