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Picture Of The Day
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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Thanksgiving That Brings More Questions Than Answers

I think we are all proud of our Birds after watching them overwhelm the Arizona Cardinals in all dimensions of the game. Our offense ran with authority and threw with precision. Our defense got turnovers and made the Cardinals afraid to catch the ball. I think anyone would be happy with that performance. But for me it just proved all the more reason why Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb need to go.

Last night we saw what our Eagles are capable of accomplishing. The play of our defense did not surprise me, but our offense. Our offense seemed like a completely different offense especially when compared to the one we have been seeing the past two weeks against the Bengals and the Ravens. Did the players change? No, not really. So what was the factor for this sudden change in play? What you saw was desperation from Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb. They have been way to comfortable just milking the Eagles and this city with mediocre results. When something like that happens in a government, you see a Coup d'├ętat.

I am asking that we do the same against this regime before it is too late. There is no question that the lack-luster passion of Mcnabb and Reid are rubbing off on the younger players. The only reason the defense has the passion is because neither of these viruses have any contact with the defense. The offense is the very definition of inconsistency. You as a fan have no idea what offense you are going to see. It could be the one that runs and passes around 50/50, like we saw last night. You might see the high flying offense that just airs the ball out all the time for amazing results, usually against a horrible defense. Or finally, the offense that gives up on the run after two drives then proceeds to pass the ball even on 3rd and 1, resulting in numerous interceptions and sacks that take us out of field goal range. So lets make a change before even the fans begin to lose their passion.

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