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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Flyers Fall to Maple Leafs

Quick update from yesterday-Flyers lost on the road to the Maple Leafs 4-2. Pray this is not the start of a losing streak. The Flyers have a tendency to be streaky by either going on long winning streaks or long losing streaks.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Eagles/Cardinals Pictures and Videos

Here are some of the pictures I took from last night and all of the videos I took.

0 for 2 Today

Back to life, back to reality. Our Birds gave the Cardinals a Thanksgiving beating last night and we were once again on the top of the world. It took less than 24 hours for that to change. The Flyers dropped the back end of a home and home versus the visiting Carolina Hurricanes 3-2 in overtime and the Sixers got romped on the road 102-78 to the Eastern Conference leading Boston Celtics.

It is disappointing that the Flyers lost, but they had just won six in a row and losses happen. I was at the game and from what I could tell, it was a very winnable game and some of the goals the Canes scored could have been stopped. However, I think it is best not to mope on a game like this and just hope they can bounce back and collect more wins rather than go on a losing streak. By the way, Jeff Carter scored his 16th goal of the season, which put him one up on Buffalo's Thomas Vanek. 

As far as the Sixers go, a loss to Boston is not surprising, however disheartening. With the off-season additions this team made over the summer we were hoping it would help them compete better with the beasts of the east. Like I have said, we need to give them time to gel, but a 24 point loss? Cmon boys...you are better than that.

Possible pics from the Flyers game to come later. I took them on my new camera phone so I have to see if the quality is any good.

A Useful Analogy

Dear Mr. Lurie and Company,

As a lifelong fan, I would like to begin by congratulating you on your Thanksgiving Day win. It was impressive and the players managed to fight for a full 60 minutes. But please don't kid yourself. This was not enough. How is the team we saw on the field last night 6-5-1? I have to disagree with my dear friend Dave. Though I love this team to death, this kind of behavior is so typical and it's getting old. This is how it goes: Start the season with endless possibilities and high expectations. Follow that with a big first game against the Rams. Then fall into a win-loss-win-loss slumber until you completely tank against Cincinnati and Baltimore. THEN, when the season is nearly dead, start playing like kings of the world.

Don't try to fool us.

My fellow poster Nick is right. Eagles fan should not get complacent and believe that everything is right with Reid and McNabb. Please allow me to draw this economic/political analogy: The price of oil booms and the resulting price at the pump skyrockets in America. Once a gallon of gas passes $4.00, Americans cry out for alternatives, pressing policymakers and politicians to set aside money for increased production for solar, wind, and nuclear energy. We want out of foreign oil. All of a sudden (it's happening right now, actually), the market settles and conflicts in the Middle East calm. Prices drop and gas falls under $2.00 again. Americans forget about their pains and relax their once urgent calls for viable alternatives. We become complacent until the next spike hits. And over and over and over again.

As crazy as this sounds, it's quite similar to relationship between the Eagles and their fans. Think of it this way: We find that the Eagles, after a promising start, are lacking a true running game and a durable offensive line. McNabb struggles, yet Coach Reid continues to force in 60% or more pass plays. We cannot convert in 3rd down and short yardage situations. We cannot get in the end zone. We cannot find balance...Then the critics, rightfully so, come pouring in. "Fire Reid!"..."Bench McNabb!"..."Draft better!"..."Run the ball!" However, on the brink of elimination, the Eagles step up and have a complete game. There is a fire in the players' eyes. Reid runs the ball! McNabb throws efficiently! Well, count me as one who doubts that we can keep this up. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice win. But, just like the sudden drop in gas prices and the corresponding drop in enthusiasm for alternative energy, fans and critics may get complacent and expect this kind of play from the Eagles every week. Look, we will have to come to grips with the end of the Reid & McNabb era sometime...why not now?

By the way, pay up Jeff Lurie! You owe the city millions of dollars and Mayor Nutter could really use it, considering Philadelphia's massive budget deficit.

A Thanksgiving That Brings More Questions Than Answers

I think we are all proud of our Birds after watching them overwhelm the Arizona Cardinals in all dimensions of the game. Our offense ran with authority and threw with precision. Our defense got turnovers and made the Cardinals afraid to catch the ball. I think anyone would be happy with that performance. But for me it just proved all the more reason why Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb need to go.

Last night we saw what our Eagles are capable of accomplishing. The play of our defense did not surprise me, but our offense. Our offense seemed like a completely different offense especially when compared to the one we have been seeing the past two weeks against the Bengals and the Ravens. Did the players change? No, not really. So what was the factor for this sudden change in play? What you saw was desperation from Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb. They have been way to comfortable just milking the Eagles and this city with mediocre results. When something like that happens in a government, you see a Coup d'├ętat.

