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Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning Fan Rant: Eagles Management

So every Monday...or every day after an Eagles game...we're going to have a post called "Monday Morning Fan Rant." It is going to be where one of our bloggers rants over something in the Eagles game, good or bad, and then we allow you to comment or rant along with us.

This Monday, I am going to go all out of the Eagles Management, starting with Andy Reid and going to the big guy in Jeffrey Lurie. 

Other than what I am about to say, they believe in the same thing, so I will combine my rant towards both of them.

But first off, Andy, like I said yesterday, if you are going to bench Donovan McNabb, which I completely disagreed with yesterday, you tell him yourself! Jackass! How much of a wimp are you not to tell him yourself? Are you afraid he is going to punch you? Are you afraid he is going to curse at you? He's not T.O.! When has Don ever defied your authority? Never! That was a mistake.

Alright, now in terms of managing the Eagles. This is in no particular order of importance. Regardless, No. 1 is my top complaint.

1. I think it is pretty freaking clear this team has no offensive weapons for McNabb to throw to. Kevin Curtis, our alleged top wide receiver, is awful. He had such an over-rated season last year. That 1,000 yards is a farce. A lot of his production in terms of yards and touchdowns came in that joke Detroit game. DeSean Jackson is good, do not get me wrong. He has the potential to be really really good one day, maybe like a Steve Smith. But right now, he is a slot receiver caliber and not a starting. It is evident in the fact he cannot make a good catch with coverage on him. He needs to be in the open field with a nickel or dime back on him right now, not a starting corner. But why is he starting, because Reggie Brown, Hank Baskett, Jason Avant and Greg Lewis never lived up to expectations, however high they were for each of them individually. Jackson earned that starting spot because everyone else stinks or got hurt. However, IF YOU GUYS WOULD HAVE DONE YOUR DAMN JOBS AND TRIED FOR A WIDE RECEIVER AFTER RANDY MOSS DECLINED YOUR OFFER, THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A PROBLEM AT ALL!!! OR, IF YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN A BIG, STRETCH THE FIELD RECEIVER IN THE DRAFT, OPPOSITE TO WHAT JACKSON IS, WE WOULD NOT HAVE THIS STRETCH THE FIELD/BE ABLE TO MAKE A CATCH WITH A DEFENDER ON YOU PROBLEM EITHER!!!

2. My next matter of complaint is Kevin Kolb. Sure, he has not had a lot of time to play, but when he has played, he has been pitiful in both the preseason and regular season. He had one good drive yesterday. BIG DEAL! Guess what happened at the end–HISTORY! Ed Reed ran it back 108 yards. I believe you guys have to find a way to bring McNabb back and get his some weapons to throw to other than Westbrook and Jackson. Whoever you put behind center is going to be a step down from McNabb. They are not going to have the talent/arsenal McNabb has. They are not going to be the threat McNabb presents to defenses. Everybody wants to hate on McNabb for playing poorly. HEY, HE HAS NO ONE TO THROW TO! There was two times in McNabb's career where he had viable backup play. The first was 2002 when Koy Detmer and A.J. Feeley stepped in nicely for the last half of the season. However, I think it is important to note that they had a tremendous, tremendous defense to help them out. Without question, 2002 was the best defense in Jim Johnson's tenure. The other year was 2006 when Jeff Garcia backed McNabb up. He played great and with a lot of fire. Also, Westbrook was playing out of this world and the Eagles actually had a viable option at wideout, albeit he was dealing with injury problems, in Donte Stallworth. 

My point is, you cannot get rid of McNabb. If you do, you better bring in a top notch wide out to help Kolb out. But then again, if you bring in a top notch wide out, I would like to see what Donny Mac could do with one first. Even though he is getting older, he still has all the tools. He can still run, but he does not want to. Maybe if you told him to take the game into his control more often he might feel that he has to. Or maybe, if you threaten to bench him again, maybe he will start running.

3. This is not directed to you Reid and that is because it is about you. FIRE ANDY REID! I never thought I would say this, but your play calling has become horrible and predictable. You never change up your playbook or play calling. The league has figured everything out–from your screen passes to Westbrook to your deep routes that produce nothing to your running plays that go no where. Also, your personnel decisions have been awful. You should have kept Jeremiah Trotter last year for leadership purposes to help the defense out. You said it would have been disrespectful to keep him around as a backup. I am sure that Trot would have love to be a part of this team and understanding his role. And guess what, like 2004 after he was upset he was not starting, I guarantee you he would have found the field in 2007 after the team was doing so poorly. Your other mess up in personnel deals with the fullback position, a really under-rated position in this league. I feel you should have put more emphasis in finding a good one because Westbrook could use a good one to open up holes for him. And obviously my last complaint is with benching McNabb yesterday. Like I said in a previous post, the game was a must win and Kolb was not going to be the answer to doing so. He obviously was not a spark the team needed. Oh yeah, one more, you handled the cornerback situation very very poorly. Now everyone, except maybe Asante Samuel because he is getting paid, oh wait over paid, is happy. 

I know I only had three main points, but they were pretty big main points directed at Andy and the front office. I'll leave it at that. This was obviously a very long post, but I am very upset after yesterday's loss. Hey, at least there is only three days until the Eagles play again. The question is, who will start behind center? I guess we will find out from a person who has turned into one of the worst coaches in the NFL!

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