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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yeah Chase...You're Really Not Hurtin'...Can't Get Anything Past Us

Chase Utley is going to have hip surgery next week, which will leave his 2009 Opening Day availability in question. According to David Murphy's blog and a story from Ken Mandel at MLB.com, Utley will not resume baseball activities for three to four months and will not be done recovery time until four to six months. Four months has him miss most of Spring Training. Five months has him miss half of April. Six months has him miss a month and a half.

General Manager Ruben Amaro is saying that reports lead to Utley having a good chance to be back for the first regular season game on April 5.

Now, I love the fact Utley showed enough heart for a good portion of last season to play through this nagging hip, but I am kind of pissed he left us fans dumbfounded, saying that he was not hurt. But, maybe I am just over reacting at this point because I am not surprised he is getting surgery. After a ridiculously amazing start, his production did drop off and that was not because pitchers were figuring him out.

What options does that leave them if Utley is out for a part of the regular seasons? D-Murph gives a pretty good synopsis. He said that infield prospect Jason Donald could be an option, Eric Bruntlett could be an option or a free agent pickup could be an option. Remebmer Tadahito Iguchi did that in 2007 when Utley broke his hand?

Whatever happens, hope "Chase the Base," "Mr. Cluth" or whatever the heck you want to call him is back for Opening Day...or night (it is a Sunday night game) against the Braves.

Another note from Murph's blog and Mandel's story, Pedro Feliz will need back surgery and will be out eight to 12 weeks. The surgery is being done by Dr. Robert Watkins. This guy recently operated on Eagles right guard Shawn Andrews.

But finishing it up with Utley–it will be a tough off season for us Phillies fans. We will all be wondering if Chase will be back in time for April 5. In the meantime, especially for myself who goes to school where there a lot of New Yorkers, we will all be hearing from Mets fans for the next few months. Don't let it get to you. Remind them who the WORLD BLEEPIN' CHAMPS are and remind them who had the opportunity to say that–Mr. Chase Utley.

-Amaro optimistic Utley will be ready for Opening Day

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