I am asking that we do the same against this regime before it is too late. There is no question that the lack-luster passion of Mcnabb and Reid are rubbing off on the younger players. The only reason the defense has the passion is because neither of these viruses have any contact with the defense. The offense is the very definition of inconsistency. You as a fan have no idea what offense you are going to see. It could be the one that runs and passes around 50/50, like we saw last night. You might see the high flying offense that just airs the ball out all the time for amazing results, usually against a horrible defense. Or finally, the offense that gives up on the run after two drives then proceeds to pass the ball even on 3rd and 1, resulting in numerous interceptions and sacks that take us out of field goal range. So lets make a change before even the fans begin to lose their passion.

I Am Thankful For My Birds...No Matter How Inconsistent They May Be

We all know what happened...or at least we all should...a 48-20 beating over the Arizona Cardinals last night at the Linc. That is not the point. It was great to see the Birds play that way. But while I am happy and thankful for that wonderful game last night, I am pissed off at the same time. 

I am going to get into shoulda, woulda, couldas right here.

That game last night showed how good this team should and could be right now. They should have defeated the Cowboys. They should have defeated the Bears. They should have defeated the Redskins. They should have defeated the Giants. They should have defeated the Bengals. They should be 11-1 right now and a top of the NFC East and the conference. But no...they are 6-5-1 and trying to re-emerge. 

Do not blame it on number 5. Blame it on the fact that this team has not clicked like they did last night since the beating of the Rams in Week 1. Maybe the Cardinals were extremely overrated. Maybe it was that West Coast to East Coast thing. I hope neither of those two are the case because the Eagles did click on all cylinders last night. They were very good. Hopefully they can keep it up.

I was at the game so pictures to come later. Also, I am going to the Flyers game this afternoon so possibly some pics from that. 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trivia Time

Name the three baseball teams with winning records in every season from 2003 to 2008...
  1. New York Yankees
  2. Boston Red Sox
  3. AND... Philadelphia Phillies
Yea, I was surprised too

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Asante Doubtful For Game Versus Cardinals

Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel is doubtful for the game against the Cardinals on Thanksgiving Night. With only three interceptions this season, regardless of what people say about him being the best corner on the Birds (which he is), I would have to say that he has not been worth the money we paid for him. I would have rather that money be spent on a top notch wide receiver. Oh well...beat the Cardinals. Make us smile for the green and white...for once.

Flyers Remain On Fireeeeee...But Sixers Drop A Tough One

It seems as though the Flyers and Sixers have been playing on the same nights a lot lately. It is pretty cool, but annoying because you have to pick one to follow. Regardless, they still happen and as far as tonight went, the Flyers won in Carolina over the Hurricanses 3-1 to win their sixth in a row and go 7-0-1 in their last eight games. Simon Gagne scored twice and had an assist. The Sixers dropped a heartbreaker to the visiting Orlando Magic 98-96 on a closing seconds three pointer by Rashard Lewis. The 76ers were down big early, came back and took the lead in the third quarter, maintained it a little through the fourth but could not hold on. 

It has basically been the same thing with these teams over the past week or so. I am not going to talk about who played well for the Sixers. It was basically the same guys, with an additional spark plug from Marreese Speights off the bench. Still, this team is now 7-8 and very inconsistent. Sure, we need to give them time to gel, but they need to figure out how to continuously win rather than win a game then lose a game or win a couple then lose a couple.

As far as the Orange and Black go, I am not going to say anything more. I do not want to jinx anything. Keep it up boys.

Flyers next game is Friday at home against the Carolina Hurricanes at 1 p.m. in the back half of a home and home and the Sixers next game is also Friday, in Boston against the Celtics at 7:30 p.m. A win against them would be awesome.

Lenny Is Becoming The Retired Version of T.O.

I am not going to get into Lenny Dykstra's financial success and controversy. It's confusing. It's annoying and in this time of economic struggle, it has no place. Good for Lenny for doing well for himself though. 
However, I am going to get into this–Dkystra's big mouth that apparently is lacking the chew that might of kept it shut. 
In his recent court hearing for some of his financial controversies, "The Dude" took a shot at our beloved Mitch Williams. The company he was facing in court apparently had nothing against Dykstra in his suit. 
Dude, bro, whatever...that was 15 years ago. Let it go. He did not fold. He had 43 saves in 1993 and was out of gas. Nonetheless, Mitchey does not make excuses for himself and knows that he screwed up in the NLCS and in the World Series. He openly admits it and is not afraid to do so. 
Also, unlike you, Mitchey has come back to Philly and has become a big contributor to the community and the world of Philadelphia sports, as he performs his role as Phillies Post Game Live Analyst and sports radio host very well.

You were great when you played here Lenny and you will always be loved by the Philly faithful, but don't be like other asshole athletes who used to play and here and have us turn against you. You are quickly becoming the retired version of Terrell Owens–not knowing when to keep your mouth shut. Like I said, that fire was great when you played for us, but do not use it against some of your old teammates, especially one that tried his best and is still popular today. But hey, when you make that much money and had that much success, I guess you can say whatever the heck you want.

So Far...So Good

No complications in the Chase Utley hip surgery today. All went well. Let's pray that he plays on April 5.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Donovan Is Friends To The Little Man

When asked how he found out he was starting, Donovan McNabb said, "I was told by the janitor. Me and him have a pretty good relationship around here. It was a pretty good conversation we had."

