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Picture Of The Day
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Double Dosage: THRILLA IN SOUTH PHILA and Doughnuts Delight in Buffalo

This is why they're our boys. We might get pissed off at them. They might disappoint us. But in the end, their first name is still Philadelphia. Tonight, both the Sixers and Flyers won tonight making it a worthwhile Friday. Brand and the Sixers beat his former team, the Clippers, at home, 89-88 and the Flyers shut out the Sabres out in Buffalo 3-0. Brand scored the go ahead basket for the Sixers, who had been up big early before having to come back late. Marty Biron collected 40 saves in his first shutout of the season for the Orange and Black. Oh, by the way, he used to play for the Sabres. Without question, it was a spirited night for Philly sports teams. Both Brand and Biron beat their old teams. Way to go fellas!

I didn't see the Flyers game and I saw very little of the Sixers game because I was at the gym. Some of the very little I saw was the final minutes. But as far as my thoughts go, it is good that the Flyers are starting to pick it up. From what I am hearing, they had a very tough schedule to start the season and their slow start should not be totally held against them at this point. Hopefully they can keep this string of solid play up. Tomorrow night they are at home against the Phoenix Coyotes. I will be in attendance. Look out for photos from the game either tomorrow night or Sunday morning.

Switching it up to the Sixers, it is obvious they have a lot of heart. In just about every game they are behind, they give it their all to come back and they have done so a couple of times already. However, and I firmly believe this, while they have a lot of heart, they do not play hard for 48 minutes. Even though this was a spirited win, especially with Brand getting the last shot, this was against the pitiful Clippers. If the Sixers want to go far this year, they need to have close games like this against good teams and beat the crap out of bad teams like the Clippers and Timberwolves. Sunday they play the 5-6 Warriors. This should be a win, but we will see which Sixers team shows up–the one that looks like they never played basketball or the one that has a lot of heart and fights until the end.

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