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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And When Things Just Started To Get Exciting and Hopeful...

The Sixers lose to the 1-8 Timberwolves on the road, 102-96. This is quite a disappointment, even though the T-Wolves only lost those eight games by an average of 5.9 points. Not to mention it was eight straight, so they were due. Still, if you want to be a high caliber team in the NBA, let alone the Eastern Conference, you do not lose these games. You do not lose to a team that is basically driven by one man, center Al Jefferson. You do not allow a guy like Craig Smith (who?) to come off the bench and score 21 points in less than 26 minutes of work. You do not shoot 1-11 from three-point range. Sure, the Sixers made a push for it at the end, but a loss remains inexcusable.

Another solid night for Thaddeus Young–shot 7-11 for 15 points. It was a good night for Andre Miller–led the team with 20 points on 8-13 shooting, as well as dishing out six assists. Elton Brand had his typical night–19 points on 9-21 shooting and 13 rebounds.

I need more out of some guys though. Sammy D had 11 boards, but only four points. Andre Iguodala, while scoring 17 points, collecting 9 rebounds, and distributing six assists, continued to shoot poorly. From the field, he was 6-15 and 1-6 from downtown. Worst of all, he was 4-9 from the charity stripe. Maybe we should start considering him the Ryan Howard of the 76ers–good production numbers (potential triple-double threat every night) but gets to them in an awfully ugly way. My last complaint for tonight's loss deals with the bench. 21 points combined? Come on guys, you let Craig Smith get 21 on his own.

All in all, a bad night for the boys in red (the road jersey they seem to be wearing all of the time now). Now at 5-6, hopefully they can get back on the right track Friday night at home against the 2-9 Clippers. Two losses in a row against crap teams would be tough to deal with.

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