As Promised...

some pictures from last night's Flyers game.

This is Jeff Carter's goal from last night that put the Flyers up 3-2. Like the last game with Richie's goal, I tried to get it and actually got a good part of the celebration, but a loyal fan put his arm up at the same time. Oh well...bottom right is Carter celebrating.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Flyers On A Rolll and Sixers Continue To Leave You Scratching Your Heads

What a day in Philly–the Andy Reid/Donovan McNabb crap continues and our two indoor teams had games tonight. The Flyers won at the Wach 4-3 over the Dallas Stars and the Sixers lost at Charlotte to the Bobcats 93-84. 

Mike Knuble scored twice for the Flyers, including the goal that put the Flyers ahead for good. I was there and will post some pictures from the game either later tonight or probably tomorrow morning. Jeff Carter was masterful by scoring his 15th goal on the season and Mike Richards made one heck of a play to set up Knuble on the Flyers 4th goal. The Orange and Black are 6-0-1 in their last seven games. Oh...and by the way...my lifetime record of going to Flyers games improved to 7-1 (knock on wood). 

As far as the Sixers go, Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala had good games with good shooting percentages and Willie Green did well off the bench, but everyone else struggled. The Sixers shot a combined 39.5 percent from the floor, while the Bobcats shot 54.8 percent. Also, Raymond Felton and D.J. Augustin both were 8-11 from the floor with Felton having 23 points and Augustin 25.

It is great to see the Flyers on a roll, while it is pretty frustrating to see the Sixers be so inconsistent. When you think they are turning it around and possibly going to start putting a nice collection of wins together, they lose to a team that came into the game 3-9. Not acceptable. But, I will continue to give this team time to gel and hopefully by the end of December they will be starting to click on all cylinders. 

The Flyers next game is Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Carolina Hurricanes, while the Sixers play on Wednesday as well, at home against the Orlando Magic at 7:30 p.m. 

Take This For What It's Worth...FredEx on McNabb and the Eagles

The interview courtesy Sheil Kapadia at Philly.com:

It seems that everyone is offering their opinion on the current state of the Eagles, and former wide receiver Freddie Mitchell is no exception.

FredEx talked about Donovan McNabb, Andy Reid and where the franchise is headed in an interview with Jody Mac and Harry Mayes on ESPN 950 this morning. Mitchell offered complete support for Reid, but was not so kind with his words for McNabb, which should come as no surprise.

Here are snippets of the interview:

Did he see this coming, specifically with McNabb?

"Well I mean, when you're in that environment and you see the intricacies of what's going on and the plays and stuff like that and what's not being produced, it was hard for me not to say something. ... My situation was pretty bad because I had to pick... go for what was wrong or go for what was right...T.O., a lot of people don't like him but he was totally in the right."

Did Reid coddle McNabb too much?

"There was a lot of breast milk out there."

How was McNabb viewed in the locker room when Mitchell played?

"It wasn't really a leader. ...Everyone knew what we had to do and we got it done. We were coached well."

Should the Eagles cut ties with Reid, McNabb or neither?

"Definitely not the coach. One hundred percent not the coach. ...Coach Reid is an amazing coach. He knows how to win." [Mitchell never really answered about McNabb]

On his relationship with McNabb when the two were teammates.

"It's sad that me and Donovan couldn't get along. ...I've had a lot of meetings with Donovan like 'Donovan, what am I doing wrong? How can I get better as a receiver?' and he would never ever tell me anything."


Mitchell said he calls T.O., Brian Westbrook and Correll Buckhalter every week.

"Every time I talk to 'em, they're like 'there's no reason why you shouldn't be out there playing,'" Mitchell said.

And when asked about if McNabb really threw up in the Super Bowl, Mitchell simply laughed and avoided the question. It almost sounded like he was confused about what was being asked, but maybe that was just my interpretation.

More on the Press Conference

So, I just posted about 15 minutes ago that Andy Reid announced Donovan McNabb will be the starter this week against the Cardinals. 

To get to the point, Reid was pretty clear that McNabb is this week's starter and that is all he really cares about right now. He does not want to dwell on the future and he does not want to dwell on the past. When asked whether or not Don is the QB for the rest of the year, Andy basically said, not word for word, that Donovan is the team's quarterback.

Basically, Reid did not really give any distinct answers except for that the team played bad, they need to get better, McNabb is starting this week and that Arizona has a future hall of fame quarterback and the best wide receiver duo in the league. Jeez Andy, why don't we have good wide outs?

Donovan Starts

Andy Reid just said in his press conference that Donovan McNabb will start on Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals. More on this later.

Monday Morning Fan Rant: Eagles Management

So every Monday...or every day after an Eagles game...we're going to have a post called "Monday Morning Fan Rant." It is going to be where one of our bloggers rants over something in the Eagles game, good or bad, and then we allow you to comment or rant along with us.

This Monday, I am going to go all out of the Eagles Management, starting with Andy Reid and going to the big guy in Jeffrey Lurie. 

