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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


...if Andre Iguodala hits a buzzer beating three-pointer at the end of regulation to beat the Los Angeles Lakers in L.A. 94-93.

This is coming after a 85-77 win over the Miami Heat Sunday at the Wach. I think it is important to mention that the 76ers defense held a guy named Dwayne Wade to only 18 points that game.

The team is on a four game winning streak and playing inspired basketball. It's funny. I was reading the700level.com's post on last night's Flyers and Sixers games and both played the top teams in each league's respective Western Conference.

For those of you who read my Flyers post from last night know that I am extremely discouraged about how that Flyers game panned out. I even went as far as to say how can we expect his team to win a Cup if they get totally outplayed.

Let me make this clear, although the Sixers came back from double digits in the fourth quarter, won a great game last night and are on a winning streak, this doesn't mean they are NBA Title contenders. Sorry to disappoint. But, nonetheless, we root for them and hope they prove me wrong. It is there first win ever in the Staples Center, so one bad streak was ended. Unfortunately, the Flyers bad streak of not winning a game in the Jou Louis Arena since 1988 did not end. 

I thought about this last night. I was born in August of '88. The Flyers last one a game in Joe Louis Arena in the 1988 half of the '88-'89 season. I have only lived for one Flyers win in the Joe Louis Arena. That's a tough realization to handle.

Although, this video, which is on YouTube and I found on the700level.com's Sixers post this morning makes me feel a little...OK a lot better.

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