Other than what I am about to say, they believe in the same thing, so I will combine my rant towards both of them.

But first off, Andy, like I said yesterday, if you are going to bench Donovan McNabb, which I completely disagreed with yesterday, you tell him yourself! Jackass! How much of a wimp are you not to tell him yourself? Are you afraid he is going to punch you? Are you afraid he is going to curse at you? He's not T.O.! When has Don ever defied your authority? Never! That was a mistake.

Alright, now in terms of managing the Eagles. This is in no particular order of importance. Regardless, No. 1 is my top complaint.

1. I think it is pretty freaking clear this team has no offensive weapons for McNabb to throw to. Kevin Curtis, our alleged top wide receiver, is awful. He had such an over-rated season last year. That 1,000 yards is a farce. A lot of his production in terms of yards and touchdowns came in that joke Detroit game. DeSean Jackson is good, do not get me wrong. He has the potential to be really really good one day, maybe like a Steve Smith. But right now, he is a slot receiver caliber and not a starting. It is evident in the fact he cannot make a good catch with coverage on him. He needs to be in the open field with a nickel or dime back on him right now, not a starting corner. But why is he starting, because Reggie Brown, Hank Baskett, Jason Avant and Greg Lewis never lived up to expectations, however high they were for each of them individually. Jackson earned that starting spot because everyone else stinks or got hurt. However, IF YOU GUYS WOULD HAVE DONE YOUR DAMN JOBS AND TRIED FOR A WIDE RECEIVER AFTER RANDY MOSS DECLINED YOUR OFFER, THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A PROBLEM AT ALL!!! OR, IF YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN A BIG, STRETCH THE FIELD RECEIVER IN THE DRAFT, OPPOSITE TO WHAT JACKSON IS, WE WOULD NOT HAVE THIS STRETCH THE FIELD/BE ABLE TO MAKE A CATCH WITH A DEFENDER ON YOU PROBLEM EITHER!!!

2. My next matter of complaint is Kevin Kolb. Sure, he has not had a lot of time to play, but when he has played, he has been pitiful in both the preseason and regular season. He had one good drive yesterday. BIG DEAL! Guess what happened at the end–HISTORY! Ed Reed ran it back 108 yards. I believe you guys have to find a way to bring McNabb back and get his some weapons to throw to other than Westbrook and Jackson. Whoever you put behind center is going to be a step down from McNabb. They are not going to have the talent/arsenal McNabb has. They are not going to be the threat McNabb presents to defenses. Everybody wants to hate on McNabb for playing poorly. HEY, HE HAS NO ONE TO THROW TO! There was two times in McNabb's career where he had viable backup play. The first was 2002 when Koy Detmer and A.J. Feeley stepped in nicely for the last half of the season. However, I think it is important to note that they had a tremendous, tremendous defense to help them out. Without question, 2002 was the best defense in Jim Johnson's tenure. The other year was 2006 when Jeff Garcia backed McNabb up. He played great and with a lot of fire. Also, Westbrook was playing out of this world and the Eagles actually had a viable option at wideout, albeit he was dealing with injury problems, in Donte Stallworth. 

My point is, you cannot get rid of McNabb. If you do, you better bring in a top notch wide out to help Kolb out. But then again, if you bring in a top notch wide out, I would like to see what Donny Mac could do with one first. Even though he is getting older, he still has all the tools. He can still run, but he does not want to. Maybe if you told him to take the game into his control more often he might feel that he has to. Or maybe, if you threaten to bench him again, maybe he will start running.

3. This is not directed to you Reid and that is because it is about you. FIRE ANDY REID! I never thought I would say this, but your play calling has become horrible and predictable. You never change up your playbook or play calling. The league has figured everything out–from your screen passes to Westbrook to your deep routes that produce nothing to your running plays that go no where. Also, your personnel decisions have been awful. You should have kept Jeremiah Trotter last year for leadership purposes to help the defense out. You said it would have been disrespectful to keep him around as a backup. I am sure that Trot would have love to be a part of this team and understanding his role. And guess what, like 2004 after he was upset he was not starting, I guarantee you he would have found the field in 2007 after the team was doing so poorly. Your other mess up in personnel deals with the fullback position, a really under-rated position in this league. I feel you should have put more emphasis in finding a good one because Westbrook could use a good one to open up holes for him. And obviously my last complaint is with benching McNabb yesterday. Like I said in a previous post, the game was a must win and Kolb was not going to be the answer to doing so. He obviously was not a spark the team needed. Oh yeah, one more, you handled the cornerback situation very very poorly. Now everyone, except maybe Asante Samuel because he is getting paid, oh wait over paid, is happy. 

I know I only had three main points, but they were pretty big main points directed at Andy and the front office. I'll leave it at that. This was obviously a very long post, but I am very upset after yesterday's loss. Hey, at least there is only three days until the Eagles play again. The question is, who will start behind center? I guess we will find out from a person who has turned into one of the worst coaches in the NFL!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

At Least One of Our Teams Playing Today Takes Care of Business and Has Heart

Well...smile...the Sixers won 89-81 over the visiting Warriors at the Wach tonight. It is their fifth in the last six games, putting their record at 7-6. Forget about the "Beagles." This post is about the boys in white,black,blue and red. They play hard. They play together. Their coach has control of them. It is not like the freaking Eagles. But, we won't even talk about them.

Elton Brand led the way with 23 points and 12 rebounds. On my back from the Flyers game last night, I was tuning into Sports Radio 610 WIP and everyone was saying on the G. Cobb show how Brand was "damaged goods." Are you kidding me? What have you guys been watching? He may not be as explosive anymore, but he is still a solid scorer and rebounder. The Sixers would not be 7-6 without him. They would be much worse. Do not expect him to be like Allen Iverson. There will never be another Iverson. Expect him to average 15-20 points a game with at least 10 rebounds.

Thaddeus Young had another good game tonight and the bench, between Lou Williams, Willie Green and Marreese Speights, was solid as well. 

From what it looks like, the Sixers are starting to pick it up. Hopefully they can keep it going and move their way up in the standings. 

The Sixers next game is tomorrow against Larry Brown's Charlottle Bobcats in Charlotte at 7 p.m. 

What The Hell Do We Make Of That???

Alright, so...yeah...I don't know where to start. We all know what happened. The Eagles got annihilated 36-7. 

I'm currently watching Andy Reid's press conference and let's just say I can predict every fucking thing he is saying, excuse my language. Same crap different day. 

Secondly, I (and Mike strongly disagrees with me) do not agree with benching Donovan McNabb after halftime. Mike says the season is over and I say you can't play the game like that. The season is on the line here and we are hoping that this team was playing to make the playoffs. If that is the case, which I really hope it is, then you do no, DO NOT, take your franchise quarterback out of the game. 

Reid said he did not tell Don he was benching him and then he thought Kevin Kolb would give the team a spark. How trife (I know that is not a word) is that? That is ridiculous. Andy–you brought Donny Mac into this league. He has led you to four NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl appearance. It is Don's right that he earned for you to tell him. HOW DARE YOU!!! You fucking, excuse my language again, be a man, or as much of one as you can be, and tell your QB he is out yourself. IDIOT!!! 

On another note, we here at "South Broad Street," or at least me, are not going to say the McNabb era is over. We, especially with this quiet freaking moron at the helm of this team, do not know what is going to happen. We are not going to say anything on whether the Reid era is over or the McNabb era is over. We are just going to play it out and see how it goes.

Lastly, and I stand by this. I felt this way when we drafted him. KEVIN KOLB IS NOT, IS NOT, A NFL CALIBER QUARTERBACK. HE IS A STEP DOWN FROM DONOVAN MCNABB AND WILL NEVER EVER BE GOOD IN THIS LEAGUE!!! I will leave it at that. 

Go Sixers!!! Make me and other Philadelphians smile today please!!!

Two Words


Gameday: Two Birds Fighting with a side of Sixers taking on their Ancestors

Alright, Mike wants less previews...so I am going to make this quick.

Brian Westrbrook is questionable for the game. What else is new? For people who know me know how strongly I feel about this–he wanted a big contract for a reason. He knew he was going to get hurt. He produces. He puts up numbers. But, in my opinion, he is what we Philadelphians like to call a bum. I'll leave it at that.

This should be a win for the Sixers. If it is not, you will see a very pissed off post later.

Phillies Coaching Updates

I meant to post this earlier but it slipped my things to do list on the day. The Phillies named Pete Mackanin the new bench coach on Friday. He will be replacing Jimy Williams who chose to not come back for the 2009 campaign. Mackanin has a pretty impressive major league coaching background. 

He was the interim manager for the Reds in 2007, a position he held for the last three months of the season. He also was the interim manager for the Pirates in 2005 for 26 games.

He was the Montreal Expos third base coach from 1997-2000 and the Pirates bench coach from 2003-2005.

The move from the Phillies front office means that former Orioles manager and recently coach Sam Perlozzo and been named the third base coach, to replace the fired Steve Smith.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


While the Sixers played in an exciting one at the Wach last night, the Flyers took their turn in giving the people their money's worth tonight by beating the Phoenix Coyotes 4-3 in overtime tonight. The Flyers are 5-0-1 in their last six games.
After taking a quick 1-0 early on a goal by Scott Hartnell, the Coyotes tied it up with little time remaining in the first period. In the second, the Coyotes took lead 2-1, with the score staying that way heading into the third period. In the third, Mike Knuble did his usual, cleaning up after a long shot, which was taken by Kimmo Timonen. After Knuble's goal tied it at two, Todd Fedoruk scored to have the Coyotes regain the lead. It was a goal that Martin Biron should have never let in. 

Thus, it looked like the Flyers were going to get upset at home to a team they should have romped over. However, Biron was pulled with about 1:30 to go and Jeff Carter scored to tie the game up. Mike Richards got called for a cheap penalty with time winding down, but the Flyers held on and we the game went to overtime.
In overtime, shortly after Richards left the penalty box, he received a pass from Carter on a breakaway to win the game in dramatic fashion.
I was down in South Philly tonight for the game and it was pretty awesome. My lifetime record at Flyers games is 6-1 (knock on wood). My thoughts on it were the Flyers should have killed this team, but they have not had success against Western Conference teams this year and any type of win against teams like these is good.
Also, Biron has to know his own skills. Phoenix scored their first goal on the night off of a huge Biron mistake–when he lost control of the puck behind the net. It is clear that his stick skills are limited. Marty, stay in goal and do leave the net vulnerably open like you did a couple of times tonight. 
Other than that, good win for the Orange and the Black. Keep this string of good play going fellas. 
Here are some of the pictures I took at the game.

I tried to get Mike Richard's game winning goal, but I was not successful. Oh well, GREAT GAME REGARDLESS!!!

Preview: Flyers vs. Phoenix Coyotes

Finally, our Flyers may be settling into a consistent streak. They have played well at both ends of the rink recently and are riding a streak that has seen them win 4 of their last 5.

Tonight, they will face off against the slumping Coyotes at the Center in South Philly. Phoenix has lost four straight and rank near the bottom of the league in both scoring and power play efficiency. The key to the Flyers recent success has been an increasingly effective defense, one that was just hard to watch early on in the season.

The Flyers will be without Danny Briere for a fifth straight game.

Let's hope the Flyers can continue their streak. This season has been nothing but a string of losses followed by a run of wins. They need to figure out which team they will be for the rest of the season.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Double Dosage: THRILLA IN SOUTH PHILA and Doughnuts Delight in Buffalo

This is why they're our boys. We might get pissed off at them. They might disappoint us. But in the end, their first name is still Philadelphia. Tonight, both the Sixers and Flyers won tonight making it a worthwhile Friday. Brand and the Sixers beat his former team, the Clippers, at home, 89-88 and the Flyers shut out the Sabres out in Buffalo 3-0. Brand scored the go ahead basket for the Sixers, who had been up big early before having to come back late. Marty Biron collected 40 saves in his first shutout of the season for the Orange and Black. Oh, by the way, he used to play for the Sabres. Without question, it was a spirited night for Philly sports teams. Both Brand and Biron beat their old teams. Way to go fellas!

I didn't see the Flyers game and I saw very little of the Sixers game because I was at the gym. Some of the very little I saw was the final minutes. But as far as my thoughts go, it is good that the Flyers are starting to pick it up. From what I am hearing, they had a very tough schedule to start the season and their slow start should not be totally held against them at this point. Hopefully they can keep this string of solid play up. Tomorrow night they are at home against the Phoenix Coyotes. I will be in attendance. Look out for photos from the game either tomorrow night or Sunday morning.

Switching it up to the Sixers, it is obvious they have a lot of heart. In just about every game they are behind, they give it their all to come back and they have done so a couple of times already. However, and I firmly believe this, while they have a lot of heart, they do not play hard for 48 minutes. Even though this was a spirited win, especially with Brand getting the last shot, this was against the pitiful Clippers. If the Sixers want to go far this year, they need to have close games like this against good teams and beat the crap out of bad teams like the Clippers and Timberwolves. Sunday they play the 5-6 Warriors. This should be a win, but we will see which Sixers team shows up–the one that looks like they never played basketball or the one that has a lot of heart and fights until the end.

Hectic Day

So, I was traveling home from Ithaca College all day and had no time to make a post. Both the Sixers and Flyers are currently playing-Sixers at home against Elton Brand's old team the Los Angeles Clippers and Flyers on the road at the Buffalo Sabres. Stay tuned later for game recaps.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Golson Gone

On a day that was supposed to be quiet with very little things going on due to no games, turned out to be a heavy day of news. I guess new General Manager Ruben Amaro wants things to be on the front page rather than taking a back seat to a Flyers, Sixers or Eagles game.
Anyway, after reporting earlier that Chase Utley is getting surgery, it was learned the Phils dealt outfielder prospect Greg Golsen to the Texas Rangers for another outfielder prospect John Mayberry Jr. 

Mayberry, like Golson, was a first round pick. However unlike Golson, who is a speedster, Mayberry is a power hitter and a possible replacement for Pat Burrell down the line. If Burrell leaves, it is unlikely the right-handed Mayberry fills his spot in the immediate future. He will most likely not make the big club. 

In Double-A Reading this past season, Golson hit .282 with 13 homers and 23 stolen bases. In 426 at-bats, he had a .333 on-base percentage.

Combining his 135 games and 519 at-bats between Double-A Frisco and Triple-A Oklahoma, Mayberry hit .264 with 20 homers and 71 RBIs.

Golson did get called up to the Phils in September, but was not on the playoff roster. However, he did ride in the parade down Broad Street. 

Picture taken by me from my seats at the Championship Parade Rally.

All in all, while the Phils gave up speed, they did get a potential right-handed power bat. The only reason I say potential is because we do not know if this kid will amount to something or not. 

So, this was Amaro's first deal as GM. Maybe it will turn out to be a real gem. Who knows?

Yeah Chase...You're Really Not Hurtin'...Can't Get Anything Past Us

Chase Utley is going to have hip surgery next week, which will leave his 2009 Opening Day availability in question. According to David Murphy's blog and a story from Ken Mandel at MLB.com, Utley will not resume baseball activities for three to four months and will not be done recovery time until four to six months. Four months has him miss most of Spring Training. Five months has him miss half of April. Six months has him miss a month and a half.

General Manager Ruben Amaro is saying that reports lead to Utley having a good chance to be back for the first regular season game on April 5.

Now, I love the fact Utley showed enough heart for a good portion of last season to play through this nagging hip, but I am kind of pissed he left us fans dumbfounded, saying that he was not hurt. But, maybe I am just over reacting at this point because I am not surprised he is getting surgery. After a ridiculously amazing start, his production did drop off and that was not because pitchers were figuring him out.

What options does that leave them if Utley is out for a part of the regular seasons? D-Murph gives a pretty good synopsis. He said that infield prospect Jason Donald could be an option, Eric Bruntlett could be an option or a free agent pickup could be an option. Remebmer Tadahito Iguchi did that in 2007 when Utley broke his hand?

Whatever happens, hope "Chase the Base," "Mr. Cluth" or whatever the heck you want to call him is back for Opening Day...or night (it is a Sunday night game) against the Braves.

Another note from Murph's blog and Mandel's story, Pedro Feliz will need back surgery and will be out eight to 12 weeks. The surgery is being done by Dr. Robert Watkins. This guy recently operated on Eagles right guard Shawn Andrews.

But finishing it up with Utley–it will be a tough off season for us Phillies fans. We will all be wondering if Chase will be back in time for April 5. In the meantime, especially for myself who goes to school where there a lot of New Yorkers, we will all be hearing from Mets fans for the next few months. Don't let it get to you. Remind them who the WORLD BLEEPIN' CHAMPS are and remind them who had the opportunity to say that–Mr. Chase Utley.

-Amaro optimistic Utley will be ready for Opening Day

Videos That Need To Be Removed From YouTube

About a couple of days ago I posted what I felt were the two best Phillies World Series YouTube videos that I have seen so far. While there are TONS AND TONS AND TONS of Phillies World Series videos that I can watch for hours, there are also tons and tons and tons of Philadelphia Sports videos that are obviously outdated. All of these videos deal with the championship drought. Hey people, the drought is over. Sure, the Eagles stink and are Buzz Lightyears away from winning. The Sixers lose to 1-8 teams and the Flyers...I don't know...I like their team but I need them to be consistent with this recent batch of good play. Regardless, these old movies, while well put together, I feel should be deleted from YouTube. It makes me think the drought is still going on when it is not.

This last one is crazy. Angelo, Angelo, Angelo...

There is more where that came from, but it would take all day to post. Like I said, get these things off and start putting more of these on like all Philly Fans have been doing.

And le piece de resistance...

More to come soon...and hopefully more on the positive side.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And When Things Just Started To Get Exciting and Hopeful...

The Sixers lose to the 1-8 Timberwolves on the road, 102-96. This is quite a disappointment, even though the T-Wolves only lost those eight games by an average of 5.9 points. Not to mention it was eight straight, so they were due. Still, if you want to be a high caliber team in the NBA, let alone the Eastern Conference, you do not lose these games. You do not lose to a team that is basically driven by one man, center Al Jefferson. You do not allow a guy like Craig Smith (who?) to come off the bench and score 21 points in less than 26 minutes of work. You do not shoot 1-11 from three-point range. Sure, the Sixers made a push for it at the end, but a loss remains inexcusable.

Another solid night for Thaddeus Young–shot 7-11 for 15 points. It was a good night for Andre Miller–led the team with 20 points on 8-13 shooting, as well as dishing out six assists. Elton Brand had his typical night–19 points on 9-21 shooting and 13 rebounds.

I need more out of some guys though. Sammy D had 11 boards, but only four points. Andre Iguodala, while scoring 17 points, collecting 9 rebounds, and distributing six assists, continued to shoot poorly. From the field, he was 6-15 and 1-6 from downtown. Worst of all, he was 4-9 from the charity stripe. Maybe we should start considering him the Ryan Howard of the 76ers–good production numbers (potential triple-double threat every night) but gets to them in an awfully ugly way. My last complaint for tonight's loss deals with the bench. 21 points combined? Come on guys, you let Craig Smith get 21 on his own.

All in all, a bad night for the boys in red (the road jersey they seem to be wearing all of the time now). Now at 5-6, hopefully they can get back on the right track Friday night at home against the 2-9 Clippers. Two losses in a row against crap teams would be tough to deal with.

I Didn't Want To Say This, But...

Sam Donnellon of the Daily News does for me.

The Philadelphia Eagles are on the decline and in need of some drastic changes (emphasis is mine):

Repeat this slowly, so as not to choke on the words:

The local franchise in most disarray these days is the Philadelphia Eagles.

Not the Flyers. Certainly not the Phillies. Not even - and what a thing to type - your Philadelphia 76ers.


They are 29-28-1 in the regular season since their Super Bowl appearance in February 2005. Brian Westbrook's knee and ankle injuries have rekindled the thought that he cannot be leaned on too heavily. Donovan McNabb's lack of scrambles, which once were his signature, suggest he is either not the player he once was, or is cautiously eyeing his future beyond this season.

The Eagles are flat-out awful in close games. They seem anything but the "tough-minded bunch" their coach claimed they were after a surprising - and foreboding - Week 4 loss in Chicago.

The coach, Andy Reid, has come under increased criticism for his playcalling and drafts. The team's president, Joe Banner, whose press guide biography has for years trumpeted him as "one of the league's brightest football minds,'' recently failed in attempts to trade for tight end Tony Gonzalez and passed on wide receiver Roy Williams, two glaring needs in Reid's West Coast scheme.

The Cowboys traded for Williams instead, giving away a No. 1, No. 3 and No. 6 pick to Detroit.

Said Banner, on the Eagles' Web site: "Our goal is to win a Super Bowl, forget win a playoff game, which is something they are still working on.''

Smug? Well, just a little. And unduly so. In Banner's tenure - which coincides with Jeffrey Lurie's ownership - the Eagles have reached one Super Bowl. That was after they traded for a disgruntled wide receiver, Terrell Owens - but you all know how that went.

Since then, this team has made more headlines off the field than on it: Owens' holdout, suspension, and ultimately, his release. Reid's kids. McNabb's sports hernia and then, knee. Westbrook's contract.


This team is far more interesting between Monday and Friday than it is on Sunday. Its notable news often derives from some chaotic episode.

Or from a reluctance to recognize it as such.

It smacks so much of the old Phillies way, the way things went with Ed Wade. It's as if someone swapped their manuals, or at least recovered the old Phillies one and passed it off as Bill Walsh's. Even when they were winning 11, 12 and 13 games a season, this Eagles ownership group seemed a bit too self-aggrandizing for its own good. But now it seems outright delusional. Win a Super Bowl, get to a few even, before you dismiss another team's gambit to upgrade in midseason.

Make a bold move yourself even, something a little more tangible than adding a free-agent cornerback in the offseason. The Flyers fired a Stanley Cup winning coach, Ken Hitchcock, and accepted the resignation of Bob Clarke, their most popular-ever player, to begin their makeover. The Sixers traded away their only big name, found a new, sharp general manager, and now look at them.

I never thought, after all these years, that the Phillies would end the drought, but now we all need to realize that the Eagles cannot continue on the same path. Don't get me wrong, Reid and McNabb have done a lot for this city, it just may be time to move on. A coaching spot should come open after this season, and all candidates are welcome to apply.

NFL Players Are BLEEPING Stupid

OK, so after I made my Sixers/T-Wolves preview post, I browsed over to "The 700 Level" to see what they have put on their site today. Now, I do not want to make a habit of this (having the same stuff The Level has), but I just could not resist for this one. Apparently, according to Ben Rothlisberger's opinion, at least half of the NFL does not know there can be ties during the regular season. His main go to guy, Hines Ward, who played in that 2002 Steelers-Falcons tie, thought their tie game was the last one ever. He did not even know that rule continues (I cannot believe I am saying continues like it went away) to exist. Donovan McNabb and the rest of our "flying" Eagles are not the only dumb-dumbs. 

Preview: 76ers @ T-Wolves

The Sixers visit the Timberwolves tonight at 8 p.m. eastern time after running off three straight wins. They have been off since Saturday and should be ready to romp over a Minnesota team that has not won since opening night. While the Sixers are starting to improve at 5-5, the T-Wolves are a sparkling 1-8 on an eight game losing streak. However, they have lost by an average of only 5.9 points. Still, this is a no brainer–our boys should win the game. If they do not, it will probably be just as embarrassing as the Eagles tying the Bengals. 
Philly has a more balanced scoring attack between the likes of Elton Brad, Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young, while center Al Jefferson does a chunk of the work for Minnesota. Also, the Sixers have only allowed 93.8 points per game, while the T-Wolves allow 101.9. 
Take note, rookie and former UCLA star Kevin Love is on Minnesota. It will be interesting to see how the Sixers play against this promising rookie. Love came off the bench in Minnesota's game on Sunday after being in the starting lineup four games in a row before that. 
Another thing to take note of, more so than playing against Love, is some minor injuries the Sixers are currently dealing with. Both Iguodala and Reggie Evans have been nursing injuries. Both are listed day-to-day. Evans practiced yesterday so he will probably be in the lineup and Iguodala sat out of practice yesterday with a sprained right foot he suffered on Monday. But, PhillyBurbs reports that he should play. Iggy very, very rarely misses games. I would be very surprised if he did not suit up.